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Payment Proofs

Talk is cheap and the proof is in the pudding.  The links on this page contain payment proofs for many of the survey panels, web sites, and smartphone apps featured on these pages.

These ARE NOT a complete record of every payment ever received. Each individual link may or may not represent my full earnings from that particular panel.  This is only a sampling to demonstrate that these panels, sites, and apps are not scams. They are honest money making opportunities that follow through with legitimate payments. Quite honestly, if I were to post every single payment received, I would not have enough time to devote to the earning activities themselves!  The decision to post individual payment proofs is generally random and does not reflect how frequently a particular service pays out.  Instead they demonstrate that payments are legitimate and that although some services may not provide earnings as often or as high as others, they still continue to pay out over time.

Some of the panels have not yet paid any earnings where required minimum amounts for payout have yet to be reached.  These links will be updated as additional earnings are received. Some of the links represented below show payment proofs for panels or apps that are no longer active or that I have discontinued participation.  See the other descriptive page summaries for a full explanation of current status.

After reviewing some of the payment proofs, don't forget to stop at this page to provide your brief feedback and opinions about GetPaid!

(Links to payment proofs for defunct apps and services no longer appear below)


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