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App Graveyard

Here you will find apps that have either stopped paying out, no longer exist, or still exist & pay out, but are too woefully slow to accumulate enough earnings to be worth my while... (Your experience may vary)

Should any of these apps resurrect back to active earning status, I will return them to the main app page.

Free Money from AdLove App!AdLove supposedly paid money to check in and rate television commercials. I say supposedly because I started using the app in August of 2016 and accumulated over $5.00 using the app sparsely.  But when I finally requested a cash out in September of 2017, it never arrived.  I communicated with the app developer who assured me that payment was coming, but when the app stopped working, I knew I shouldn't hold my breath.

Free Money from App Trailers!With App Trailers you can get paid to watch videos and phone app demonstrations right from your phone! If you have an Android or iOS device (including an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) you can download App Trailers to your phone and start making cash immediately simply by watching short video demos of various apps available for your device.

You will earn 5 - 25 points per video (most are under 60 seconds long) and you can redeem points for gift cards from popular retailers or PayPal credit. iTunes and Amazon credits are also available. As for the exchange rate, 10 points = $0.01. You can redeem your points for PayPal funds at the low minimum cashout of $0.50!

You can watch the same trailers over and over again for additional points and you can try to increase your points by completing a daily "scratch off" ticket. In my first week, I earned a quick and easy $5.00.  In total, I've earned over $64.00 from App Trailers since October 2012.

ONE WORD OF CAUTION that I learned the hard way.  Apparently you CANNOT transfer your App Trailers credit from one device to another when you upgrade, so be sure to cash out before you get the latest iPhone -- otherwise all of your unredeemed earnings will be lost forever.

Free Money from BeClub App!BeClub gave opportunities to check in at local stores and complete mini missions and product scans to earn BeDollars to exchange for rewards and merchandise.  You could also earn BeDollars simply by playing games like Fruit Ninja. BeClub never developed a specific ratio of BeDollars to actual cash value and its cash out options were not very enticing.  In just a few short months, the app stopped allowing logins and the web site went away.  So now BeClub resides in the graveyard.

Free Money from Groceries with Berrycart App!BerryCart was an app that gave rewards for purchasing natural and organic food items.  As they state it in their own words: "you will NOT see products on BerryCart that have High Fructose Corn Syrup, Artificial Sweeteners, or chemicals that you can clean your floor with."  I joined BerryCart in late July 2014 and earned just over $14.00 for "buying healthy", but the app has since shut down .

Free Money from Blabber App!Blabber was an app that paid you to send texts using their app. After downloading Blabber and connecting to other friends using the app, users could send text messages to other users in their connections list and get paid to do it.

I joined Blabber in September of 2017 and earned over $40.00 in just a few months. But then the developer updated the app and absolutely crippled it. It stopped working and was an absolute dud from that point forward.  I've since deleted the app and would not recommend using it if it even still appears in the app store.

For nostalgia purposes here is a more detailed explanation of how Blabber worked, taken from an earlier blog post from GetPaid! when Blabber was still working great.

ChameleonFree Money from Chameleon App! was also a store check in app.  They gave one point for every eligible store check in (limited to once per day for all eligible stores) and allowed you to redeem 20 points in exchange for a $5.00 gift card to some popular stores. I earned over $10.00 using it in early 2015, but the app was very buggy and sometimes would allow checkins to stores from across the street or parking lot and other times refused checkins while standing right inside the same store.  After several months of un-usability, I moved Chameleon to the app graveyard.

FanCakeFree Money from Fancake App! awarded points for checking in to televised sporting events.  You earned points by predicting winners and statistics in advance of the event.  You also earned points in game by guessing the outcome of a particular drive, inning, period, etc.  Points were then converted into gift cards or credits for various sporting event ticket purchases.  Unfortunately, FanCake left the show after the 2015 NCAA Basketball tournament with very short notice. From September 2013 through March 2015, I earned a $20.00 Amazon gift card and had $10.00 toward a second one, but then lost that when FanCake bowed out.   It is always a shame to see good (and fun) money making apps go under or stop paying -- with or without warning, but there are still plenty of other apps above that can add dollars to your pocket.  And as I discover new and exciting (and most importantly, profitable) apps I will add them to the list, so be sure to bookmark the page and check back regularly and share it with your friends!

Free Money from GapNSnap App!

It pained me to move GapNSnap into the retired category as it was once my favorite app (back when it regularly put $40 a week into my PayPal account). But its favor fell drastically in July of 2014 when they revamped their payout system.  In October/November of 2014 the app stopped working and the company basically bailed on its users, leaving many (including myself) with earned points that could no longer be redeemed for gift cards.  GapNSnap paid me over $1,800.00 in cash and gift cards from August 2013 through July 2014!  It sure was fun while it lasted.

Free Money from gRate Friends App!gRate Friends allowed you to rate local businesses on a scale from 1-5. In exchange for providing a brief review explaining the rating you provided you earned points toward a cash redemption.

Points accumulated monthly, with the points to dollars conversion value varying from month to month depending on various factors. At the end of each month, points were converted into a monetary amount. Once a user reached the $10 minimum payment threshold, an automatic payout was made to a re-loadable Visa debit card. Earnings under the required $10 were rolled over to the next month.  

I joined gRate Friends in July of 2015 and earned over $36.00 in a year and a half. But in February 2017, the app stopped working and the membership director sent out an email delivering the bad news that gRate Friends had shut down operations.

JingitFree Money from Jingit App! allowed you to watch short ads for products and earn cash. You were also able to check in at your local stores and scan the barcodes of some of these products to take a quick 30 second survey to earn even more cash! Lastly, if you purchased the item and scanned the barcode from your home outside of the store, you earned even more cash!!!
I signed up for Jingit in October 2012 and earned over $119.00 from then through 2015.  In late 2015, the offers simply dried up and none have ever shown up for me since then, so Jingit may be on the way out.  I was able to cash out in the middle of this dry spell with no problems or delays, so that at least was promising that they hadn't completely abandoned their users. The app still 'works', but it has been completely dry for well over a year now.  I check periodically for any updates, but it is no longer an 'active' app for me.

Two trivia games that I enjoyed and used frequently were KO Trivia and Lucky Draw. These were separate apps that combined their point earnings together and were quite a bit of fun and were featured in the blog in April of 2019. I began playing KO Trivia in October 2018 and started Lucky Draw the following February. Sadly, in late March of 2020, the apps announced that they would cease operations in April due to decreased ad revenue. These apps then became the latest laid to rest in the App Graveyard.

Free Money from mPLUS Rewards!

mPLUS Rewards was an awesome app when it was still active. It credited users with mPOINTS just for checking in to various business establishments.  The mPOINTS could be exchanged for many different gift card options.  I started earning  mPLUS Rewards in November of 2013 and used it regularly until it went inactive in November 2017.  Over those four years I earned over $1,075.00 using various mPLUS Rewards eligible apps.

There used to be dozens of apps that offered mPOINTS, but sadly that number dwindled until it eventually died out completely in November of 2017.

Free Money from Mobile Rewards App!

Mobile Rewards has added over $27.00 to my pocket since December of 2012 just by watching videos and clicking through to get additional information about the items shown, tweeting the Mobile Rewards website link, and completing other simple offers through the app.   I lost access to the app a while back when doing a hardware upgrade and have been unable to reconnect.  The web page is also no longer available, so I think this one may have made it to the graveyard.

Free Money from MobiSave App!MobiSave was one of the grocery shop saving apps which paid cash back for purchasing certain items. While most of the shopping receipt apps require you to reach a minimum balance before you can claim the fruits of your labor, MobiSave paid you individually for each submission at the end of the week.  I used this app for a few years starting in August of 2015, but it was often pretty buggy and the offers were not usually what I was interested in so I stopped checking it on a regular basis.  One day in late 2017, it stopped working altogether. In January 2018, I received an email from them inviting me to sign up with another app (one that I was already using) which apparently bought out MobiSave.  Welcome to the graveyard Mobi!

Free Money from Peko App!Peko was a social game available for iOS and Android.  It paid users to socialize and play mini games against other users.  The game combined the concepts of a spinning roulette wheel and a slot machine (as well as a simplified clone of Candy Crush) to earn points.  I joined Peko in March of 2014 and in just six months of using Peko, I earned over $111.00. Unfortunately it shut down at the end of October 2014.  🙁

Free Money from Podcoin App!

Podcoin and Readercoin were fantastic apps for podcast and audio book listeners. They paid money for listening to your favorite podcasts or audio books. I loved and used this app daily, but it only lasted for several months after I discovered it in March of 2019.

QriketFree Money from Qriket App! was a fun live roulette game where you earned "spins" for viewing ads in the app.  You could then spend your spins in a feature they called Qriket Live. In exchange for spin credits, you bought into the game and predicted the color that a giant spinning wheel would land upon - spun live on video within the app and on YouTube.  If you predicted the correct color (a 50/50 shot), you gained a randomly determined number of points for that round.  If you survived to the end of the game, you could share in the prize pool.

One day in November of 2019 Qriket and all of its social media accounts simply shut down without advance warning. It was a real shame as this was once once of the most active and reliable money making apps out there.

RewardableFree Money from Rewardable App! is an app that started out as a crowd sourcing/secret shopping app similar to some others on the Apps that Pay page.  It mostly offered jobs geared toward department stores asking users to document disorganized or empty clothing displays.  But over time the app shifted focus more toward daily survey poll questions.  The app offered a number of other survey options to earn "acorns" which were Rewardable's form of currency.

I joined Rewardable in late 2013, and received over $50.00. In my experience, completed tasks have been very promptly approved and payment to my PayPal account has been immediate on my request.  But at some point he app stopped working for me and I was unable to continue earning. I am not entirely sure that the app has gone completely defunct, but for my purposes, it is in the Graveyard.

Free Money from Ride App! The Ride App gave credit for traveling -- like frequent flier miles for your smartphone.  Whether its your daily commute to work, or a cross country trip, you get credit for the number of miles you've traveled.  Using your smartphone's internal GPS, the credits add up slowly as your personal odometer rolls along.  I earned $5.00 from this app over a 11 month period from late April 2013 through March of 2014.  Based on that payout rate, I decided that it was not worth it for me to keep and take up space on my phone.  I deleted the app after receiving my $5.00 Amazon gift card, but added that payment proof to the site for anyone who might still benefit from the app.  This app could be a goldmine for anyone who travels a lot or does any type of driving for a living.  If you link the app to your Facebook account, you can earn bonus points by adding your comments to some of the discussions on the page.

Free Money from Scantopia App!Scantopia was a favorite app of mine, offering the chance to win money by scanning various UPC codes of items in your own home. I started using Scantopia in late December of 2013 and earned over $104.00 by Mid-May of 2014! But on May 13, 2014, they announced suddenly without any warning that the prizes and promotions would stop on June 1, 2014.  It was fun while it lasted, but they apparently weren't able to sustain their business model.

ServyServy paid for your objective reviews of dozens of restaurants. The amount they paid varied based upon the restaurant you review. I had seen some as low as $2.00 and others as high as $20.00, with the average somewhere in the $10.00 range.  Like any other experience dining out, you paid for your meal in full, but you also knew in advance how much you would earn back for providing your feedback.

Servy announced on their web site: "Servy was acquired by Resy, the leading hospitality technology company. Together, we will be creating the first-ever, reservation-integrated mystery dining platform." Iw as hopeful that a new paid to dine app would emerge from this union down the road, but several years later nothing has come about.

Free Money from Shelfie App!Shelfie was an app very similar to the defunct GapNSnap.  You earned Shelfie points when you snap a photo of a gap on the grocery shelf at your local stores.

Each snap earned credit toward gift cards at Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and Sephora.  I earned over $15.00 using the Shelfie app.  It went on hiatus in early 2015 and failed to come back after that.

Free Money from Groceries with Shopmium App!Shopmium offered rebates on various grocery and household items. It was one of those "scan the barcode and photograph your receipt" apps that then deposited money into PayPal. I joined Shopmium in February of 2014 and earned over $154.00 over three years.  But in June of 2017, Shopmium terminated the app and began directing users to another couponing app.

Spare5Free Money from Spare5 App! was an app that presented short simple tasks for you to perform right on your phone.  Most of the tasks I received involved tagging photos with keywords or judging a photo's suitability for advertising a certain type of business.  At one point the app turned almost exclusively to requesting photo submissions from users of various everyday objects around the house and out in the neighborhoods.

After months of submitting many hundreds of photos that paid a few cents apiece, Spare5 announced hat the app would be deactivated. They company still exists as a web based task offering; however I have chosen to focus my efforts elsewhere. Because the app no longer pays out, I have relegated Spare5 to the App Graveyard.  I joined Spare5 in September of 2014 and made over $440.00 through April of 2019.

Free Money from StockUp App! StockUp (formerly known as Price Spotting) paid you money to scan grocery products on sale at the store and enter the sale price and information. At one time they also had a few products designated on a weekly basis that earned cash even if they were not on sale.  Scan it.  Price it. Earn money.  It was that easy...   ...until payments began getting delayed.  In March or April of 2015, StockUp moved from a payment based system to a sweepstakes system.  Rather than convert points to cash, you now turn in points for a daily raffle for $100 worth of groceries.  I used StockUp from January through June of 2014 and earned nearly $46.00 in that time. But I fell away from regular use of the app and stopped altogether when the payout changed to sweepstakes entries.

Free Money from the Tsu App!Tsu was a free social media platform that rewarded its members for being social.  In theory, Tsu would pay you for the content that you shared with other Tsu users.  Upload photos from the amazing vacation you just returned from?  Get Paid! Post about the top notch restaurant you just discovered on the other side of town? Get Paid!  Share video of your adorable children or pets?  Get Paid!

I joined Tsu in July of 2015, but unfortunately it never took off in the vision of its creators and I never earned much of anything from it. It is no longer operating and so it has found a final resting place here.

Free Money from Viggle App!Viggle was an app that gave credit for watching television.  Open the app when you sat down for a show.  It listened to your television and matched up the audio to determine what TV show you were watching.  You received points for each minute that you watched.  At one point it also gave some opportunity to earn more points by answering trivia questions about the show or subject matter in limited circumstances.

I had over $500 worth of points saved up from using Viggle over two years.  However, I was holdign out to trade in my points for higher end electronics, which no longer appeared in the app as a trade in option.  Gift cards option were always 'sold out' and for awhile they were only offering t-shirts as a trade in option.  Worse yet, hundreds of questions/concerns posted on the Viggle Facebook page were wholly ignored and unanswered.  They have since entered into a partnership or merger with Perk, but I was never able to get that conversion of points to work. I think the app may still exist, but I moved on to bigger and better apps -- jumping ship and forfeiting most of my $500+ in accumulated earnings.  🙁

Free Money from Walmart App! Walmart Savings Catcher was a feature of the overall Walmart app, but was discontinued in mid 2019. Upon scanning your Walmart receipt, the app would check circular ads from local retailers to find any advertised deals matching the items you purchased.  If they found a price cheaper than what you paid at Walmart they paid you back the difference (on a Walmart e-gift card).

The Savings Catcher feature was added in August of 2014, but then discontinued less than four years later on May 14, 2019 - which is unfortunate. I earned over $45.00 in Walmart credit over that time.  When they stopped the program, they said "we've learned through Savings Catcher ... that our efforts to lower prices upfront on thousands of items across our stores is working. Walmart's prices win most often when you submit your receipts, which tells us that the program's intent has been met. That's why we have decided to discontinue the Savings Catcher receipt submission..."  I'm not sure that I believe their 'reasoning' 100%, but it was nice while it lasted.

Free Money from Wine Pays App!WinePays gave money for snapping photos of the wine list at local restaurants. Depending on the alcoholic beverage selection offered, you could earn up to $5.00 per menu that you photograph (most menus earned a minimum of $1.25 if you photo the menu cover and at least one wine page).  I joined WinePays in January of 2014 and made over $13.00 in about six or eight months.  However, when I opened the app in the fall of 2014 to submit a new menu, a message indicated that the app reached its initial goals and was no longer currently accepting new submissions.  The message says that they do plan to resume again in the "near future", but it has said that for several months now -- so I've moved this app to the retired list.  If they do resume operating and paying, I will return it to the active list.  I was paid in full for my past efforts even after WinePays went into hiatus.

Free Money from the wynzyn App!wynzyn was an ad watching sweepstakes app.  You watched ads and took surveys to earn entries toward large cash prizes. I'm not usually a fan of sweepstakes apps, but this one didn't appear to take a considerable amount of time or effort to earn credits, so it didn't feel like I was throwing away earnings.  But not long after I started using wynzyn in March of 2017, the app underwent a few updates and never worked right for me again after that - eventually making its way here to the App Graveyard.

R.I.P. wynzyn - we hardly got a change to know ya.

Free Money from the Yaarlo App!Yaarlo was another receipt scanning app that worked similar to the others.  Snap a photo of your grocery, gas, restaurant, and other receipts to earn credit toward gift card redemptions.

I joined Yaarlo in January of 2016 and I received $80.00 from them. But I had another $50.00 in earnings snatched away from me when the app just stopped working in July of 2017 without any advance warning that it was shutting down.  I actually submitted my request for the $50.00 while the app was still functioning, but my reward never arrived and the app stopped responding about a week or two after my request.

Free Money from Zapiddy App!I joined Zapiddy in July of 2013 and earned $131.00 using the app through the end of 2015.  Zapiddy was a store task based app similar to Gigwalk, Easy Shift, and Field Agent with the exception that you could not reserve any jobs.  In other words, you could very well see a Zapiddy job available and go to that particular store to complete the job, only to have it disappear right out from under you without any warning.

In similar fashion, in early January 2016, Zappidy went away without any real advance warning, other than an email thanking users for their hard work.