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Other Fun & Useful Apps & Services

The apps and services featured on this page will not earn you any money, but they can be quite useful, fun, or help to support a worthy cause.  Please take a look!


Make money with Acorns!Acorns allows you to "Round Up" and invest your spare change every time you make a purchase using a linked card. Set up an Acorns account and link a card. When you make a purchase using your linked cards, Acorns will round up that purchase to the next even dollar amount. That rounded up money will then be invested by Acorns in the stock market. Spend $8.15 on lunch and you will then automatically invest another 85¢ with your Acorns account.  Buy a cookie for $1.98 and you will add 2¢ to Acorns. You can easily balance your checkbook when all of your purchases are in even dollar amounts. And when you start out with small tiny acorns, you can end up with a forest of mighty oak trees!

Sign up with Acorns using these links and you can get $5.00 to start out your investing journey!

Essential Oils

doTERRA essential oils

Have you heard about dōTERRA essential oils? These are strong aromatic and fragrant oils extracted from various plants, each with a unique set of uses and benefits. The familiar smell of a blooming rose or the distinct odor of cedar wood are made possible by the fragrant essential oils hidden deep within those plants.

Characterizing these oils as “essential” is not meant to define them as somehow indispensable or required to bring about a certain end result, but rather “essential” in that they contain the essence of characteristic fragrances – many of which are quite familiar to all of us. Pleasantly fragrant, it is not hard to understand why so many perfumes, soaps, incense, cleaning products, and flavor enhancers obtain their scent or taste from essential oils. However, many might easily overlook the hidden wellness and therapeutic benefits derived from essential oils.

Many aches and pains may be eased with the topical application of certain essential oil blends. The stresses and anxieties of everyday life may melt away by diffusing other essential oil blends. Essential oils may stimulate hair growth, soothe allergic reactions, or boost bodily immunity systems. This is only the tip of the iceberg and the possibilities are endless.

dōTERRA is a world renowned leader in essential oils, extracting thousands of essential oils from their plant based sources and carefully mixing them together in just the right proportions to create the perfect blend for whatever ails you. Follow the links throughout this description to read more about the dōTERRA blends and all of the things made possible through their unique line of products. Informative videos and comprehensive product descriptions are available. With popular blends such as Serenity, Balance, and Breathe (just to name a few), your wellness and better centering are just one click away!

Human Trafficking Awareness

TraffickCamTraffickCam is a fantastic app that everyone should have on their phone.  If you ever travel and stay in a hotel, you MUST have this app on your phone and use it!  Take a few photos of your hotel room and provide a little bit of information about where you are staying.  TraffickCam uses those photos of the room, carpet, and decor to compare to known photographs circulating through the sex trafficking trade (most of which are taken of the young women enslaved in this horrific existence in hotel rooms throughout the country). By comparing your room photos to the trafficking  photos, TraffickCam is able to match up locations and help authorities get one step closer to liberating some young girl trapped in this trade and bring her captors to justice.  Download TraffickCam today and use it every time you visit a hotel room.  You may never know if you've helped anyone, but collectively, we can all make a difference.

Cloud Storage

Dropbox Free storage at dropbox!and Box are two separate services with similar functionality.  Sign up for an account and instantly receive a sizable chunk of free online storage space for your documents and files.  You can access your files from any computer browser or through a desktop or smartphone app.

Free storage at box!I like to store my photo and music files here, making them immediately and always accessible to me on my smartphone without taking up any precious storage space on the phone itself!

EvernoteFree storage at Evernote! allows you to take notes and organize your thoughts on the go and syncs them across all platforms so that your notes are always just a few keystrokes away.  I have a PC at home, a Mac and work and an iPhone on the go.  With Evernote installed on all three devices and seamless syncing, I never have to worry about forgetting an idea or strategy again -- work, home or play!  Evernote also allows you to organize your notes into whatever categorizing system you choose.

These services also allow you to share certain files with other trusted contacts.  Each handles these options a bit differently, but they are all secure and easy to use.

Voicemail Enhancers

YouMail is a fabulous add on for many popular mobile phone platforms, including iOS, Android, Blackberry.  Sign up using the YouMail links on this page (it is free unless you choose to upgrade some of the features) and use it for at least 60 days and you will get a $6.00 credit to use toward YouMail upgrades or to redeem in Amazon gift card credit!

YouMail allows you to record greetings for specific callers, automatically respond to missed calls immediately, check your voicemail online - just like if it were an email, automatically block calls from known spammers, and more!

I've been a satisfied YouMail user since 2010!

Web Hosting

1&1 is an excellent value when it comes to domain name registration and web hosting. GetPaid! is currently hosted on 1&1 servers and has never had an outage since first appearing there in 2008.

If you own a small business and are looking to create a web presence or have been thinking about starting your own blog with a personalized domain name (and obtain email accounts with that same domain extension) take a look at the reasonable packages available from 1&1.


CCRisk all your armies on a daring continent grab. Use diplomacy to coordinate a group assault on the game leader. Feel the thrill of victory as you eliminate your last opponent. Conquer Club is an online multiplayer variation of a popular world domination board game. Designed for the casual gamer, playing Conquer Club is not a time consuming process. You can take your turn in 5 minutes with your morning cup of coffee or in between classes. A game typically lasts several days, but hardcore risk takers can play multiple games at once and stay up all night strategizing their next move.

Conquer Club is a free online game loosely based upon the classic Risk board game. Conquer Club is not associated or affiliated with the Risk game, but its game play is very similar. Choose from over 250 different beautiful and distinctive maps to compete against fellow gamers for World Domination!

Even though GetPaid! is a site featuring apps and web sites that pay you money for participating, Conquer Club does NOT pay out money to its winners.  It is simply a fun place to waste some time and enjoy some competitive gaming. Try it out for yourself if you enjoy strategy gaming!

Currency Tracking

WGWheresGeorge? is a web site where you can log and track the paper currency that you spend in your daily activities. One strict site rule is that the bills must be naturally circulated and entered by other users independently. You can’t mail the bill to your cousin in another time zone just to get a long distance hit. Registered users track their milestone hits to cover all 50 states or in all the counties of a single state, or even international hits! There is great community interaction in the forums. “Georging” is an addictive study in currency circulation!

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