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Free Crypto from Coinbase!

Coinbase is one of the easiest and most trusted online exchanges for buying Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. It is where I purchased my very first Bitcoin a few years ago. Several Bitcoin faucet sites are featured in this blog and throughout GetPaid! and they are an easy way to earn a small but steady stream of free crypto.  But if you want to quickly acquire a significant amount of cryptocurrency, you typically need to buy it outright through an exchange like Coinbase.

If you aren't familiar with Coinbase and do not have an account with them, feel free to click any of the links to Coinbase in this post and get immediate access to setting up a new Coinbase account. There you can then begin to purchase or sell several different cryptocurrencies once you link an approved funding source such as a bank account or credit card to your Coinbase account. Also, if you make any transactions of $100 or more within the first six months of opening your Coinbase account, they will credit your account with an additional free $10!  So don't delay, or you might miss out on that FREE MONEY!!

Just recently, Coinbase began another promotion where you can earn more FREE MONEY simply and easily. I don't know yet if this is a limited time promotion or one which will continue for a significant time. You may want to jump on it right away just in case!  Some eligibility restrictions apply. See the Coinbase site for more details. My apologies to anyone who lives outside of the required target residency areas.

One alternative cryptocurrency that has become very popular recently is Stellar Lumen (XLM). It is quite versatile and generally ranks in the top 10 or 20 cryptocurrencies at - currently at number 8 as of the time this is being written.  Coinbase will deposit FREE OF CHARGE up to $50 worth of XLM into your account just for taking a few minutes to learn about XLM and sharing that same opportunity with your friends! (Click any of the XLM links in this post to be taken directly to this opportunity).

Watch five short informational videos on XLM (each video is only about two minutes long). At the end of each video you are presented with a single multiple choice question designed to test whether you were paying attention to the information presented. Each question is worth $2 in XLM value if you answer correctly - for a quick and easy $10 equivalent in about 15 minutes of total time invested.  The questions don't try to trick you and you don't need to take notes in order to answer correctly - you simply need to pay attention and you will easily be able to pick out the $2 answer. (It also appears from the promotion terms that you can try again if you select a wrong answer).

Each $2 XLM deposit is calculated at the exchange rate for XLM at that very instant, so your XLM deposits will vary slightly in actual XLM amount, but will be equal to $2 value in that instant. (You can see in the screenshot below that the price dipped ever so slightly as I completed this promotion earlier today).
XLM Deposits to Coinbase

As you can see - that first $10 of XLM is deposited IMMEDIATELY into your Coinbase account.  You can then earn an additional $40 of XLM by inviting up to 4 friends (using your own personalized link) to complete the same test.  You will get $10 in XLM for each friend (up to 4) who completes the quiz!  You can then sell or trade the XLM for other currencies on Coinbase - or hold it for later use.

This XLM offering from Coinbase is one of the quickest and easiest ways to earn $10+ that you won't want to miss. Even if you think you have no need or use for XLM - after you've earned it you can convert it into some other crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin (or even convert it to cash and withdraw it to PayPal). It is free and fast money any way you slice it! So what are you waiting for?

Now Go Make Some Money!!!

(post-publishing-edit): Coinbase is now offering similar promotions for several other alt-coins, including: Basic Attention Token (BAT); Zcash (ZEC); and 0x - that's "ZeroX" (ZRX). The BAT, ZEC, and ZRX promotions all went live on April 3rd. These are similar to the XLM promo described above where you watch informational videos and take a quiz to learn about these cryptos. You can earn $3 each of BAT, ZRX and ZEC, and up to 7 additional dollars worth of BAT (for $10 total value) if you are willing to install a new Chrome based privacy browser called Brave (with the ability to earn even more BAT as you use that browser in the future).

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