Whose Fans are Louder?

Free Money from Louder Rewards App!

Louder Rewards is a fun way to earn rewards using your smartphone. Not really a single app, but a whole series of apps, Louder Rewards has an app available for every major North American professional sports team. Find your teams’ apps and sign in to start earning points redeemable for gift cards or for team themed clothing and merchandise (including game jerseys and autographed memorabilia).

Louder Rewards is not licensed by the individual sports teams or leagues, so it is unable to include actual team names or logos (both of which are trademarked or copyrighted) in the individual Louder Rewards app names and logos — but beyond that legally required omission, the news and information provided is current and complete for all teams.

Once you open the app, you are presented with a steady stream of news, photographs, articles and other team related media items.  Interspersed with these items are team specific trivia quizzes, notifications of other app users who have redeemed Louder Rewards points for prizes, and other sports related material. Tap on an interesting article headline and you may find a button with the opportunity to be awarded a random number of points for reading the full article.  Notifications of other app user redemptions might include a “high five” button you can tap to claim more points. Complete trivia challenges at “Rookie” “Veteran” or “Hall of Fame” difficulty levels to claim even more points.  All of those points add up toward redemption for great items and gift cards.

Louder Rewards also offers opportunities to generate larger point rewards when you download and use other sponsored apps advertised within the Louder Rewards.  This brings me to the driving force behind Louder Rewards (other than fan motivation mentality). Like many other money making apps out there, Louder Rewards relies upon advertising to generate the means to offer the great rewards that it does. So you may randomly encounter a few video ads in the app while tapping on article links before you are able to move on to the next point opportunity.  They are fairly quick and painless, especially when you consider the free money and credit you are earning in exchange.

As a new feature in one of the more recent updates to the Louder Rewards apps, you can now choose your favorite teams across multiple sports and have the multiple article feeds reach you all under one Louder Rewards app — no need to switch back and forth to get the latest news on all of your favorite teams.  You may still want to download multiple apps to get a larger variety of reward redemptions.  All Louder Rewards apps have the same Amazon, Walmart, etc. gift cards, but you can only get an Antonio Brown jersey through the “Pittsburgh” football version of the app and the signed Larry Bird basketball is only redeemable through the “Boston” basketball app. However, as long as you are logged in on each Louder Rewards app on your phone, your pool of points accumulates across them all!

The developers of the app are Seattle Seahawk fans, who are rumored to be the loudest fan crowd in the NFL.  When you first follow the Louder Rewards link, you may be prompted to download the Seattle football app.  But if you are looking for another football team, or another sport, don’t be discouraged! They are all there. Don’t miss this opportunity to show them whose fans are louder, and earn sweet rewards in the process!

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Love Some Ads

With the rise in popularity of DVRs and the mentality of instant gratification, TV commercials have taken a big hit.  I will admit that fast forwarding through TV ads has become typical of my own television watching.  But with the release of the AdLove app, that may all change!

Free Money from AdLove App!

AdLove uses your smartphone microphone to listen in to what you are watching on television (with your permission or course). When the show breaks for a commercial, AdLove will match up the ad to its database and ask you to rate the commercial on a scale of one to five stars. Rate an ad and get 75 points (or roughly 0.75 cents); occasionally you will get the chance to offer a bit more feedback for a higher reward.  It is a very simple and easy process and allows you to quickly earn money as you watch TV.

Earn 50,000 points and cash out a $5.00 reward! It may sound like a lot, but it really is simple and easy to accumulate points with minimal effort. In addition to rating TV ads, you can also watch bonus in app ads to accumulate additional points.

Now for a quick test of your own views toward instant gratification versus a delayed higher reward! AdLove will allow me to refer up to 15 new users to the app by email or text message. The first 15 followers who complete the form below, with a valid email address or text phone number, will each receive a unique invitation referral code to join AdLove.  If you use the referral code, you can get a head start with 4,000 points added to your AdLove account – but you may have to wait a few hours or longer before I see your request and get a referral code back out to you. Or you can go for the instant gratification and sign up to the app without a referral code, by using the links contained in this blog post. The choice is up to you.  Either way you choose to go, you cannot lose with AdLove!

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Free Money from 1Q App!

1Q is one of the simplest money making apps out there.  Once installed on your phone, you will get periodic questions sent to you through the app.  Answer a single question, get 25¢. It REALLY IS that simple. Most questions give you a series of multiple choice answers to select from.  These aren’t trivia questions with right and wrong answers, they are more like micro-surveys where you are asked your opinion or which category you personally fall into on a particular topic.1Q = One Question.  That’s it!

You only have a limited time to submit your response (usually a matter of minutes) so make sure you set 1Q notifications to alert you when new questions come in.  Questions from 1Q come in with irregular frequency, so you really need to keep an eye out for them so that the do not expire, but there are fewer ways to make easier money than this.  If you saw a quarter laying on the sidewalk, you would pick it up, wouldn’t you? 1Q is no different!

There seriously in little more to it that this, so there is no need to write a lengthy blog entry about 1Q.  But you are definitely missing out if you don’t check it out.

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VoxPopMe – Video Opinions

Free Money from VoxPopMe App!

Voxpopme is an excellent app to make money using your smartphone, but you sometimes have to act fast!  This app allows you to record short 60 second bursts of video opinion on specific products or brands.  Sometimes they ask for your opinion on a particular new commercial advertisement; sometimes they ask for your feelings on a particular brand or service provider; sometimes they ask general open ended questions, like whether you would want to live in another country (where and why).  Some questions are called “JFF” or Just For Fun where no money is earned by your response, but most questions are worth 50¢ to $1.00 if you give an approved response.  As long as you stay on topic and demonstrate that you know something about the product, you are likely to have an approved response.  If you do not answer the question asked or demonstrate that you are completely unfamiliar with the topic, you are likely to have your video response rejected.

But you have to be quick and I HIGHLY recommend allowing Voxpopme to alert you with notifications whenever a new question is released.  They only select for payment a certain number of submission for each question asked (often not more than 100).  Once their quota is reached, you are out of luck on that question.  I have had several occasions where I am recording or uploading my response only to discover that they hit their quota in the process!  So if you do not have notifications turned on for Voxpopme, you are unlikely to catch an open paying question.

Occasionally Voxpopme will notify you of a new “survey” available on the app.  These are unpaid — usually just a single question or two, used to match you up with future paid video questions.

This is a great app to earn some spare change with a minimal time investment.  Highly recommended!

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This is Your Lucky Day

I love playing games, and who doesn’t? A good while ago, I found an App that pays you to play several casino/lottery type games. It is not much — you can certainly win a great deal more money by playing the slots at a real casino or dropping a few dollars on a Powerball ticket.  But you also stand to lose significant sums of money playing cards and really have only a tiny chance of ever winning the lottery.  Lucky Day on the other hand is absolutely 100% FREE!

Free Money from Lucky Day App!

With Lucky Day, you accumulate free playing chips daily which can then be used to play (at present) four different games of chance: Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets; Slot Machine; Lotto; and BlackJack.  Before going any further, here is a special tip for any visitors who download the Lucky Day app today.  Enter the referral code: 3s4tbi6 in the referral text box and you will receive 5,000 bonus chips to your account!

Different users’ preferences will vary, but I tend to play a lot of BlackJack as I think it is probably has the best odds to win the most chips.  Lucky Day differentiates between blue playing chips and gold winning chips.  Both categories are worth the same value, but you can only cash out gold winning chips when you want to convert your winnings into actual money in your PayPal account.  On the other hand, you can use BOTH blue AND gold chips to bet with when playing the Lucky Day games.  Rather than risk losing my gold chips, I usually only use my blue chips to play BlackJack and stop when they run out. Lucky Day will automatically draw first from you blue chips and only use gold chips if your blue stack is completely deleted, BUT you need to keep a close eye on the numbers if you’re like me and don’t want to risk any gold chips because Lucky Day does not pop up any notifications when you transition from one to the other. Enter referral code: 3s4tbi6 to get an additional 5,000 blue chips after downloading the app.

You can also get additional blue chips throughout the day by pressing the “FREE CHIPS” button to watch various ads.  You can take advantage of the FREE CHIPS button several times a day if you remember to check back often.

Cashing out is a simple process, but it may take a while to accumulate enough chips.  The exchange ratio is pretty high = 100,000 chips are roughly equivalent to 11 cents and you need $10.00 to cash out, but you can bank your accumulated gold chips in amounts as low as 100,000 (it only takes a few days of good Black Jack play to get there).  Once claimed, they will hold in your wallet until you reach the minimum $10.00 cash out amount. So what is the point of banking 11 cent increments if you cannot cash out with under $10.00?  I do it just to keep myself from accidentally betting on games using my gold chips.

Lucky Day provides for slow but steady earnings — what more can you really ask for from a free app?  They changed their model not very long ago.  Prior to the change, I found it extremely time consuming to occasionally win a dollar playing the slots (BlackJack was not offered at that time) and not very worthwhile.  I won’t go into details on how the former Lucky Day app model played out, but suffice to say, I didn’t play often and was very close to deleting the app off my phone. With the recent changes, this app is a winner that I frequently turn to when I have some down time to fill.

Download it today and enter referral code: 3s4tbi6 to get started!

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Qriket Finds its Niche

So many money making apps have come and gone over the past several years. Just look at the App Graveyard to see evidence of that.  Admittedly, some were junk from the get-go, but many others were of fine design and great concept (and paid WELL) but just could not sustain themselves.  Whether it was growing faster than their means could support, an influx of similar apps competing for the same market share, or failing to update to adapt to changes, many of my favorite apps from the past no longer send regular deposits to my PayPal account.

Qriket (pronounced like the “Jiminy” insect) is one of the exceptional exceptions to this fate. Completely redesigned in both function and appearance from what it was when it first appeared in the app store, Qriket remains one of the best and most popular (and fun) money making apps out there.  Qriket began as an app providing chances to win money by scanning QR codes.  The “QR” code is where the name for the app originated.  Some QR codes provided instant winnings of a pre-determined amount, others would result in “spin codes” which you could use to spin a roulette wheel at a chance to win money. It’s marketing concept to early advertisers was as an app to encourage users to interact with QR code advertisements.  So many companies were using QR codes as a way to generate hits on their web sites and to get more information about their products directly into the hands of potential consumers. Qriket found a way to monetize QR scanning. However, that model was not destined for long term success.  Rather than ride a stagnate ship into a shipwrecked oblivion, Qriket evolved and grew into an app that was stronger, better, and faster.

Over the course of several updates, changes, and implementing new features, the current Qriket app looks and feels nothing like the original and has all but abandoned its ties to the promotion of QR codes (while not abandoning the catchy name). It still offers daily “spin codes” and the chance to win money by spinning the blue and gold wheel. Users watch daily ads to accumulate spins.  Users can also earn special spin codes through live video feeds – the folks behind Qriket give away special spin codes daily through various social media platforms.

Just recently, Qriket implemented a new feature called Qriket Live where participants can check in to a live video feed right from within the app. Users participate in a game for a prize of a tidy sum of cash.  Turn notifications on for your smart phone to be notified shortly before a new Qriket Live session. Once a new session begins, you can cash in unused spins for an entry into the game played out via a live video feed from Qriket headquarters. (If you are lucky you might stumble upon a FREE Qriket Live session which won’t cost you any spins at all).  Users have a short period of time (usually 2-4 minutes) to pick either blue or gold; once all picks are in or the time is up, Qriket co-founder Johnny Comparelli (on the live video feed) spins a giant wheel with equal blocks of gold and blue. Those players who picked the correct color move on to a second round, while those who picked the wrong color are eliminated.  Play continues over several rounds until only one player remains = winning the particular jackpot!  The odds of winning will vary depending on the number of players and rounds — and the odds are pretty small given that you must choose correctly multiple times in a row – at least one more than everybody else playing. Ultimately with only one winner, the chances to win closely resemble a sweepstakes entry. But unlike many other apps or sites that offer entries into sweepstakes, with Qriket Live you actually get to SEE the contest played out in real time and know that there is an ultimate winner.

Qriket also allows you to compete in head to head challenges where you set the maximum amount you are willing to bet and you spin against one other user willing to put up the same amount for a winner take all single spin.  This doesn’t require any deposit of funds, the money you are betting with comes right from your accumulated, but not yet cased out earnings from the app.

Qriket has recently grown to over one million users and is easily one of the more fun ways to earn money using your smartphone. Its founders’ ability to adapt to changing circumstances and still remain profitable is a testament to Qriket’s sustainability.

Free Money from Qriket App!       Red Right ArrowFree Money from Qriket App!




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Help Save a Life

I’ve added two new apps to the GetPaid! pages recently.  One app for making money, and another that EVERY person who EVER spends even a single night in a hotel room should have.  I may write a more detailed blog on these apps down the road, but for now, I just wanted to alert visitors of their recent inclusion on the GetPaid! site.

Lucktastic     TraffickCam

You can find newly added Lucktastic among the apps listed on the Apps That Pay page, but the app that I would have on every smart phone in the world can be found at the top of the Other Fun and Useful Apps page.  TraffickCam (developed by exchange initiative) is not going to earn you a dime, but it may save a life. I may write a more detailed blog on these apps down the road, but for now, I just wanted to alert visitors of their addition to the GetPaid! site.  You can check out my short app explanations on the Apps That Pay and Other Fun and Useful Apps pages linked above.

I get ZERO referral commission for plugging TraffickCam, but if you snap photos of your hotel room using this app, you might be able to bring justice to the perpetrators and victims of human trafficking and the sex trade ruining the lives of many young and vulnerable women.  Please check it out!

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An In-fusion of cash!!!

It has been quite a while since I added new material to the blog.  This is primarily because the primary web pages already contain the bulk of the necessary detail and information for Get Paid! visitors to… well… Get Paid!

I may not return to any regularity in updating the blog portion of Get Paid!, but I will make an effort to showcase at least one app or site more often in the future.  Today I am going to turn to what has become my best and most profitable site over the past 12 months.

I’ve never claimed to be an expert on making money.  I use my fair share of sites and apps, but I am always learning and always keeping my eyes open for new opportunities. In July of 2015, I found Fusion Cash.  This is a web site which had been around for years, but I had only come across it on occasion and mistakenly believed it to be one of the scam or pie in the sky sites offering false promises.  Maybe I had seen it before and just never looked into it since there are so many bogus sites out there.  But when I saw a splash page offering a link to Fusion Cash on one out of the tens of thousands of PTC ads I clicked last year, I stopped and took notice.  It was being offered by the same person who referred me to Clixsense five years ago.  I didn’t know anything about him at that time, but I’ve since learned what an honest and highly respected member of the online earning community he was.  So when I saw his photo attached to the Fusion Cash link, that, more than anything else, jumped out at me!

Free Money from FusionCash!Free Money at FusionCash!

So I decided to take a closer look.  Boy do I wish I had done so five years before! The amount of money I could have made from this site over five years time is fantastic! I’m not talking about fantastic in terms of the inflated (and false) sales pitches you regularly see in excess of $10,000 a month. But fantastic relative to the legitimate sites out there. See the banner ad below for an approximate update of what I have made with Fusion Cash.  This banner periodically updates itself, so it will remain accurate and ongoing well beyond the date of this blog post.

Free Money at FusionCash!

Simply stated, Fusion Cash is an online community (and I use that term purposefully) with multiple income incentives.  It is VERY trustworthy and has a proven track record for regular payments to its users.

Like many other players in this area, in order to make Fusion Cash work for you, you must return daily and perform a minimum of actions — it will quite literally take all of ten minutes or less to do the bare minimum, but you can spend several hours on site if you like and reap even larger rewards.

A few areas of caution regarding Fusion Cash that you must know up front:

  • You MUST reach a minimum of $25 to cash out and you MUST cash out your account at least once every 180 days as any earnings in your bank older than 180 days (roughly six months) are forfeited.  DO NOT let that deter you!!! If you make the minimum daily effort, you will earn 22 cents a day ($6.60 a month), allowing you to cash out in 3½ months.  But you CAN EARN so much more than 22 cents a day if you spend just a tiny bit of effort on the site!
  • You CANNOT ACCESS Fusion Cash from a wireless network where another user connects to Fusion Cash.  This means no logging in to Fusion Cash from a public WiFi spot, or from the library, or from a friend or relative’s house (because you’ll want to get all of your friends and extended family to sign up using your referral code!) This is one of their fraud prevention measures to avoid people setting up fake referral or multiple accounts. It may seem like an unfair way to combat fraud (they will suspend your account if you violate this policy), but this is their rule plainly stated in the terms of use, so you have to follow it!  As long as you know this up front and observe this rule, you are golden!
  • Fusion Cash is only available to users from Canada and the United States. I know that the Internet exists beyond those two nations, but Fusion Cash does not.

Although it was a yellow flag for me, I looked beyond the 180 day expiration of non-cashed-out earnings and began using Fusion Cash in July of 2015.  As of the date of this blog post I have personally earned enough to cash out EVERY SINGLE MONTH (you can only cash out once a month) since July 2015.  Other than one cash out of $26.31, I have not had any month with less than $30.00 cashed out and in my first year of use I had five cash outs of more than $50.00!  So with just a little bit of effort, you should easily be able to cash out at least every other month.

I commented above that Fusion Cash is a community and here is what I mean by that: Fusion Cash has a very active forum/message board full of useful, interesting, and vibrant discussion. There are various general categories each with hundreds of posts.  Those general categories include a board to discuss Fusion Cash and its content; a board to ask support questions; a board to discuss payments received from Fusion Cash; a board to discuss specific offers found on the Fusion Cash site; a board to suggest new ideas for Fusion Cash; a board to take part in weekly contests and promotions (usually a trivia game or sports prediction) to earn more from Fusion Cash; and my personal favorite = a board to discuss just about any other off topic theme.

Now for the part that makes this so special!  If you regularly participate in the community forum, you will earn an additional $3 a month!  If you have at least 30 forum posts in one calendar month (they have to be posts of actual substance and not simply “Me too” or “I agree” or “+1”) you are eligible to get a $3.00 bonus credited to your account the following month. You have to actually request the bonus through a simple 20 second process and submission of an online form — you will not be credited with the bonus automatically (with thousands of users, Fusion Cash cannot spend the time seeking out all eligible posts, but they will check everyone who submits the request form).  Browse the forum and write a minimum of just one post a day and you will qualify for this bonus every month (except in February where you will have to double it up at least a few days).  There are so many interesting topics discussed back and forth here, I usually have 30 eligible posts by the 10th or 15th of the month!

If you calculate that into the minimum earnings discussed above, that extra and easy $3.00 will increase your minimum earnings up to $9.60 a month, allowing you to reach the minimum payout of $25 in under three months.  Again, this is just by completing the bare minimums!!!

These are just a few of the easy and interesting ways you can earn money on Fusion Cash. If you sign up and initially have trouble finding your way around, don’t sweat it — I was a little bit lost and confused at first also!  But the community forum is a WONDERFUL resource for assistance.  The very first thing you should read (after the Terms of Service, of course) is this helpful post in the community forum.

This really only touches the tip of the iceberg when it comes to earning easy money on Fusion Cash.  There is so much more available if you fully explore the site and pick the brains of the experts in the forum.  I am not an expert, but I try to be helpful when I can, so seek me out in the forum under user name UGetPaid.

Now Go Make Some Money!!!


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Peko – Peko

I’ve had a number of people email me asking for tips and advice on how to earn money using the Peko app.  Rather than type out the same email response over and over again, I decided this topic was very well suited for a new blog post — something I have been neglecting quite a bit recently.  Maybe this will jump start the blog back to life!
If you already have a Peko account and are familiar with the basics of how to use the app and are just looking for usage tips, you can skip the introduction below and scroll down to the other headers.  This post does not cover every single aspect of Peko, but provides enough information to get you started and well on your way to earning points.  Some of the features are not necessarily available in all areas and some of the newly added features I do not use regularly so I am not yet able to talk about intelligently.
(I will try to add some screen shots to this post in the near future to make it a little easier to follow and navigate through the app.)


When I first heard about the Peko app and downloaded it, it sat dormant on my phone for nearly a month because I had NO idea how it worked or what to do — so I feel for any of you who are just as confused!  I lost a month worth of earning due to the lack of real instructions or guidance from within the app.  Once I finally figured it out, I was amazed at how simple it really is and how fast I was able to accumulate points.  (That said, recent changes to the app’s payout have greatly affected cash out frequency, so those new to the app unfortunately will not be able to cash out as quickly as I did once I got the hang of it).
So keep in mind that, although it DOES take a long time to accumulate enough points to cash out, keep in mind these four things: (1) It is very easy to do/use; (2) It does not cost you anything to use; (3) It does eventually pay out if you keep playing; (4) It can actually be fun along the way!
Using the tips below, I have been able to earn over $80.00 in just over six months. You will not likely earn as much as fast anymore due to the recent reduction in points, but they do eventually payout.  You can see my payment proofs for verification of legitimacy.

So what is Peko and how do you earn money using it?

You must have a Facebook account to sign up with Peko.  I was not happy with that being the only sign up option.  Although many apps have that signup/sign-in option for convenience, I always opt to have a separate username and password for any apps and keep them independent from my Facebook account.  However, with the promise of earning money using the app, I decided to try it and went ahead with the Facebook sign up.  I would still prefer an independent login, but I am happy to say that Peko has not given me endless prompts to share on my Facebook timeline of spam my Facebook friends.
Once you sign up with Peko, you generally have up to 10 ‘peko‘ to use — you use a peko very much like the poke feature on Facebook if you are familiar with how that worked. You must first pull up the profile of another user and tap the peko button at the bottom of the screen to peko that user.  He or she then has 60 minutes to peko you back.  (If you get a return peko within ten minutes, you will get a 25% bonus on the points you score).  If you peko goes un-responded for 60 minutes you LOSE your peko.  This makes it very important to only peko users that you know are online and are currently using the app.  The “Find People” tab is virtually worthless and I NEVER use it.  It only wastes your pekos because it looks for users who are close to you geographically, but there is no guarantee that the users it finds are actively monitoring the app.  I have NEVER had any luck finding an active user this way.
My apologies if this starts to sound confusing…  Each time you initiate a peko to someone else, you use up one of your existing pekos.  But if you are on the receiving end and someone ELSE peko’s YOU, it does not cost you a thing to peko back!  Those are free plays to you.
The BEST way to make sure you peko an active user is to either find a user actively begging for pekos under the “Scramble Match” tab (you will recognize the solicitations flying right to left across the screen); or my personal favorite: tap on the menu icon that appears in the bottom right of the screen showing your recent peko scores.  This will show you all users who have recently won points on the Jackpot Challenge  The screen will show you a list of profile photos, the jackpot and points won by each user, and a time stamp of when they won that jackpot.  You will see that the list includes very recent winners who are still likely using the app.

What is the Main Peko Game?

Once you achieve a “peko-peko” (where you’ve been pekoed back by another user), you have the chance to play a roulette game.  Press the button to drop a spinning ball into a roulette wheel.  The point values for blue, green, and gold slots are displayed (these vary from game to game).  Blue slots pay very little and are the most represented in the wheel.  Green slots pay a little bit better but there are far fewer green than blue slots. Gold slots pay the most but there is only one gold slot on the wheel. Gold also gives you the option to play the Jackpot Challenge explained below.
You and your peko partner each have the chance to play the game and you each split your points with each other.  KEEP IN MIND that not everyone plays their peko-peko’s immediately — so you may not get credit for your partner’s spin right away, but you WILL eventually, even if not until a few days later.  If you click the “My Challenges” tab, you will see which peko-peko’s have been played and which still need to be played (either by you or by your partner).

What is the Jackpot Challenge?

If you OR YOUR PARTNER get the gold slot, then you BOTH have the chance to play the Jackpot Challenge.  This is similar to a slot machine with the chance to earn a lot more Peko points.  You have ten chances to match three symbols for various payouts (but once you win any one value, your remaining chances are forfeited back).  Payouts range from 100 points (three cherries) to 100,000 points (three blue 7’s) and various denominations in between.
All jackpot winners of any amount other than the three cherries/100 points and three oranges/300 points are then placed in the recent winners area described above.  If you win a Jackpot, be prepared to receive a few peko requests from other users!

What is a Scramble Match?

In addition to the users begging for pekos, the Scramble Match page also has a third game available to you.  The scramble game is almost identical to the popular Candy Crush game where you must match 3, 4, or 5 objects of the same color to remove them from the board and earn points.
Multiple users (2 – 4) may join an active game and compete against each other for about 30 seconds to see who gets the highest score.  Some game are free and some cost you points to enter (these are clearly labeled before you join).  If you join a points game, you will LOSE your entry fee if you score the lowest in the game; depending on the number of players, you may break even or win/lose a small amount of points if you score somewhere in the middle; and you will win additional points if you score the highest.
Although the potential to win points quickly is tempting, you can also quickly lose your hard earned points here, so consider yourself warned!  This is also a good spot to find active users to peko or be peko’ed.

Make the Most of Your Free Pekos

The app gives you one ‘peko‘ each hour up to a maximum of 10, so if you let the app go for more than 12 hours without using it, you will miss out on at least 2 peko chances.  ALSO, anytime you peko someone, the clock for earning your next peko automatically resets to a full 60 minutes.  So if you have less than 10 pekos to use, be careful to only use them when your timer to earning the next peko is at 50-60 minutes so that you do not lose all of your time spent on earning your next peko.  As a general rule, if I see my next peko timer at less than 45-50 minutes, instead of using them, I set a separate timer on my device to alert me in 45-50 minutes.  When that timer goes off, I check my peko timer again to make sure I’ve earned that additional peko before using any of them up.
If you aren’t able to be that precise with timing your pekos, you should at least check in two or three times a day to use up your accumulated pekos. If I am unable to closely monitor my pekos on a particular day, I try to at least check in soon after I wake up in the morning and again in the evening sometime after dinner.  Even on that schedule, I am guaranteed to use at least 20 pekos in one day.
Note: If you have a friend who also pekos, you are only able to achieve a peko-peko with the same user once every 12 hours.

These have been my best methods to maximize Peko points.  That plus a little bit of luck getting Gold and winning Jackpot Challenges!

I hope these explanations and tips may be of some help to anyone confused with Peko!

Now Go Make Some Money!!!  🙂

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Secret Agent

I stayed away from the mystery shopper arena after hearing many stories of scams.  But a  tip back in December of 2012 put me on to Field Agent – a mobile app currently exclusive to the iPhone, but one which will likely spread to other mobile operating systems.

The Field Agent app routinely offers its agents tasks or “missions” to check the status of products offered for sale in a local store – much like those presented to mystery shoppers.  Your mission, if you choose to accept it, must be completed within 120 minutes of acceptance.  Completing a mission will result in a pre-determined dollar amount deposited into your account and the addition of reputation points to your profile.  If you do not complete the mission within the required two hours, you will forfeit the mission and you will lose reputation points for your failure.  This is important because the higher your reputation score is, the more likely you will be asked to perform future missions.

With that in mind: Don’t “accept” a mission unless you have sufficient time to travel to the location and complete the mission.  Don’t “accept” a mission at 9:30 at night that requires an audit of product at a store that closes at 10:00.  The time limit to complete your mission doesn’t carry over until the store location opens up the next day.

The mission will generally have a particular shopping related purpose:

  • confirm that a product is being displayed in a specific location a certain way
  • confirm that enough of a particular product is stocked on the shelves and available for purchase
  • confirm the pricing of a product in a particular store

Most missions will require that you to document your findings with a photograph or multiple photographs.

I became a Field Agent in late December of 2012. On my very first weekend as an agent, I successfully completed two missions and earned $7.00 for them.  As of this blog post, I’ve accepted 31 missions and earned $101.25.

I have cashed out my account twice so far.  There is no minimum amount to reach before you can request a cash out –which is nice.  So you can request a cash out after each mission, or you can let your earnings build up into a larger payout.  Once you request a cash out, it may take up to 48 hours to receive funds in your PayPal account, but both of my requests have confirmed in less time than that.

The FAQ for Field Agents can be found here which answers many other questions you may have.


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