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EDIT: As of December, 2017, MingleCash is NO LONGER ENDORSED BY GetPaid! The description outlined below is no longer an accurate assessment of the site and its earning capability.


I was recently introduced to a new site called MingleCash. MingleCash is actually a web browser extension which generates ads where the recipient shares in the earned ad revenue. Everyone who surfs the web is familiar with pop-up ads and most of us get pretty annoyed with the intrusiveness of pop-ups. It seems like they’re always interfering with whatever tasks we try to accomplish while online.  Instead of using pop-ups, MingleCash generates far less intrusive “pop-under” ads. With MingleCash installed on your PC browser, you will receive a new pop-under ad every few minutes in which you are actively surfing the Internet. You may notice a screen flicker or slight visual hiccup when a new pop-under is generated, but you can simply continue right along where you are without losing your current view.  However, when you are finished with your browsing session – you will notice that there are several open browser windows underneath your active widow or tabs.  Simply close out those windows to end your session.

(Every once in a while, a small box may ‘pop-up’ just to make sure you are still actively browsing, but this is very unobtrusive and insignificant relative to the ‘real’ pop-under ads).

MingleCash also offers video earnings to users in the United States and Canada. Using the “Watch & Earn” tab at the MingleCash web site, you can open multiple video web pages (which you can leave running all day long) and accumulate even more earnings! These will require you to periodically check in, but are otherwise 100% passive income.

I have not experienced any obvious PC slowdown as a result of this browser extension and have not found any negative effects from using it.  As of the published date of this blog post, I am still relatively new to MingleCash, so if my experience above turns negative, I will remove the browser extension and report my findings on GetPaid!. But for now all I have seen and the other reviews I have read all appear to be safe and legitimate.

This is totally 100% passive income you can earn while you routinely surf!

So where’s the catch, you may ask? Usually, I would say that there is none, but there is a slight catch here.  I strive to be completely honest and 100% up front with all GetPaid! visitors so I feel obligated to tell you… the only catch with MingleCash is that you do not earn any credit from unless you have active referrals who have registered with MingleCash using your referral link.  Once you have a few referrals, your own MingleCash earnings are then based on the number of pop-under ads your referrals generate multiplied by a percentage based upon the number of pop-under ads that you personally generate.  So it is in your best interest to generate as many daily ads as possible and to get multiple referrals.

The other minor hitch is that MingleCash currently only works on Chrome and Firefox web browsers. It sounds like Android mobile phones will soon have a MingleCash add-on and there may be an iOS MingleCash option sometime in the future (that is not yet definite and may change).

The above details aside, MingleCash is probably the most passive money maker that I am involved in requiring very little effort once you are established! You don’t have to click on ads and wait out a predetermined number of seconds to get ad credit. You don’t have to keep an ad window active and lose time or credit if you surf away to another page. You don’t have to attempt survey after survey wasting time and effort only to be declined because you don’t fit their target demographic.  You simply have to surf the web or read the online news just like you would any other day in your normal routine!  You can browse through Facebook for a few hours each day if you want and generate income from that time spent online!

It’s super easy and you are throwing away money every time you surf the web without MingleCash! So what are you waiting for. Download MingleCash today!

A special offer for those who act quickly!!

For the first twelve (12) qualified users who sign up using the GetPaid! MingleCash referral links between now and December 31, 2017 and remain active MingleCash users, I will rotate your personal MingleCash referral link into the GetPaid! pages for an entire month of 2018!!! I cannot promise that you will get referrals, but I can promise that you will get exposure.  If you are interested in getting in on this special offer, you must (FIRST) sign up using the GetPaid! MingleCash referral links found throughout this post; (SECOND) fill out the referral link request form below once you have completed your registration and have a unique referral link of you own; and (THIRD) remain an active user of MingleCash from the time that you sign up through the designated month that your unique referral link is scheduled to be featured on GetPaid!  If you remove the MingleCash extension or your activity falls well below reasonable usage, you will forfeit your participation in this offer.

This offer is open only to those who are new MingleCash users and signed up through the GetPaid! links. In order to ensure proper verification and eligibility you must provide the same email address in the form below that you used to sign up for MingleCash. If you provide a different email address – I will be unable to verify that you were referred through GetPaid! and you will not be included in this special 2018 offer! Any existing MingleCash users not referred by GetPaid! are ineligible for this offer and unverified submissions will be ignored and rejected.

Remember that this promotion is only available to the first twelve (12) eligible submissions who sign up – so don’t delay!

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Beware of the Scams – Sign Up Fees

Many people find GetPaid! through search engines looking for ways to earn money using their smartphones or by joining money making sites.  A few people have stumbled across the site by other means, but the vast majority of GetPaid! visitors are actively seeking out money making opportunities.

There are many great opportunities online to accomplish this goal. A quick read through the GetPaid! content pages will confirm this point.  But there are thousands of scammers out there, who have the same goal as you – to make easy money online. Unfortunately, their tactics involve taking money away from users like you and I with the false promise to pay that money and more back to us after we buy in to their programs.  These folks already know that we are actively looking for ways to earn money. This gives the scammers an edge — they already have a target victim predisposed to sign up to a new service (or a well disguised scam if it sounds legitimate enough) and they will do anything they can to “sell” their scams to us because it means another few dollars in their pockets. So while you are trying to earn some extra cash honestly and legitimately, the scammers are trying to wrestle that cash away from you through fraud and false promises.

I recently had a GetPaid! visitor (I’ll call her “Jean” but that was not her real name) contact me asking my opinion about a new site she had recently joined.  I am not going to disclose the particular site, but Jean asked GetPaid!: “I just have a question about this new company. I signed up but it’s not running yet. It will start Jan 10th. I was hoping you could see if this is worth my time. It just seems so easy to me.” Jean then provided me with a link to the site.

I took a look at it. The site had a very professional design and some excellent promotional videos showing how the site will work. There were a few grammatical errors on the site, which can be a yellow flag, but then again, there have been several times that I have found typos on GetPaid! in reviewing the pages for editing and updating.  Jean’s proposed site was basically a paid-to-download-and-review-mobile-apps site.  But upon further review, two things jumped out at me.  First, there was no explanation of the pay scale anywhere on the site — other than the ability to earn through an affiliate downline ten levels deep.  Second, there was no mention anywhere on the site (except on the page where you actually join the service) that the site required a $25 “affiliate enrollment fee” to complete your application process.

Without any indication of payout rates, there is no telling how long it would take Jean to earn back that $25 affiliate enrollment fee — if ever. My guess was it would be difficult for Jean to make that money back without signing up a certain number of affiliates underneath her — making it more of a pyramid or MLM scheme than a legitimate money maker in my opinion. (I got burned with an MLM about 15 years ago and lost all of my $300 start up fee when it went under. My $300 made plenty of other people rich, but I ended up empty handed with nothing to show for it. It was an expensive lesson, but not a mistake I’ve made twice.)

One of the cardinal rules in this business — with very few exceptions — is to never sign up with an online money making site if they ask for a fee up front before you’ve made a dime from their site. If you read closely enough, you will see this warning repeated on the GetPaid! site pages. There are several legitimate sites out there (Clixsense for example) which give the option to upgrade your membership for an annual fee. This is an optional upgrade; this is not a required fee before you even sign up; this is a fee which you can pay directly out of you earnings from Clixsense so that no money ever comes directly out of your pocket.  As a result, you can earn back that upgrade fee and much more in far less time than the year long upgrade. But when you start out $25 in the hole (or $300 like happened to me above), you have no guarantee that you will ever break even unless you convince enough people to fall for the same scheme.

Based on Jean’s email and the layout of the personalized landing page from her link, it was obvious that Jean had already signed up for this new site and was going to need to do some work to climb out of her $25 hole.  Lucky for her, it was only $25. I asked Jean to please get back in touch with me if it turned out I was wrong in my initial reaction, but I don’t believe I was. Even so, I wished her well.  It was not long after responding to Jean that I decided this would be a good topic to add to the blog.  It won’t be an overwhelming portion, but I intend to include additional scam warnings in future publications to the GetPaid! blog.

So let this be your warning. Think twice – or better yet – think three times before you pay any money making site a sign up fee (or whatever catchy phrase they use to characterize it) just for the opportunity for you to earn future money from them. Somebody is making money from these sites, but it is not going to be you!

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