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In late 2017, GetPaid! published a blog entry about Bitcoin and briefly explained in non-technical watered down terms how it works. If you are unfamiliar with Bitcoin, you might want to take a look at that post called Bitcoin Blitz before you proceed. If you are already familiar with Bitcoin and are just looking for some Bitcoin faucets to collect free Bitcoin – READ ON!

If you don’t have computer hardware capable of mining Bitcoin, perhaps a faucet is more your speed. I currently use a few Bitcoin faucets you can also join to get in on this currency craze! Initially, you won’t earn a ton of money using Bitcoin faucets – most likely only pennies to a dollar a day, depending on how many faucets you join and how often you are able to actively collect Bitcoin from those faucets. But with the recent rate that Bitcoin value has skyrocketed, you can very easily experience a huge gain in value over a short time span as those trends continue!

Below are links to some of the Bitcoin faucets that I currently use. I will add more as I test them out, but only if I find them to be profitable and legitimate.  If any faucets dry up or fail to maintain high standards I will immediately remove them from this list. Come back often to see what new Bitcoin faucet opportunities await!  (And again, read the Bitcoin Blitz blog entry for more information on how Bitcoin faucets work).  Refer other family and friends to these faucets and you can further increase your own Bitcoin earnings!

Because the value of Bitcoin and Satoshi (the smallest fractional denomination of Bitcoin) will vary from day to day, I cannot give an accurate dollar amount of my earnings with the faucets below, but if you plug the Satoshi numbers below into this conversion site, you can see real dollar values of what I have earned and get a good idea of how much you can earn if you give it a shot!

There are other digital cyptocurrencies which operate along the same lines as Bitcoin, but have differing values depending on the current market values.  Those include Litecoin, DashCoin, Dogecoin, among many others! Although Bitcoin is the chief cryptocurrency, you can earn from these “altcoins” also, so I have included links below to some altcoin opportunities as well.

Good luck and turn on those spigots!!!

 Free Bitcoin from the faucet!

I started using in December of 2017 and have earned over 16,000 satoshi since then. You can withdraw new satoshi every hour from

Free Bitcoin from the Moon Bitcoin faucet!

Free Bitcoin from the Bonus Bitcoin faucet!

Free Bitcoin from the Bit Fun faucet!

Moon Bitcoin, Bonus Bitcoin, and Bit Fun are three different faucets, but they all pool their satoshi together into one microwallet, so each faucet reflects the total pooled amount earned from all three. I started using each of these faucets in November of 2017 and I also do a little bit of light web browser based Bitcoin mining through their microwallet CoinPot. I have collectively earned over 177,000 satoshi from these three faucets!  Bonus Bitcoin allows you to drain the faucet every 15 minutes! Moon Bitcoin and Bit Fun have only a five minute wait time, but will accumulate even more credit if you wait longer to claim your satoshi.

Coinpot also allows you to accumulate a few other cryptocurrencies.  Depending on how their respective values are trending, you can easily transfer between these different coins right in your Coinpot account. Try these three faucets for some additional Coinpot earnings!


Free Bitcoin from the Cointiply faucet!

Cointiply allows you claim coins up to once per hour in various amounts when you spin their number wheel. It also gives you coins for performing other offers or playing online games.

Unlike the other typical faucets, Cointiply doesn’t track your earnings specifically in Bitcoin or Satoshis. Instead, your coins directly equate to a corresponding dollar amount. (Cointiply also provides you with a running conversion of that amount in Bitcoin value). Once you reach 35,000 coins ($3.50) you can cash out at the current Bitcoin price.

I began using Cointiply in March of 2018 and have accumulated over $1 in Bitcoin value so far.

Free Bitcoin from the Cryptotab browser extension!Cryptotab is a 100% passive Bitcoin earning opportunity. You do not need to do anything to earn your coin – no ads to click or captchas to solve. All you need to do is install the Cryptotab extension to your Chrome browser and share your referral link with like minded friends! The tab will mine for Bitcoin in the background whenever you have your Chrome browser open.

I have been using Cryptotab since April of 2018 and have earned over 20 satoshi so far. I have not noticed any adverse effects or slowdown in my computer over that time. You have the option to adjust your Cryptotab settings which will affect how fast or slow you accumulate satoshi.

If you are looking for the easiest and most passive method to earning free Bitcoin, Cruptotab ranks pretty high! Give it a try and invite your family and friends to do the same!

Free Bitcoin from the Daily Free Bits faucet!

I started using DailyFreeBits in December of 2017 and have earned over 6,000 satoshi since then. You can drain the DailyFreeBits faucet once every hour to increase your satoshi.

Free Bitcoin from the BTCClicks faucet!

I started using the BTCClicks faucet in December of 2017. It is another ad clicking faucet which provides daily ads to click to earn various amounts of satoshi. Since joining BTCClicks I’ve earned over 8,000 satoshi.

Free Bitcoin from BitcoinGet!

BitcoinGet is a survey and task site which pays out in Bitcoin. Compete a survey or offer or — Crowdflower tasks and rake in some Bitcoin!  I joined BitcoinGet in December of 2017 and now have the equivalent of over 2,700 satoshi!

Free Bitcoin from Febbit!
Febbit is an online game simulation that pays out in Satoshi. What does it simulate? Ironically enough, it simulates Bitcoin Mining! Configure your computer mining components to ramp up your earning and collect Satoshi at the top of every hour!

Please note that in playing Febbit you are NOT ACTUALLY MINING Bitcoin, but are just playing a game.  I started playing Febbit in late March of 2018 and have already earned over 4,000 satoshi with very little effort!



(Earnings updated April 5, 2018)



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