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Paid Podcasts and Potatoes (Part Two)

So if you read Part One of Paid Podcasts and Potatoes, you will get the background information on a few ways to earn money simply by walking.  It takes a small, but regular daily time commitment to consistently hit the required walking goals of the apps featured in Part One.  Unless I am walking with someone else and have conversation to keep me occupied, I generally like to pop in some earbuds and listen to podcasts to pass the time while I walk if I am going for more than just 500 steps.  I have several favorite podcasts to listen to and occasionally come across interesting new ones to try out.

I had been using a paid app with a lot of bells and whistles to organize, download, and listen to my favorite podcasts while I walked.  The money I earned walking more than paid for the cost to download that podcast app, and I was very pleased with it in general, but I recently came across a new app called Podcoin, and that all changed!

(The thrust of this post will focus on podcasts. If you're not into podcasts, but you instead prefer audiobooks, see this icon at the bottom of this post for an alternative option to earn money by listening to audiobooks.)

Free Money from Podcoin App!

Podcoin is a simplistic podcast search engine and player. It has no (or very few) bells and whistles. It even seems a bit clunky at times - probably because I was used to my prior app that had almost as many app settings as my iPhone itself!  You could get lost in the jungle of app tweaks and preferences.  Podcoin on the other hand is very straight forward and simple. You can search and find just about any podcast out there and subscribe to it right within Podcoin.  You can download individual podcast episodes to your device or you can stream them directly from your subscription on Podcoin. As I said - it is very simple and bare-bones.

I would even go so far as to say that Podcoin's simplicity is probably the second best thing going for it. Of course, being featured in this blog, you can probably guess that the best thing about Podcoin is that it pays you money to listen to podcasts! You get a certain number of points for every ten minutes of any podcast that you listen to. You aren't limited to a short list of selected podcasts that some advertiser is forcing upon you. Whatever podcast was your favorite before, it can now earn you money for listening through Podcoin! (The only exception is that you don't earn points for listening to the same episode more than once, so if you save a favorite and repeat it a second time, you aren't going to add to your point total).

The specific number of active listening points credited to you will vary depending on how much you listen.  Initially you will earn 1 point for every ten minutes that you listen.  The app tracks your points in 0.1 increments, so you can still get half of a point for that short five minute newscast you listen to.  But if you use the app daily and sustain a streak of three or more days of listening, you can double that rate to 2 points for every ten minutes and see your points increase twice as fast. And if you use any of the links from this post to sign up for Podcoin, (or type in "Janicm3i" as your referral source code) you can get a 150 point bonus added right away to your account!

After you accumulate enough points, Podcoin has several lesser reward options once you hit 1,200 to 4,000 points, including gift cards from Amazon or Target and Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts. The value of these cards range from $2-$10; or you can donate to several charities.  There are also some longer term reward options available if you want to save up your points - which you can see for yourself when you download the app.

You can read more detail about how the Podcoin app works and what their objective and long term goals are for the app here at their FAQ page.

If you are already walking daily to earn money (and if you're not, why not?? - go back and re-read Part One), you have the perfect opportunity to listen to Podcoin daily as well and maintain a higher Podcoin earning streak by listening every day while you walk.  It is the perfect pairing!

Free Money from Readercoin App!If you prefer stories or books to podcasts, you can listen to select audiobooks using a sister app to Podcoin called ReadercoinReadercoin is from the same app developer as Podcoin and if you sign up with one, you are able to use the same login and password to join the other and link the two apps together to share combined listening points. Maybe one day you feel like listening to podcasts, but another day you want to listen to a classic story or read a history book. Download Readercoin and you can still maintain your listening streak and earn points toward the same rewards outlined above. All of your spoken word audio listening needs are covered with Podcoin and Readercoin.

You can read more about the mission of Readercoin here.

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