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GetPaid! 3.0

For the second time in 18 months GetPaid! has received a facelift. Things certainly brightened up in the fall of 2017 when GetPaid! moved from a darker to a lighter theme, but with that change also came the loss of some functionality and a bit of renegade code masquerading as actual site content/gibberish - both the result of my less than adequate grasp of coding. There were several technical glitches that I had to slowly work through and finally had a good block of time over the past week to dig in and "git 'ur done." Finally, after several months, GetPaid! now has a newer (and better) layout and a fresh new logo! Get Paid!

These changes to the site's look and feel don't change the underlying mission of GetPaid! to bring you new and innovative ideas for earning money online.  All of the old site content is still here. Over the next few weeks and months you can expect to see some additional revisions to GetPaid!; possible streamlining of some site pages; and - of course - lots of new apps and web sites with great new ways to earn cash or credits!  Hopefully, the GetPaid! blog and Twitter feeds will also see increased and more regular activity. Both have a much more prominent placement in the new GetPaid! layout - so have a look and check out both new and old bloggings and tweets from GetPaid!

I invite all blog subscribers and site regulars to spend a few minutes getting familiar with the new design and in the process, maybe you will come across an app or site new to you, or you can reconnect with one you tried before and for whatever reason didn't follow through on the earning stream it offered. There truly are some absolute gems on these pages! As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need some guidance.

Please share GetPaid! with your family and friends and maybe share a link to it on your Facebook timeline or in your Twitter feed. Unfortunately, Facebook shut down the GetPaid! page on their service without any advance warning or explanation. It was definitely not my choice to abandon that page and I am not very happy about how they went about it, but such is life.  My apologies to anyone who made the effort to "Like" GetPaid! over there - just remember that the page and blog entries are still here in their original space.

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