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If you were directed to this site from a search engine or a QR code looking for ways to make money using your smartphone – YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!!! But you should note that this is just one of many pages brought to you by Get Paid! — all designed to assist you in maximizing your earnings using legitimate online methods. Feel free to browse the smartphone apps detailed below, but also look above to the full site menu for links to our other pages, including Paid to Click sites, Survey sites, and Other Offers. Click the Home tab for a more general overview of all that the Get Paid! site offers. There is much more to Get Paid! than just the smartphone apps, so don’t miss out on the rest!

Loosely categorized and listed below are a number of smartphone apps I’ve come to use to make a few extra dollars.  Whether I am out and about running family errands, away from the laptop computer, or relaxing at home watching the game on TV, my smartphone is always available to add more change to my pocket.

All of the apps listed below are available for the iPhone.  Many have an Android counterpart (or plans to release one soon), but this may not be true for all of the apps.  Some of the apps pay in cash (usually as a deposit into PayPal or some other electronic payment processor), others pay with gift cards to popular merchants (including

Every year Apple comes out with a new version of its iPhone and there are countless devices out there that run on the Android os. Rather than worry about how much your next new smartphone is going to cost, think about how much money that new smartphone can EARN for you and practically pay for itself!  From 2012 through 2014 my iPhone 5 paid for itself multiple times over just by using the apps below!  In late 2014, I upgraded to a new iPhone 6, also using just my earnings obtained from these apps!

I have received payment from most of these apps (a few I am still working toward my first payment).  You can see proof of those payments here. Some apps have stopped paying out or have been abandoned.  I’ve tried to move all of those to the App Graveyard so that they don’t clog up this ever-expanding page. Many of those apps were fantastic earning opportunities, so it didn’t seem right to just delete them away from GetPaid! If you are looking for an old favorite and cannot find it here, make a quick visit to the App Graveyard and pay your respects.

Like the PTC sites, the trick here is to COME BACK EVERY SINGLE DAY and spend a few minutes with each app to earn maximum rewards.  The earnings don’t happen overnight, but they definitely add up over time when you stick with it!

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I use all of the apps below on an iPhone 8 running iOS 11.2.1.  Some may not work on Android or older versions of iOS.  I have indicated which apps are available on Android and other systems TO MY KNOWLEDGE.  I may have missed that in some of the app descriptions so do not rely solely on the brief summaries below if you don’t see your phone os listed. Follow the app link just to make sure.  If the app isn’t available on your platform, send a request to the app’s support email to see if they have any plans to release a version for your phone!



Gasoline Discounts using the Fuel Rewards App!

Fuel Rewards is a program where you can earn discounts on fuel fill ups from participating Shell gas stations. For a limited time only, sign up using this link and earn a 25 cent per gallon discount! This offer is set to expire in early June of 2016, so act fast!

You also have the opportunity to earn additional discounts by shopping at some popular restaurants and stores.  Link up a credit or debit card or your store loyalty cards to your Fuel Rewards account and get more gasoline discounts!

The Fuel Rewards links on this page do not lead directly to smartphone app downloads, but instead to the Fuel Rewards sign up web site.  Once signed in, you can find the app in the App Store or Google Play.  I just found Fuel Rewards in April of 2016 and have saved over $34.00 so far in fuel discounts using the app.

Upside is another fuel savings app; however, it is currently only available in the Metro Washington D.C. area (including Maryland and Virginia). As their coverage expands, that will be reported here. But if you don’t live or work in the above areas, you may still want to check it out for yourself! There is always a chance that they have expanded into your area and that information just hasn’t been updated yet on this site.  Say you don’t live within Upside‘s coverage area, but might potentially visit during a family vacation… Saving on fuel is always a bonus when dealing with all of the other travel costs! There is no downside to Upside!

Download the Upside app (available for both Android and iPhone devices) and earn up to 50¢ off a gallon of fuel.  Gas stations use the Upside app to compete for your business by offering you better gas deals than you’ll see anywhere else, including on the gas station signs. Use the app to get the best gas deals around. You can also earn credit at certain gas stations by scanning your receipts from additional convenience store purchases.  You can accumulate those receipt earnings to cash out later with PayPal or by a paper check in the mail.

Use the referral code 96MS4 to start right off with a 20¢/gallon cash back opportunity!   I downloaded Upside in 2017 and live outside of their current service area, so I have not yet earned any fuel discounts or bonus credits using the app.

Check-ins & Scanning

Free Money from Shopkick App! Shopkick and CheckPoints allow you to check in at local retailers and earn money by scanning barcodes of select products.  As the points accumulate, you can exchange them for a wide variety of store gift cards.  If you have young children, you can turn a shopping trip into a scavenger hunt game.  My eight year old loves to go shopping with me and often asks if we have any scans to do when we frequent certain stores.  We often swap back and forth between the CheckPoints and Shopkick apps while browsing the aisles at our local Target, Walmart, and Kroger.

Free Money from Checkpoints App!For some quick bonus points, input the code “luke35” after downloading CheckPoints. I’ve earned over $680.00 using CheckPoints and over $591.00 using Shopkick both since January of 2013! If you use my Shopkick link to sign up to Shopkick and earn your first in store points within seven days you will get an extra 250 point bonus (equivalent to $1.00)!  (If prompted for a Shopkick referral code, enter “GIFT600335“).

Just to make you aware, some of my earnings are the result of referring other users to CheckPoints and Shopkick, but you can do the same to increase your earnings as well! Shopkick has both iOS and Android apps.

Pics and Video

Free Money from Foap App!Foap is an app that gives photographers a place to upload their photos for sale. Maybe you’ve captured the perfect sunset or rainbow or maybe it is a great candid of a child or animal. Upload your photos to Foap and the just might be someone out there who would like to use it in a blog or article. If your photo fits their needs, you can get paid for their use!

I joined Foap in 2017 and uploaded several photos since then.  So far I haven’t received any bites, but I’ll keep trying!

Free Money from Stringr App!Stringr is an app similar to Foap that lets you upload video clips.  Sometimes they will post requests for video and will pay you if you are able to upload qualifying clips. Often times news media companies scour Stringr for short video clips relating to newsworthy events. Sometimes the app will post requests for short video clip coverage of certain events.

If you register on the web site or download the app be sure to enter referral code “VLZ87H” and you will receive an additional $10 credit on your first video sale in addition to the base fee that you already earn! If you do not put in a referral code, you will not be paid the extra $10 on your first successful video.

I first joined Stringr in 2017. I haven’t earned anything from them yet, but I had an opportunity shortly after I joined. A company was offering $95 for several construction in progress video clips of the new Steel Vengeance roller coaster at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Unfortunately for me, they were on a very tight deadline (4 hours) for the video footage and I was at my day job unable to get away. This can be a very lucrative app in the right place at the right time!

Games and Social Networking

QriketFree Money from Qriket App! is a fun roulette game that gives you “spins” for viewing ads in the app.  You can then spend your spins in a feature they call Qriket Live which generally happens on weekdays at noon, 2:00, 4:00 and 6:00 (all times in the US/Canadian Eastern time zone). For five spin credits, you can enter the game and predict the color that a giant spinning wheel will land upon – spin live on video within the app and on YouTube.  If you predict the correct color (a 50/50 shot), you move on to the next round with all the others who guessed right. If you lose, you earn a small bit of coin based on how many correct guesses you had before the wrong guess.  If you are the last remaining player, you win the jackpot which is usually set to $200.00.

You can also find Qriket spin codes printed on receipts at participating merchants, or by following the app creator on Twitter, Snapchat and the like (details are included in the app itself once you install it).

If you sign up with Qriket using any of the links in this description, you will get an extra 25 Qriket spins once you sign up! (I am not sure if this is a permanent change or just temporary, so if you sign up and do not get the extra spins, please let me know so that I can update this information).

Qriket is based in Canada; therefore, funds earned are paid in Canadian Dollars.  Upon request, PayPal will convert those to U.S. Dollars using current exchange rates. Since mid April of 2013, I’ve earned over $346.00 using Qriket (that is the current U.S. Dollar value).  Qriket is available for both iOS and Android formats.

Free Money from Blabber App!Blabber will pay you to send texts using their app! Download Blabber and connect to other friends using the app. Send text messages to other users in your connections list and get paid to do it!

You will need to make connections in order to use the app. Once you have set up your account, search for the username UGetPaid and ADD ME! I will confirm and will send out regular Blabber messages to you. Feel free to do the same as you earn your way toward cashing out.

I joined Blabber in September of 2017 and have earned over $20.00 so far over just a couple of weeks! Don’t forget to ADD UGetPaid when you start Blabbing and get a head start on getting Paid to Text! Blabber has both iOS and Android apps.

For more information and a more detailed explanation of how Blabber works, take a look at this earlier blog post from GetPaid!

PLEASE NOTE: In early 2018, Blabber released an update to the app. For many (maybe even all) Blabber users, this absolutely crippled the app – making it virtually useless! An email to tech support brought the response below.  Hopefully that update will be coming soon.  I will remove this note if/when the app is fully functional again.

Free Money from LuckyDay App!LuckyDay is an app with a few casino/lottery type of game options.  Play slots, scratch offs, black jack, and lotto daily with the LuckyDay app. It doesn’t cost a dime to play, you are simply limited by the number of chips you have available to you (with many options for earning free chips daily). Each day you will receive new free chips to play your favorite LuckyDay games. If you login every day, you will progressively earn more chips. Play the games to earn more chips which can be converted into cash! Sign up and use the bonus code “3s4tbi6” to get 5000 bonus chips instantly added to your account! (Click on the gear icon in the app and enter the code “3s4tbi6” in the text box).

I joined LuckyDay in July of 2015 and have added over $51.00 to my PayPal account since then!

Free Money from Lucktastic App!Lucktastic is a gaming app for iOS and Android phones that gives you daily scratch off tickets with various cash prize options.  Most of the scratch offs fail to deliver on the cash prizes, but you will earn a consolation prize of a predetermined number of tokens. Accumulate tokens over time to trade in for other prize options. Most of the scratch offs involve watching a short video advertisement, which is how the app is able to pay you prize money while still remaining free to play.

Some of the apps featured on this page provide referral benefits.  Lucktastic is one of those apps; however, each Lucktastic referral invitation link is unique and randomly generated – meant to be directed to one specific new user.  For that reason, I cannot include working Lucktastic referral links here on this page, but you can request an email or text referral link here.

So for full disclosure: You will NOT receive any bonus or incentive by requesting a Lucktastic referral link. I WILL receive a small amount of tokens if you use a Lucktastic referral link from me. You DO NOT NEED a referral link to start using the app and do not have to request and wait for a referral link if you choose not to.

To SKIP the referral link (no hard feelings, I promise!) and go right to the app, you can >>>CLICK HERE<<<  If you don’t mind waiting a bit to get a referral link to help me out, you can click any of the other Lucktastic links in this summary.

I started using Lucktastic in June of 2016.  I have earned over $51.00 using the app.

Free Money from Louder Rewards App!Louder Rewards rewards you for reading articles and viewing photos pertaining to your favorite professional sports teams (and clicking on in-app advertisements or downloading other apps to try out). Each professional sports team represented has its own individual app.

I downloaded the Louder Rewards app for my favorite NFL team in early October 2015 and have earned over $330.00 in Amazon gift cards since then. You may also choose to save up your credits in exchange for game jerseys, team jackets, and other sports memorabilia.  Visit Louder Rewards everyday and earn an extra 2500 bonus points daily by hitting the 5000 point mark.  At one point I was averaging a $5 Amazon gift card about every week!!!

Louder Rewards is available for both Android and iOS. The download links for each may default to the Seattle Seahawks version of the app, but it is easy enough to search for other team options. Earn rewards simply by keeping up on news of your favorite pro sports teams! What could be better?  In their words: “Don’t just say you’re a fan.  App like one!”

Free Money from Fish for Money App!Fish for Money is a fun deep sea fishing game where you drop a line with a hook and try to land the big fish.  The app is very straight forward and easy to play, but it has quite a few ad impressions as you rack up the fish.

The goal is to avoid the little fish and go after the big fish (with a few obstacles to avoid and equipment upgrades along the way). Once you reach 1,000,000 pounds of fish, you can trade that in for a $15 payout.

It takes a lot of patience to get there, but I have earned over $30.00 using Fish for Money since December of 2015 (although a good portion of that time I was inactive using the app). Depending on how much time you devote to the app, you could easily earn the $15 minimum in a few weeks to a few months. You will see a LOT of ads along the way – which is obviously how they are able to pay you the $15 because there is NO OTHER COST TO YOU in getting there.

Fish for Money is an app from a company called Apps that Pay (no affiliation with GetPaid! even though this is the same name at this particular page).  They have several other game apps which have different objectives, but follow the same pattern of making steady progress toward a payout goal while being exposed to hundreds of ads. Fish for Money is currently only available to iOS platform users.

Trivia Games

Download and join these trivia apps for regular chances to win cash by showing off your trivia knowledge! Although each app has individualized rules, they all work in similar fashion. Take part in live trivia game with thousands of other members. Answer every question correctly and win or share in the prize money for that particular game! The majority of these apps pay out through PayPal once you reach a minimum payout amount. (Swag IQ pays out in SB points which you can add to your total points accumulated on the Swagbucks site).

Click here for a more detailed explanation in the GetPaid! Blog describing how these apps work .

I started playing these trivia games in March of 2018. I haven’t won much yet, but I am hoping that will change as I learn more useless facts along the way! Sign up using the linked icons below (and enter the unique signup codes where listed below the app icons in red) to earn additional bonuses for use in each app!

Cash Show
Free Money from Cash Show App!
Swag IQFree Money from SwagIQ App!  

Trivia HQFree Money from TriviaHQ App!UGetPaid

Buzz Video/Beat the QFree Money from Buzz Video App!09922629 Hang TimeFree Money from Hangtime App!  JoyrideFree Money from Joyride App!
Halftime LiveFree Money from Halftime Live App!UGetPaid


Free Money from Perk App!Perk is a series of apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android that pay you to shop, search, browse, play trivia and other games, watch videos, and watch live TV.  Not all apps are available to all platforms.  Once you sign up, you can check to see which apps are available for your device. Although the apps are separate, your points accumulate across all the Perk apps and can be redeemed for gift cards.

When you join Perk, be sure to enter referral code“acede054” to claim a quick 50 Perk points!

I found the Perk series of apps in late September of 2014, but didn’t really begin using them with any frequency until August of 2015 because the apps were buried on a back page of my phone, so I often forgot to check in.  But then the Perk Pop Quiz app became particularly addicting for me!  Since August of 2015, I’ve earned over $5.00 using Perk.  They have a PayPal option, but you can get a much better value return on your Perk points by cashing in from hundreds of gift card options.

TIP: In addition to the apps, you can also earn Perk points by completing tasks, offers, and surveys on the Perk web site!

NEWS: It was announced on Monday, December 14, 2015 that Perk will be acquiring the Viggle app and that Viggle will continue to operate as usual, presumably still as an independent app of its own.

Viggle claims that it will soon begin offering the same redemption offers currently available on Perk. (Viggle has fallen WAY short recently in its limited choices and availability of redemption options).  It is still too soon to say whether this will bring Viggle back from the App Graveyard, or how this will affect members who have independent Viggle and Perk accounts.  More to come as developments are released…

Shopping and Restaurant Check-Ins, and Purchases

TIP: Sometimes the same product qualifies for earnings on two or more of the grocery saving apps below.  You might be able to get multiple discounts across multiple apps for the same purchase.  Be sure to keep a close eye out for those opportunities!

Free Money from Groceries with ibotta App!iBotta gives you rewards for purchasing grocery items and select restaurant purchases.  Simply select the items you are interested in, buy the item(s) in a qualifying store (there is a LONG list of participating stores), and take a photo and upload your store receipt showing your purchase.  Voila!  Your cash will be credited shortly to your account!  Recently branching out from just grocery purchases, iBotta has now added the ability to earn credit from some restaurants and home improvement store purchases.  I’ve earned (or saved depending on your perspective) over $335.00 since mid April 2013 buying groceries and household items using iBotta.  iBotta is available to both iOS and Android users. Download iBotta using the links here and get an extra $10 bonus to your account to get started!  (If prompted enter referral code “7edzaq” to get that $10 bonus.)

Free Money from Groceries with Checkout51 App!Checkout 51 is an app very similar to iBotta.  Buy specific grocery brands and get cash back after uploading your store receipt. I joined Checkout 51 in January of 2014 and have earned over $25.00.  This app requires a minimum of $20.00 before cashing out and only pays by check — no electronic options are available at the moment.  It is available for both iOS and Android.

For a “limited time” new users to Checkout 51 were eligible to get $5 after uploading their first receipt by using this Checkout 51 link. According to the terms as they were originally posted, this promotion may no longer be offered.  You can TRY it, but I cannot guarantee that the $5 will post to your account. This offer is limited to first time registered users and you must be in the United States to qualify — My apologies to anyone outside these parameters – I do not make the rules!

Free Money from Groceries with Berrycart App!BerryCart is an app in the same vein as the ones above, with one exception.  BerryCart focuses upon natural and organic food items.  As they state it in their own words: “you will NOT see products on BerryCart that have High Fructose Corn Syrup, Artificial Sweeteners, or chemicals that you can clean your floor with.”  I joined BerryCart in late July 2014.  I’ve earned over $14.00 so far “buying healthy”.

Free Money from Groceries with Savingstar App!SavingStar allows you to link up your shopper loyalty cards from dozens of grocery stores.  Approximately every week, electronic coupons are released by SavingStar which you have to activate.  Some have limited availability which may run out if you aren’t quick to select them.  You will pay full price for the items when you checkout, but provided you use you store loyalty card on checkout, you will receive cash credit in your SavingStar account within a few weeks after your shopping trip.  You can then request that money be deposited into your PayPal account once you’ve earned a $5.00 minimum, or you can request Amazon gift cards.  I’ve been paid over $144.00 from SavingStar since January of 2012.

SavingStar has both iOS and Android versions of the app.

ReceiptHogFree Money from Receipt Hog App! just asks you to photograph and upload your grocery store receipts for cash.  With each receipt submitted, you earn a few cents toward your payout.  You cannot scan gas station or restaurant receipts, but most grocery store, pharmacy, and supercenter store receipts are eligible for rewards.  (To avoid scheming the system, receipts dated more than seven days prior to submitting are rejected, and you may only submit receipts for items that you personally purchased).  Look for other ways within the ReceiptHog app to earn extra coins and reach your payout even faster!

I started submitting my receipts to ReceiptHog in mid April of 2013 and have earned over $390.00 so far! ReceiptHog is available to iOS and Android users.

ReceiptPalFree Money from ReceiptPal App! works on the same concept.  Photograph your store receipts and earn money. Submit four valid receipts and you will earn 100 points (roughly equivalent to 30 cents).  They do have restrictions on how many receipts you can submit each week to avoid users gaming the system.  You are paid in gift cards to Amazon or, or you may choose to donate your points to charity.

I joined ReceiptPal in January of 2014.  My store receipts have earned me over $247.00 in that time from ReceiptPal.  ReceiptPal will run on both iOS and Android phones.

FetchRewards Free Money from the FetchRewards App!is an app that works similar to the above receipt apps.  Snap a photo of your grocery, gas, restaurant, and other receipts and earn credit toward gift card redemptions.  Once you earn a minimum of $3, you can request a gift card from some popular merchants and restaurants. Watch for opportunities to earn bonus points through surveys or verification scans of the products appearing on your receipts!

Download the app and enter referral code F0JQX” (that’s a ZERO after the “F”) for a $1.50 bonus after you successfully scan your first receipt.  I joined FetchRewardsin July of 2017 and I have already earned over $30.00 using the app!

FetchRewards is available for both iOS and Android phones.

Free Money from the Find & Save App!Find & Save is an app that alerts you to sales and deals in your local area stores and often offers cash back if you spend over a certain threshold amount at a particular store before an expiration date.  If you allow the app access to your location, it will send notifications of nearby sales if you are in the vicinity of any stores in the Find & Save system.

I began using Find & Save in January of 2015 and have earned over $9.00 so far in free cash back completing in-app offers.

Free Money from the Dosh App!DOSH is a cash back app that finds you cash without the hassle. DOSH searches all available coupons, promo codes, and rebates and gives you cash back from thousands of restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and more. I signed up for DOSH in September of 2017. In November of 2017, I had to quickly find a hotel room for an unexpected out of state overnight trip and I remembered that the DOSH app would pay $25.00 back (one time only I believe) for booking a hotel room through their app.  I booked the room on a Tuesday afternoon for that evening and had the $25 funds in my DOSH account by Wednesday evening! I now have over $59.00 in DOSH earnings so far!  DOSH works for both iOS and Android devices.

Walmart Savings CatcherFree Money from Walmart App! (actually just a feature of the overall Walmart app) allows you to scan your Walmart receipts (it must be no more than 7 days old).  The app then checks circular ads from local retailers to find any advertised deals matching the items you purchased.  If they find a price cheaper than what you paid at Walmart they will pay you back the difference (on a Walmart e-gift card).

The Savings Catcher feature was added in August of 2014.  So far I have earned over $43.00 in credit.  I plan to accumulate additional credit as I continue scanning in my Walmart receipts using this app in the future.

ShopalongFree Money from Shopalong App! is another mobile community that pays you to complete tasks at the stores you visit.  They may ask you to log your grocery shopping trips or shopping for special occasions.  I first joined the app in February 2014 when Shopalong was looking for users to log their Valentine’s Day budget and shopping plans.  Once the assignment is completed, Shopalong sends the task price to your PayPal account.

Since I joined in February 2014, Shopalong has paid me $40.00.  In my experience there have been no long delays in payment, I received my payment instantly!  But there may be delays in between shopping assignments.  When a new assignment is available, you will receive an e-mail or in-app notification.  You must then apply for the job and you may or may not be accepted.

App Video Trailers and other Ad Watchings Apps

Free Money from App Trailers!You can get paid to watch videos and phone app demonstrations right from your phone! If you have an Android or iOS device (including an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) you can download App Trailers to your phone and start making cash immediately simply by watching short video demos of various apps available for your device.

You will earn 5 – 25 points per video (most are under 60 seconds long) and you can redeem points for gift cards from popular retailers or PayPal credit. iTunes and Amazon credits are also available. As for the exchange rate, 10 points = $0.01. You can redeem your points for PayPal funds at the low minimum cashout of $0.50!

You can watch the same trailers over and over again for additional points and you can try to increase your points by completing a daily “scratch off” ticket. In my first week, I earned a quick and easy $5.00.  In total, I’ve earned over $64.00 from App Trailers since October 2012.

ONE WORD OF CAUTION that I learned the hard way.  Apparently you CANNOT transfer your App Trailers credit from one device to another when you upgrade, so be sure to cash out before you get the latest iPhone — otherwise all of your unredeemed earnings will be lost forever.

Locate the Referral Code box from within the app and enter wearjamie4 to earn a small additional bonus!!!  You can download App Trailers for either iOS or Android platforms.

Free Money from the wynzyn App!wynzyn is an ad watching sweepstakes app.  Watch ads and take surveys and earn entries toward large cash prizes. I’m not usually a fan of sweepstakes apps, but this one doesn’t take a considerable amount of time or effort to earn credits, so you don’t feel like you are throwing away earnings.  Watch short ads and complete surveys on your phone to earn entries toward cash prizes, earn more than $50 in prizes and you can cash out.

I started using wynzyn in March of 2017, but haven’t been there long enough to win a sweepstakes drawing [yet].  A running list of winners (and current jackpots) can be found here.

Download wynzyn and enter the code “RXST” to start off with 5 free entries! It will work on both Android and Apple iPhones.

FeaturePointsFree Money from Feature Points App! is an app for iPhones and Android phones that pays you to watch video trailers for other apps.  Once you get the app, be sure to enter Referral Code 49GT6C to get an additional 50 point bonus!  You can supercharge your earnings by downloading and trying out some of the apps that you review.

Please note (VERY IMPORTANT) that FeaturePoints requires you to download at least one app every 60 days to keep your account and points active.  If you decide after trying it that the app isn’t for you, you can delete it from your phone.  But if you keep the app, you MUST do this a minimum of every other month to avoid losing your points.  Given the extra points you earn for downloading and trying an app, it really isn’t that much of a burden to satisfy this condition.  I’ve found a few apps I like using FeaturePoints, and some others that weren’t worth the space they took up, so I deleted them.  But I still got to keep the points they earned!

I started using FeaturePoints in late March of 2013.  I’ve earned over $306.00 since then.  FeaturePoints is on both iOS and Android platforms.

Free Money from App Joy and AppNana!AppJoy and AppNana work similar to AppTrailers and FeaturePoints, except there is some variation in other ways to earn points (or in this case to earn “Nanas”). This one takes a little bit of work to earn points, but once you make it to 15,000 nanas you can enter the code “t1795181” to add another 2500 points or nanas to your account.  (You cannot enter this referral code until you independently reach the 15,000 minimum on your own).  I made it to 15,000 about a month after downloading the app, but about three-quarters of that time, the app sat dormant on my phone as I forgot about it!

I’ve had AppJoy/AppNana since the end of December 2013 and have earned over $10.00 since then.

Secret Shopping/Crowd Sourcing

For Secret Shopping and Crowd Sourcing made easy check out Field Agent, Easy Shift, Gigwalk, Mobee, and Rewardable.  These iPhone apps regularly post secret shopping tasks for users to reserve and complete in a timely manner for a reasonable reimbursement.  Most involve taking photographs of products or displays in local stores.  These require stealth and discretion. While it is not illegal to do so, many stores have a policy against shoppers taking photographs in the store.

Free Money from Field Agent App!Field Agent has paid me over $1,041.00 since January 2013.  Field Agent is usually the quickest to pay you for your tasks.  When you see a task available on Field Agent, be sure to snatch it up quickly, but MAKE SURE that you are close enough and have no other pressing obligations because with RARE exception, you must complete any tasks reserved on Field Agent within TWO HOURS of the time you reserved it.  If you do not complete the task within that time window, you will lose the task and lose reputation points.  Also pay close attention to the instructions.  Field Agent has been known to reject an assignment if a required photograph is not taken “precisely” as requested — wrong angle, improper display, failure to include ENTIRE product section = all grounds for having a task rejected by Field Agent.  Field Agent is available for iOS and Android devices.

Free Money from Easy Shift App!Easy Shift has added over $1,501.00 to my pocket since January of 2013.  Like Field Agent, Easy Shift allows users to reserve shifts in advance of completing them, but they usually have a much longer window to complete.  On average you usually have about 23 hours to complete reserved shifts.  Some are longer and some are shorter.  The Easy Shift app also has a message board built right in where helpful users answer questions and discuss shift strategies. Although it is part of the Easy Shift app, the community also openly discusses many of the other apps listed on this page as well!  Easy Shift is available for iOS and Android devices.

Free Money from Gigwalk App!I’ve earned over $475.00 from Gigwalk since early 2013.  Like Field Agent and Easy Shift, Gigwalk assigns tasks to its members and pays a decent rate foe completion of Gigs.  Some Gigs allow an even longer reserve time to complete.  If a user fails to perform the Gig right on the first try (such as missing information or an incorrect photograph) Gigwalk will usually send a message and allow the user to correct the problem rather than rejecting it outright.  Gigwalk is available for iOS and Android devices.

MobeeFree Money from Mobee App! is another similar app, initially only offering jobs in a few major metropolitan areas, it has recently expanded to many other geographic areas.  A number of jobs have since occasionally cropped up in my general area.  I like to keep a close eye on Mobee when I am traveling because most of their jobs are relatively simple tasks and they give small bonuses when you complete a job in a new area over a certain number of miles from your prior jobs.

Perhaps Mobee has a few jobs in your neck of the woods?  You can download the app for iPhone or Android.  If you do get the app, please enter my referral code ‘DXQZ’ and you will get an extra 300 points — after completing your first Mobee mission! (Roughly equivalent to $3.00 depending upon which reward you aim for).  I joined Mobee in June of 2013.  So far I have earned over $234.00.  Mobee is available for iOS and Android devices.

Don’t forget to enter referral code ‘DXQZ’ for an additional 300 points once you download the app!

Free Money from Streetbees App!Streetbees also pays you to complete location based tasks. Unlike many of the other apps, Streetbees is available in over 85 countries world wide! I have not seen very many tasks available in my area, but I am always on the lookout!

Streetbees is available on both Android and iOS phones. They pay via PayPal and you DO NOT have to reach a minimum threshold to get paid.  While payment is not instantaneous, they do pay in full upon approval of each completed task individually. So your earnings aren’t kept hostage when you hit a dry spell and cannot find any tasks to complete!

I joined Streetbees in November of 2016 and have earned $5.00 since then. Download the app and be sure to enter referral code ‘4192RH‘ for a special bonus!

Free Money from iPoll App!iPoll is both an app AND a survey site and the earnings are combined between the two.  I’ve been doing iPoll surveys since 2010 and have had the app since 2012.  I now do the mobile surveys and tasks more often than the online surveys.

iPoll takes a bit longer to have your earnings approved and usually takes a month or more to receive you payment once you request it.  Much slower than most, but extremely reliable and a lot of great earning options!  I’ve earned over $1,116.00 in cash, gift cards, and merchandise using iPoll.  iPoll has both iOS and Android apps.

Other Tasks

Spare5Free Money from Spare5 App! is an app that presents short simple tasks for you to perform right on your phone.  So far, the tasks I have received involved tagging photos with keywords or judging a photos suitability for advertising a certain type of business.  Provide honest and thoughtful answers to a series of photos and get paid for a few minutes worth of effort.

Spare5 issues payments to your PayPal account every Friday — provided that you have earned more than $1.00 since the last payout.  If you haven’t reached the dollar threshold, your earnings will carry forward until you hit that mark.  I joined Spare5 in September of 2014 and have already made over $431.00 so far!!

Use this link to download Spare5 and get a $5 starting bonus applied to your account!

Mobile Surveys

Some survey panels are strictly web based and others are strictly smartphone app based (and some, like iPoll, Toluna, and MySurvey are both). This section is devoted to a few survey panels that are strictly mobile phone apps.  Each of these apps offer short opinion surveys, some also request on site reviews of local stores or businesses if the app detects you are in close proximity.

RewardableFree Money from Rewardable App! is an app that started out similar to the crowd sourcing/secret shopping apps above.  Initially I completed a number of jobs on Rewardable geared toward department stores asking me to document disorganized or empty clothing displays.  But over the past year or more, my experience with Rewardable has changed.  I no longer seem to get any in store site task offers, but instead, I complete a daily survey poll question.  The app offers a number of other survey options to earn “acorns” which are Rewardable’s form of currency. Rewardable has mutated into more of a survey app in that regard, so I have moved it away from the Secret Shopping category and over here to the Surveys category.

I joined Rewardable in late 2013, but have already received over $50.00. In my experience, completed tasks have been very promptly approved and payment to my PayPal account has been immediate on my request.  Enter referral code ‘TLUCAS3‘ when you download the app to get a bonus on your first job with Rewardable.

Rewardable is available for iOS and Android devices.

Free Money from Surveys on the Go App!Surveys on the Go: I joined in October of 2012 and have earned over $78.00 to date and it will run on both iOS and Android.

The surveys are generally fairly short and easy to complete. I sometimes get closed out or disqualified from their surveys, but for the most part Surveys on the Go has been pretty easy earnings.

Survey.comFree Money from App!: has paid me $17.00 since November 2012.  For quite some time I wasn’t getting any surveys from them, but that seems to be fixed now.

Similar to above, these surveys often take 10 minutes or less and pay consistently for the time that you put in. This isn’t as lucrative as many of the other apps on this page, but it adds a little bit more to the overall totals.

SurveyMiniFree Money from Survey Mini App!: member since September 2013 and earned over $151.00.  This panel is available to both iOS and Android users.  SurveyMini often asks you for brief site reviews for stores or restaurants that the apps thinks you have recently visited. Payouts for these reviews range from 100 to 750 points (10 to 75 cents) generally. Rewards are just randomly assigned and are not correlated to the length of your responses or review. Sometimes SurveyMini gives you the choice of three different reward options — points or mobile coupons from local stores and restaurants.

Free Money from the Corus App!Corus is another mobile survey app I recently discovered. It is new to me at the moment. The app asks very short and quick survey and opinion questions and awards small earnings for those mini surveys. The ones I have experienced have all taken less than 30 seconds and the awards have ranged from 2 to 15¢ each.  I joined Corus in October of 2017 and have earned over $10.00 since then.

Use the referral code “TOM4583” after you sign in to the app to earn a $1.00 starting bonus!  It is available to all iOS and Android phone users.

Free Money from Panelapp App!PanelApp asks you to complete surveys based on your current location in exchange for points. You can then redeem the points for sweepstakes entries or exchange them for gift cards or PayPal cash. I only joined PanelApp in May of 2015, so my earnings are not well established yet, but I will update as I progress to see if this is a worthwhile app to keep!  So far I have earned over $57.00 using PanelApp. PanelApp is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Free Money from VoxPopMe!

VoxPopMe is a video survey app where you can express your opinions by recording a short video (usually less than 60 seconds) using your smartphone camera. You get paid for sending video responses to various product brands asking for feedback on their products and services. They only accept a limited number of responses for each question, so you have to be quick!

I discovered VoxPopMe in December of 2015 and have earned over $250.00 so far. Join using the links on this page and you can earn an extra $1.00 upon completing your first video report! VoxPopMe is available for both Android and iOS and pays out via PayPal once you reach a minimum of $15.00 earned.

Other. . .

1QFree Money from 1Q! is not really a survey app, but it is similar.  While a survey presents a series of questions that build upon each other, 1Q pays you a set amount to answer single questions. The questions come at you at irregular intervals and you only have a limited window of time to answer a question once presented.  They pay you 25 to 50 cents per question and the pay goes IMMEDIATELY into your PayPal account with no minimum earning requirements to cash out.

I’ve answered several questions from 1Q so far.  But you have to act fast when they send you a new question notification! New questions only stay active for a matter of minutes before it becomes too late to offer your response.  I joined in March of 2015 and have earned over $66.00 so far.

Free Money from JobSpotter App!JobSpotter will pay you for photographs of “Help Wanted” ads. An app by the company Indeed, they use your submissions to assist other individuals looking for work – whether its a mom and pop corner store or a corporate chain with hundreds of other locations – just snap a photo of the help wanted sign and a second photo of the storefront/store name. Different submissions will garner you a different point level depending upon various criteria outlined in the app.

I started using JobSpotter in October 2017. I’ve earned $2.00 so far, which is currently payable in Amazon gift cards. JobSpotter works on both iOS and Android.

If you are also looking for work, you can visit and browse through the various JobSpotter submissions online.

Free Money at FusionCash!   Free Money from ClixSense! Free Money from Paid ViewPoint!

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(Earnings updated August 1, 2018)

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