Ten Second Trivia

For lack of a better collective name, several of what I’ve chosen to call Ten Second Trivia apps have popped up on the smartphone landscape relatively recently. Maybe you’ve seen or heard of them. Cash Show, Swag IQ, and Beat the Q are just a few.

These apps, and a few others featured here on GetPaid!, all follow the same general model; however, they each have their own individual quirks and features.  Rather than list each trivia app with individual rules, this post discusses the Ten Second Trivia apps in general. Not every rule below will apply equally to every app, but in general each of the Ten Second Trivia apps linked above will follow a pattern close to this description. As you download and use each app you will become familiar with the differences in style and maybe you’ll wind up with a favorite or two that you go to most often.

After you’ve signed up, there will be specific times during the day – often multiple times each day – when you can join thousands of other users in a real time race to answer several  trivia questions with the chance to win a share of the contest’s cash prize.  Be sure to enable push notifications for these Ten Second Trivia apps if you want to be notified of a new game before it starts. You cannot join once a game has already started.

After an initial countdown to get the game started, a video host will give a quick rundown for new users explaining how the game is played and laying out any individual app ground rules. The host will then usually start off with a relatively easy trivia question and give you three multiple choice answers – two wrong answers and one correct answer. You only have a few seconds (no more than ten) to pick the right answer – but most if not all of the apps start the clock countdown when the host BEGINS reading the question. So if you follow along with the question as the host reads it, you may find yourself scrambling to review the choices with enough time to carefully select the correct response.  (HERE’S A TIP: Mute your volume while the game is played and you can often read the question to yourself much faster that the host reads it aloud – giving you a few extra precious seconds to ponder the answer choices). Answer correctly and you move to the next round. Miss a question and you are out of the game.  But be careful! If your finger taps the wrong answer by mistake (it can happen if you are in a rush) or if you realize you’ve picked the wrong choice and the correct answer is mockingly staring you in the face, even if the clock has not yet run out, you are locked in with your first choice.  So be careful and precise!

As the game progresses, the questions tend to get a little bit harder and more obscure. Many times you may just have to take a complete guess with only a 33% chance of being right.

A few of the apps will give you small incremental winnings if you get past a certain round in the game, but your ultimate goal is to answer every question correctly and win or share in the game prize. You’ll need to successfully answer at least 8-12 rounds of questions depending on the app to win the pot. At least one or more of the Ten Second Trivia apps gives you the chance to spend back accumulated points to get back into the game if you’re eliminated for an incorrect guess. Some may also give you the opportunity to eliminate wrong answers before you choose.

Prizes will vary. Each game starts with a specific prize amount (which may increase as more users join that specific game). If only one person answers all the questions correctly he/she wins the entire pot.  If 100 people are smart (or lucky) enough to select all the correct answers, the prize pot is split 100 ways.  If nobody wins, the money is rolled over to the next scheduled game. Most of the apps will pay winnings via PayPal, although the Swag IQ app actually pays in SB points, which you are already familiar with if you’re a member of SwagBucks.

If you’re looking for a fast paced fun game to test your knowledge of useless trivia and possibly get paid as a result, these free Ten Second Trivia apps are definitely for you!  Why not give them a try?  Invite your friends to join as well and you may get a boost in your next game effort.

Click here for a more complete list of Ten Second Trivia apps to play. If you find this list useful, please enter the referral codes listed in red (if any) when registering with the apps. Good luck!

Which game is your favorite? Which host has the worst jokes? How much money have you won with the Ten Second Trivia apps? Let everyone else know in the comments!

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Bitcoin Blitz


Have you joined the Bitcoin craze yet? If you are looking to earn money online, investing in Bitcoin might be a golden opportunity! Maybe you’ve heard of Bitcoin in passing but you don’t really know what it is. If you belong to any of the online PTC sites, no doubt you’ve clicked on hundreds of splash page ads touting the online cryptocurrency.

Rather than bore you with the technical details (many of which are difficult to fully explain anyway), I’ve added a few links below to videos, podcasts, and articles which explain some of the finer points of what Bitcoins are and how they work.  But the extreme barebones explanation is that Bitcoin (often abbreviated as BTC) is a relatively recent digital currency and payment system that exists exclusively online. There is no actual currency for you to physically hand over to a store clerk or deposit into a coin slot, but the currency is real and it has actual value.  You can ‘buy’ Bitcoin through electronic transactions using other forms of currency, and you can convert Bitcoin into just about any of the hundreds of world currencies.  The Bitcoin exchange rates update on a regular basis.

No longer just for the super tech nerds, recent spikes in Bitcoin value and financial reports from leading news agencies have made more of the general public take notice. As more people hop onto the Bitcoin bandwagon, its price continues to soar higher and higher at tremendous rates.  Consider this.  If you had invested just $100 in Bitcoin in December of 2016 and did NOTHING with that investment for a year, on December 7, 2017 you could have had nearly $2,500!  Although there are no guarantees, many experts project that the value of Bitcoin will to continue to rise – making now a great time to get into the Bitcoin market.

What is Bitcoin and how does it work? The short 90 second video linked below provides a brief overview introduction to Bitcoin for those who have not had much exposure to the cryptocurrency concept. The video is not super technical, so even the average person without tremendous computer knowledge can understand the concept basics.

The above video briefly touches on Bitcoin mining, which is the process through which individual or collective computers process complex equations which validate and record recent Bitcoin transactions into a public ledger. This process provides security to the Bitcoin system and keeps everything running smoothly as Bitcoin transaction credits and debits are made across the globe by Bitcoin users. As a result of this validation process, those miners providing computing power receive small fractional amounts of new Bitcoin released into circulation.  Think of it in terms of a prospector uncovering a small gold nugget after working an area with his pickaxe!

For a more detailed mining explanation, yet still understandable to the average person, take a look at this article on How Bitcoin Mining Works.

The problem with mining Bitcoin is that it takes an incredible amount of computer processing power to complete the validation processes.  The typical desktop computer cannot provide enough processing power to complete enough of the mining computations to make it worthwhile.  Only machines with advanced hardware – beyond what you would typically buy at Best Buy for normal home use – can efficiently mine Bitcoin, which in turn require extreme amounts of electricity to crunch them out.  So it almost becomes cost prohibitive for the average person to engage in Bitcoin mining. You could end up spending more money on hardware and electricity costs than you ultimately recover in newly mined Bitcoin.

If you don’t have extra cash laying around to invest in Bitcoin or to buy the necessary computer hardware and pay for the electricity necessary to profitably mine Bitcoin, you may want to check out some online Bitcoin faucets instead.

A Bitcoin faucet is a web site that allows registered users to claim free Bitcoin fragments through regular visits to faucet sites.  They are very similar to some of the GPT sites you may already be familiar with (paid to click ads, completing online tasks or offers, clicking through slideshows, completing surveys) except that they pay out in Bitcoin rather than standard currency. Some faucets simply require that you check in at various time intervals to collect the accumulated Bitcoin fragments. Think of it as a leaky kitchen faucet that Drip… Drip… Drips water into a sink.  Over time the tiny drops of water collect into a large glass of water sufficient to drink – or into a large pot of water to boil pasta on the stove. Theoretically, that small faucet could eventually even fill up a swimming pool!

To claim those small Bitcoin drips, called Satoshi (one Satoshi = 0.00000001 Bitcoin) most faucets simply require that you first register on the site and periodically login to complete a short captcha test to prove that you are human and not a bot.  Some faucets allow you to submit a claim every five minutes, some set a 15 minute interval, and others make you wait an hour or more.  Because the value/price of Bitcoin has recently been on the rise, the number of Satoshi most faucets will dispense will vary over time but will remain roughly proportionate to the same equivalent dollar value.

I invite you to check back often and login to the newly created Bitcoin Faucet page on GetPaid! as I will periodically add new faucet opportunities that I have tested and approved.  (For the time being, I have not yet delved into the other competing cryptocurrencies, but that may also change).  In the meanwhile, here are a few faucets to start you off.  In just over a week, I’ve already earned several dollars from these sources.

Bonus Bitcoin *
Moon Bitcoin *
Bit Fun *
SwingBTC                     << link removed on December 22, 2017 – see comment below.

*These three faucets automatically pool their earnings together into a microwallet called CoinPot. If you regularly drain these three faucets each day throughout the day, you can earn special bonuses and rapidly increase your holdings.

Most faucets, like many standard PTC or other online earning systems, require you to reach a minimum balance before you can cash out your Bitcoin or Satoshi.  Some will also charge you fees to transfer your earnings (although the fees might be reduced or waived if you reach a higher amount before cashing out) so be sure to read any site terms carefully before joining any faucets or using any Bitcoin wallets.

So you may ask: What are Bitcoin wallets? They are quite literally, a wallet where you store the Bitcoin that you’ve accumulated. Some are web based, some are secure external USB drives, some are paper certificates – but they all serve the same purpose – to keep your Bitcoin secure and safe.

Coinbase is a popular online wallet that I currently use.  Coinbase is not only a wallet, but also an exchange where you can buy and sell Bitcoin directly.  Coinbase also has a corresponding smartphone app.  Both the app and the web page include a real time currency exchange rate and conversion which gives you an up to the minute dollar value of the Bitcoin stored in your Coinbase wallet. If you sign up to use the Coinbase wallet using the links contained in this post, you will receive the equivalent of $10 in Bitcoin deposited into your Coinbase wallet after purchasing or selling $100 worth of currency through Coinbase.

A Bitcoin wallet has a long randomly generated wallet address – a string of 26-35 characters which acts similar to a bank account number. A “public” wallet address is exclusively for receiving Bitcoin — one that you can freely give to other people or to the Bitcoin faucets you join. This enables them to deposit earned Bitcoin into your wallet.  This public address cannot be ‘stolen’ or used to make unauthorized withdrawals from your wallet – it can only be used to make deposits, making it safe to circulate in public.  So for instance, let’s say that you really enjoy GetPaid! and get a lot of useful information from the site. You enjoy it so much that you decide you want to show some appreciation by making a small Bitcoin donation.  You can do that by sending some fraction of Bitcoin to the public Bitcoin address: 1GaRnnfYLWnn63drni2rgHrhvUeb5RTPpq.

A “private” wallet address is used for sending Bitcoin from your wallet. A private address should remain private and treated with the utmost security. Never share your private wallet address with anyone – unless you want that person to have full access to your Bitcoin wallet and the ability to wipe it clean! You can read more about Bitcoin wallet addresses (also sometimes called “keys”) here. Another good article about Bitcoin wallet security is linked here and is definitely worth a read.

There are other offline wallet options: Ledger Nano S, Trezor, Digital Bitbox, and Keep Key just to name a few hardware options. These USB devices allow you to store your Bitcoin and other digital currency offline adding an additional layer of security.  Paper wallets are also an option – where your Bitcoin wallet address is stored on paper certificates which can remain offline and stored in a secure location such as a locked safe or a bank safe deposit box, although they have security issues of their own which you should consider before putting all of your Bitcoin eggs into one basket. Read more about paper wallets here.

So that’s it in a nutshell. Far from a comprehensive review of everything there is to know about Bitcoin, but enough to get you started on this money making opportunity. Some other useful resources on Bitcoin are linked below – a few other worthwhile articles and a couple of podcasts if you have the time to listen.

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Pop-Under Ads

Free Money at MingleCash!

EDIT: As of December, 2017, MingleCash is NO LONGER ENDORSED BY GetPaid! The description outlined below is no longer an accurate assessment of the site and its earning capability.


I was recently introduced to a new site called MingleCash. MingleCash is actually a web browser extension which generates ads where the recipient shares in the earned ad revenue. Everyone who surfs the web is familiar with pop-up ads and most of us get pretty annoyed with the intrusiveness of pop-ups. It seems like they’re always interfering with whatever tasks we try to accomplish while online.  Instead of using pop-ups, MingleCash generates far less intrusive “pop-under” ads. With MingleCash installed on your PC browser, you will receive a new pop-under ad every few minutes in which you are actively surfing the Internet. You may notice a screen flicker or slight visual hiccup when a new pop-under is generated, but you can simply continue right along where you are without losing your current view.  However, when you are finished with your browsing session – you will notice that there are several open browser windows underneath your active widow or tabs.  Simply close out those windows to end your session.

(Every once in a while, a small box may ‘pop-up’ just to make sure you are still actively browsing, but this is very unobtrusive and insignificant relative to the ‘real’ pop-under ads).

MingleCash also offers video earnings to users in the United States and Canada. Using the “Watch & Earn” tab at the MingleCash web site, you can open multiple video web pages (which you can leave running all day long) and accumulate even more earnings! These will require you to periodically check in, but are otherwise 100% passive income.

I have not experienced any obvious PC slowdown as a result of this browser extension and have not found any negative effects from using it.  As of the published date of this blog post, I am still relatively new to MingleCash, so if my experience above turns negative, I will remove the browser extension and report my findings on GetPaid!. But for now all I have seen and the other reviews I have read all appear to be safe and legitimate.

This is totally 100% passive income you can earn while you routinely surf!

So where’s the catch, you may ask? Usually, I would say that there is none, but there is a slight catch here.  I strive to be completely honest and 100% up front with all GetPaid! visitors so I feel obligated to tell you… the only catch with MingleCash is that you do not earn any credit from unless you have active referrals who have registered with MingleCash using your referral link.  Once you have a few referrals, your own MingleCash earnings are then based on the number of pop-under ads your referrals generate multiplied by a percentage based upon the number of pop-under ads that you personally generate.  So it is in your best interest to generate as many daily ads as possible and to get multiple referrals.

The other minor hitch is that MingleCash currently only works on Chrome and Firefox web browsers. It sounds like Android mobile phones will soon have a MingleCash add-on and there may be an iOS MingleCash option sometime in the future (that is not yet definite and may change).

The above details aside, MingleCash is probably the most passive money maker that I am involved in requiring very little effort once you are established! You don’t have to click on ads and wait out a predetermined number of seconds to get ad credit. You don’t have to keep an ad window active and lose time or credit if you surf away to another page. You don’t have to attempt survey after survey wasting time and effort only to be declined because you don’t fit their target demographic.  You simply have to surf the web or read the online news just like you would any other day in your normal routine!  You can browse through Facebook for a few hours each day if you want and generate income from that time spent online!

It’s super easy and you are throwing away money every time you surf the web without MingleCash! So what are you waiting for. Download MingleCash today!

A special offer for those who act quickly!!

For the first twelve (12) qualified users who sign up using the GetPaid! MingleCash referral links between now and December 31, 2017 and remain active MingleCash users, I will rotate your personal MingleCash referral link into the GetPaid! pages for an entire month of 2018!!! I cannot promise that you will get referrals, but I can promise that you will get exposure.  If you are interested in getting in on this special offer, you must (FIRST) sign up using the GetPaid! MingleCash referral links found throughout this post; (SECOND) fill out the referral link request form below once you have completed your registration and have a unique referral link of you own; and (THIRD) remain an active user of MingleCash from the time that you sign up through the designated month that your unique referral link is scheduled to be featured on GetPaid!  If you remove the MingleCash extension or your activity falls well below reasonable usage, you will forfeit your participation in this offer.

This offer is open only to those who are new MingleCash users and signed up through the GetPaid! links. In order to ensure proper verification and eligibility you must provide the same email address in the form below that you used to sign up for MingleCash. If you provide a different email address – I will be unable to verify that you were referred through GetPaid! and you will not be included in this special 2018 offer! Any existing MingleCash users not referred by GetPaid! are ineligible for this offer and unverified submissions will be ignored and rejected.

Remember that this promotion is only available to the first twelve (12) eligible submissions who sign up – so don’t delay!

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ReDesign of GetPaid!

GetPaid! is getting a new look! After several years as a rather dark and dreary place, GetPaid! has recently been redesigned with a brighter look and feel. All of the old content is still there, just with a little bit different layout and design. There have been a few hiccups in the process and you may run into a navigational dead end here or there over the next few days or weeks as I continue to tweak a few things.

If that happens, please first try reloading or refreshing the page (you just might be visiting while some of the page editing is actually taking place).  If that doesn’t work, please let me know the trouble you are having by sending a note on the GetPaid! feedback page; on Twitter @U_GetPaid; on the GetPaid! Facebook page; or on my newest favorite method of communicating: the Blabber app (@UGetPaid). (If you missed the recent Blabber blog post about this newest app to make money, check it out here!  I’ve earned over $4.00 in just over two weeks of using the app!) Even if you don’t find any GetPaid! site errors or problems, you can still reach me using any of the methods above just to say hello!

I am far from an expert when it comes to web design. That fact is likely evident when you encounter GetPaid! (whether for the very first time or the hundredth time).  I am definitely an amateur when it comes to putting a web site and blog together and GetPaid! is not my primary source of income. Some would argue that these admissions detract from the reputation of GetPaid! or that first-time visitors who encounter a web site which is not professionally designed will leave and not come back. Many of you have probably encountered the AdHitz popup glitch that has plagued the GetPaid! site recently. It turns out that it was a fairly easy fix once I had the time to really look into it. I hope that annoying popup is now gone for good :::knock on wood:::

My hope is you will see that the force behind GetPaid! is just an average guy. Someone you might identify with — like yourself, just another person trying to make a few extra dollars online.

I’ve received some criticisms of the site design — some constructive and some rather scathing. For example, I encountered a recent Blabber user accusing that GetPaid! was nothing but a scam and a phishing scheme where I was only trying to get her personal information and offer nothing in return. She was unwilling to listen to my explanation to the contrary and refused to look deeper into the site to see that it provides legitimate FREE content with no obligations.  (Her loss…)

But it was also the result of positive feedback and constructive criticism that brought about the recent page redesign.  I’ve had several people indicate that they really enjoyed the content on GetPaid!, but felt its layout was too dark. So I lightened things up just a bit. Hopefully a change for the good. I will continue to review options to improve and welcome any suggestions or requests (although not all will be implemented). And if you haven’t visited GetPaid! in a while, come back and take another look around.

As a final tip to any of my followers in Canada and the United States who have not seen it before, Fusion Cash is by far my recommendation for the best site to earn some extra cash. I previously blogged about Fusion Cash back in June of 2016 and that post still contains all good and current information.  (Apologies to those outside of the U.S. and Canada — where Fusion Cash is unavailable).

If you haven’t looked at Fusion Cash before, please do yourself a favor and take a look now. It may seem overwhelming at first, but don’t sign up and immediately give up!!! Drop me a line using the methods above and I will be happy to help you through some tips to maximize your earning there (or read the prior blog entry an In-Fusion of Cash!!!).  I spend maybe 15-30 minutes a day on average and earn anywhere from $25 – $50 a month consistently every single month!  Check it out! You won’t be sorry! See my earnings banner below!

Free Money at FusionCash!

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Blabber Mouth

There is a new smartphone app out there from Apps That Pay, LLC (an independent company not affiliated with GetPaid!) called Blabber.  It is a messaging app, similar to Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger, but it will pay you to send text messages to your contacts. You can download the app here, install it to your smartphone and create a unique username.

Once you are fully signed up, look for my username @UGetPaid and add me to your contacts list.  I may send you daily messages if you add me (that’s the way to actually get paid for using the app) and I will respond to text messages that you send to me, but I will not spam. In fact, the app has a built in safeguard to prevent spamming! The app will not allow you to send more than three consecutive texts to another user without a reply back to you from that user. This prevents users from spamming the system and racking up illegitimate points. Unless you reply back to a particular user, they are prohibited from sending any new Blabber messages to you.

Because of the three consecutive texts limit, many users like to simply send short burst texts in packets of three. Often times what is said in three texts normally could be very easily said in just one. But as you’ll see below, the objective is to send out as many texts as possible, within the conditions of the Blabber app payout terms.

Although there is a three consecutive text limit, the whole point is to have Blabber users interact with each other.  So if you find a willing chat partner, there is nothing to prevent you from carrying on a lengthy conversation with them over the course of an entire afternoon or evening.

If you already text your spouse or significant other regularly, switch over to Blabber and earn back some money from those conversations! The earning rate is a bit low and you sometimes have to watch an ad after sending a Blabber text before you can send another one (they have to pay for your earnings somehow), but what kind of coin are you presently earning using your regular texting program? Regardless of the Blabber pay rate, you’re still coming out ahead by using it as opposed to not!

The app basically pays you 1¢ for every ten texts that you send out. The app consumes the same amount of data as you would spend using any other standard messaging app. Standard data rates may apply, but as long as you are connected to a WiFi network, that should prevent you from using any of your mobile data using Blabber. (Tip: the ads will also take up a small amount of data, so keep that in mind before heavy usage outside of a WiFi connection).

So let’s do the math. You earn a dollar for every 1000 texts you send and you can request a cash out after $15.00.  15,000 texts sounds like quite a lot before you get paid, and it can be, but if you talk fifteen of your friends into using Blabber and send out twenty texts a day to each (look at your current texting usage and you will realize how simple it is reach those numbers) you can cash out in under two months!

Don’t have fifteen friends? No problem.  Make fifteen new friends already on Blabber – current users are always looking for new people willing to text because the more active contacts you know, the easier and faster it is to reach the cash out minimum.

As I mentioned above, the key to faster earning from Blabber is to expand your contact list. You can find other users looking to make new contacts here. Some Blabber users are looking to chat and have full friendly conversations. Some Blabber users are only interested in sending out as many three text bursts as they can and sometimes they may not even make any sense. You have to decide for yourself where you fall on the spectrum and proceed accordingly.

With Blabber, you can also make audio and video calls with your contacts. I have not yet tried this feature, so I am not sure of the a/v quality and I don’t believe you will earn anything from those calls.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already a professional Blabber, please FEEL FREE to add UGetPaid to your Blabber contacts and drop me a note — or three ;-).  I cannot promise it will always be engaging conversation or guarantee how quickly I may respond. But I will respond to any texts you send, giving you the opportunity to fire off at least three more messages my way and get that much closer to your 15,000 text goal.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Blabber today, add UGetPaid to your contacts and find a few other friends, and start your journey toward free cash doing something that you already do every single day more often than you even realize! What could be better?

Now Go Make Some Money!!!

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New Year’s Resolutions

If you are like me, you like to stay on top of your online earnings and keep a record of how each app, site, and survey panel is performing. Otherwise, how would you know which to focus on and which to retire?  Maybe you’ve never considered it before; maybe you document all of your earnings down to the penny; or maybe you fall somewhere in between.

There is no right or wrong way to track your earnings — all you need is a simple spreadsheet and an idea of how general or detailed you want your tracking to be.  If you’ve never kept track of you earnings before, but wish that you had and don’t know where to start — there’s no time like the present.  Start fresh on January 1, 2017!

My method is definitely not the most logical or artful, but it accomplishes what I need — a detailed summary of my earnings as close to the penny as practicable, but with a minimal margin of human error.  I have a master spreadsheet with an individual tab for each respective site/app/panel.  I access and edit this spreadsheet often as I accumulate points or dollars and cents from each source. I don’t necessarily keep every tab up to date daily, but I do what I can.  I have dozens of tabs in that workbook, each tab is color coded based upon whether it is a survey site, a PTC site, a smartphone app, or miscellaneous.  If a particular earning source is both an app and a survey site, I just pick whichever category it better fits in and color code it accordingly. The color coding makes it easier to find specific tabs as my number of tabs increases and requires some scrolling to get from one end of the workbook to the other.

I am not an Excel expert and much of my content and tracking formulas are revised through trial and error, but it ultimately tells me what I want to know. Many of the different tabs have the same or very similar layouts, but some others look quite different.  This is because some earning sources credit in points with a strange conversion to dollar earnings, while others are straight dollar and cents.  Some apps pay out only after you’ve reached a minimum threshold of earnings, while others pay out each time you complete a particular task so that you never have a “pending” balance.

I try to put all of the following information into each tab either in a static location or through running columns with Excel formulas to generate updated figures:

  • name of the app or panel
  • website (if applicable)
  • minimum payout amount
  • the date I first joined
  • total earned as of December 31st of each year (crucial to calculation of YTD earnings)
  • current points earned with an adjacent cell conversion to current dollar value earned *
  • amount remaining to be earned to reach the minimum payout
  • amount pending but not yet credited (if any)
  • total actually received through previous payouts
  • total earned year-to-date
  • global total (combining all the earning categories together from the beginning of time)*
  • cash out request dates + amount + received dates

*Once the rest of the sheet is properly tweaked, the current points earned cell is usually the only value which requires regular updating on a daily or weekly basis.

*This is where I pull my earnings figures reported on the GetPaid! site.

I also jot random notes to myself specific to each tab representing quirks of my calculation and conversion formulas or any special handling or requirements unique to each app/site/panel.

I then have separate overall category tabs (PTC, Surveys, Apps, Other, etc.) which gather up all of the key figures from each tab in that particular category.  So I can look to those sheets to know generally how much I am earning overall from surveys, or apps, or PTCs, etc. in total as opposed to each one individually.

Finally I have a TOTALS tab which summarizes all of the categories in a single location and gives me a global breakdown of all of my online/mobile earnings from everywhere – right to the bottom line of over $18,000 total earned since 2010 when I first started this run.

My explanation may sound complicated and it may be WAY more information or detail than you are interested in, so I’ve posted a few sample pages from my most recent earnings for a visual review: Sample Clixsense Tab | Sample FusionCash Tab | Sample mPOINTS Tab | Sample Total Tab These are just a few pages to give you a feel for how they look. (You may need to zoom in to read the actual detail).

At the end of each month. I save an archived copy of the master spreadsheet for historical tracking.  Then at the beginning of each year, I make the necessary adjustments to reflect a new year-to-date starting balance of ZERO for each tab. It really is beneficial to keep a running track of both the year-to-date earnings and the overall earnings across the years. But like I commented above, if you haven’t tracked your historical earning and want to start, January 1st is always a great time to begin!

I am neither an Excel expert nor an accountant. I know that my method can be greatly improved. It has undergone many revisions over the years and it now looks very little like it did when I first began tracking my earnings. I expect it to look still different in another few years after I’ve made more changes I’m sure.  If you have your own system for tracking earnings and want to share, please leave your remarks in the comments.

Now Go Make Some Money!!!

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Beware of the Scams – Sign Up Fees

Many people find GetPaid! through search engines looking for ways to earn money using their smartphones or by joining money making sites.  A few people have stumbled across the site by other means, but the vast majority of GetPaid! visitors are actively seeking out money making opportunities.

There are many great opportunities online to accomplish this goal. A quick read through the GetPaid! content pages will confirm this point.  But there are thousands of scammers out there, who have the same goal as you – to make easy money online. Unfortunately, their tactics involve taking money away from users like you and I with the false promise to pay that money and more back to us after we buy in to their programs.  These folks already know that we are actively looking for ways to earn money. This gives the scammers an edge — they already have a target victim predisposed to sign up to a new service (or a well disguised scam if it sounds legitimate enough) and they will do anything they can to “sell” their scams to us because it means another few dollars in their pockets. So while you are trying to earn some extra cash honestly and legitimately, the scammers are trying to wrestle that cash away from you through fraud and false promises.

I recently had a GetPaid! visitor (I’ll call her “Jean” but that was not her real name) contact me asking my opinion about a new site she had recently joined.  I am not going to disclose the particular site, but Jean asked GetPaid!: “I just have a question about this new company. I signed up but it’s not running yet. It will start Jan 10th. I was hoping you could see if this is worth my time. It just seems so easy to me.” Jean then provided me with a link to the site.

I took a look at it. The site had a very professional design and some excellent promotional videos showing how the site will work. There were a few grammatical errors on the site, which can be a yellow flag, but then again, there have been several times that I have found typos on GetPaid! in reviewing the pages for editing and updating.  Jean’s proposed site was basically a paid-to-download-and-review-mobile-apps site.  But upon further review, two things jumped out at me.  First, there was no explanation of the pay scale anywhere on the site — other than the ability to earn through an affiliate downline ten levels deep.  Second, there was no mention anywhere on the site (except on the page where you actually join the service) that the site required a $25 “affiliate enrollment fee” to complete your application process.

Without any indication of payout rates, there is no telling how long it would take Jean to earn back that $25 affiliate enrollment fee — if ever. My guess was it would be difficult for Jean to make that money back without signing up a certain number of affiliates underneath her — making it more of a pyramid or MLM scheme than a legitimate money maker in my opinion. (I got burned with an MLM about 15 years ago and lost all of my $300 start up fee when it went under. My $300 made plenty of other people rich, but I ended up empty handed with nothing to show for it. It was an expensive lesson, but not a mistake I’ve made twice.)

One of the cardinal rules in this business — with very few exceptions — is to never sign up with an online money making site if they ask for a fee up front before you’ve made a dime from their site. If you read closely enough, you will see this warning repeated on the GetPaid! site pages. There are several legitimate sites out there (Clixsense for example) which give the option to upgrade your membership for an annual fee. This is an optional upgrade; this is not a required fee before you even sign up; this is a fee which you can pay directly out of you earnings from Clixsense so that no money ever comes directly out of your pocket.  As a result, you can earn back that upgrade fee and much more in far less time than the year long upgrade. But when you start out $25 in the hole (or $300 like happened to me above), you have no guarantee that you will ever break even unless you convince enough people to fall for the same scheme.

Based on Jean’s email and the layout of the personalized landing page from her link, it was obvious that Jean had already signed up for this new site and was going to need to do some work to climb out of her $25 hole.  Lucky for her, it was only $25. I asked Jean to please get back in touch with me if it turned out I was wrong in my initial reaction, but I don’t believe I was. Even so, I wished her well.  It was not long after responding to Jean that I decided this would be a good topic to add to the blog.  It won’t be an overwhelming portion, but I intend to include additional scam warnings in future publications to the GetPaid! blog.

So let this be your warning. Think twice – or better yet – think three times before you pay any money making site a sign up fee (or whatever catchy phrase they use to characterize it) just for the opportunity for you to earn future money from them. Somebody is making money from these sites, but it is not going to be you!

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Shopkick Referral Offer – ACT FAST!

Many of the apps and web sites featured on GetPaid! offer referral bonuses. Usually these come as additional points added to your account which speed up the time it takes for you to cash out. Some of the bonuses are substantial, some of the bonuses are proverbial drops in the bucket.

I DO get a benefit from some of the apps and sites featured on GetPaid! if you decide to sign up using the links or referral codes displayed on GetPaid! I have been transparent about this from the very beginning and have made GetPaid! visitors aware of this. However, there are many apps and sites which do not offer any referral bonuses at all. This does not affect my decision to feature an app or site on GetPaid! and it does not affect my assessment of those featured apps or sites.

So there are some apps with bonuses and some without. Believe it or not, there is also a third category that one app neatly falls into. Shopkick is an app which offers a referral bonus, but only up to a certain number of referrals.  Once you hit that ceiling the Shopkick referral bonuses end – so I suppose you can say that it falls into BOTH categories.

If you haven’t read the explanation of Shopkick on the Apps that Pay page, this is a nifty app to take with you when you are shopping. You earn kicks (points) for visiting certain store chains.  Merely open up the app when you walk in at Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, and dozens of other popular merchants and you may be eligible for a predetermined number of kicks.  Most stores also award kicks just for scanning the barcode of certain featured products available in that store. You can also earn even more kicks when you purchase certain designated items — or in some stores earn a certain number of kicks for every dollar you spend there, regardless of the products you buy.  To get these kicks, you may have to link a credit or debit card to the app in advance – but if you are reluctant to link your card information you can still earn hundreds of kicks just by doing featured product scans.  My daughter likes to treat this like a scavenger hunt game when we go shopping!

I’ve earned several hundred dollars with Shopkick and I earned a considerable amount of points by linking my own Shopkick referral bonus on GetPaid!, but I actually hit my max a few years ago and I am no longer eligible to earn Shopkick referral bonuses. It seemed like a waste of good space to let the GetPaid! referral links for Shopkick go unused. So when my limit maxed out, I substituted a friend’s Shopkick link, and then down the road I swapped in another.

I have since decided to take a new approach. Starting in January of 2017, I am going to open this up to GetPaid! followers and start rotating the Shopkick referral link each month based on the link codes I get from this form. The first person who responds to this post with a valid Shopkick referral link will get the full month of January 2017 on GetPaid! The second responder will get February 2017, and so on…

Under the current terms as of the original date of this post, Shopkick is giving the equivalent of $2.00 for each new referral. I will give you a full month of exposure with hundreds (if not thousands) of chances to earn that $2.00 referral multiple times over.  I cannot guarantee any referrals, but I can guarantee the exposure of your referral link. There is potential for significant earning if you get lucky!

Obviously you need to already be a Shopkick user in order to have your own referral code in the first place, but other than that, there are a few conditions and some important disclaimers to this promotion:

First, you must be an existing subscriber to the GetPaid! blog (or you must sign up as a new subscriber). When submitting the request form, you will be required to verify the email address you used to subscribe to GetPaid! If you are not yet a subscriber, simply look for the “Subscribe to Blog via Email” link at the end of this post and enter your email address.

Second, you must continue as a subscriber and still be an active subscriber at the time that your link is posted to GetPaid! If you unsubscribe from GetPaid! between the time that you request this link promotion and the time that your link is scheduled to go live you will forfeit your spot in line.

Third, you must like GetPaid! on Facebook.

Fourth, at this time GetPaid! is running this promotion to post Shopkick referral links ONLY. Any other referral link submissions, multiple submission of the same Shopkick referral link, or any other spam will be discarded and denied. GetPaid! reserves the right to reject and deny any legitimate Shopkick referral links from a spamming email or IP address as well.

All legitimate submissions meeting the above criteria will be assigned a “designated month” for the referral link to be activated on GetPaid! When your designated month arrives, I will send you an email letting you know that your link is active on GetPaid! and I would encourage you to visit GetPaid! upon receipt of that email to verify the same. Remember to check your link carefully before submitting this form. Your potential referrals can only happen if you give me a valid and working Shopkick referral link. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for any typos or errors in your link that you supply.

As for the disclaimers, I make no promises that you will earn any Shopkick referrals during your designated month as I have no control over who does and does not sign up. My only promise is that you will get the same exposure as anyone else and will have an equal chance.

I make no promises on how soon after your submission your designated month will fall. This one is also out of my control and depends solely on how many people ahead of you respond. I will try to keep the information on the submission form updated so that you will have a general idea of how long that might be.

It’s that simple. Fill out this form to add your Shopkick referral link to GetPaid!

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Whose Fans are Louder?

Free Money from Louder Rewards App!

Louder Rewards is a fun way to earn rewards using your smartphone. Not really a single app, but a whole series of apps, Louder Rewards has an app available for every major North American professional sports team. Find your teams’ apps and sign in to start earning points redeemable for gift cards or for team themed clothing and merchandise (including game jerseys and autographed memorabilia).

Louder Rewards is not licensed by the individual sports teams or leagues, so it is unable to include actual team names or logos (both of which are trademarked or copyrighted) in the individual Louder Rewards app names and logos — but beyond that legally required omission, the news and information provided is current and complete for all teams.

Once you open the app, you are presented with a steady stream of news, photographs, articles and other team related media items.  Interspersed with these items are team specific trivia quizzes, notifications of other app users who have redeemed Louder Rewards points for prizes, and other sports related material. Tap on an interesting article headline and you may find a button with the opportunity to be awarded a random number of points for reading the full article.  Notifications of other app user redemptions might include a “high five” button you can tap to claim more points. Complete trivia challenges at “Rookie” “Veteran” or “Hall of Fame” difficulty levels to claim even more points.  All of those points add up toward redemption for great items and gift cards.

Louder Rewards also offers opportunities to generate larger point rewards when you download and use other sponsored apps advertised within the Louder Rewards.  This brings me to the driving force behind Louder Rewards (other than fan motivation mentality). Like many other money making apps out there, Louder Rewards relies upon advertising to generate the means to offer the great rewards that it does. So you may randomly encounter a few video ads in the app while tapping on article links before you are able to move on to the next point opportunity.  They are fairly quick and painless, especially when you consider the free money and credit you are earning in exchange.

As a new feature in one of the more recent updates to the Louder Rewards apps, you can now choose your favorite teams across multiple sports and have the multiple article feeds reach you all under one Louder Rewards app — no need to switch back and forth to get the latest news on all of your favorite teams.  You may still want to download multiple apps to get a larger variety of reward redemptions.  All Louder Rewards apps have the same Amazon, Walmart, etc. gift cards, but you can only get an Antonio Brown jersey through the “Pittsburgh” football version of the app and the signed Larry Bird basketball is only redeemable through the “Boston” basketball app. However, as long as you are logged in on each Louder Rewards app on your phone, your pool of points accumulates across them all!

The developers of the app are Seattle Seahawk fans, who are rumored to be the loudest fan crowd in the NFL.  When you first follow the Louder Rewards link, you may be prompted to download the Seattle football app.  But if you are looking for another football team, or another sport, don’t be discouraged! They are all there. Don’t miss this opportunity to show them whose fans are louder, and earn sweet rewards in the process!

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Love Some Ads

With the rise in popularity of DVRs and the mentality of instant gratification, TV commercials have taken a big hit.  I will admit that fast forwarding through TV ads has become typical of my own television watching.  But with the release of the AdLove app, that may all change!

Free Money from AdLove App!

AdLove uses your smartphone microphone to listen in to what you are watching on television (with your permission or course). When the show breaks for a commercial, AdLove will match up the ad to its database and ask you to rate the commercial on a scale of one to five stars. Rate an ad and get 75 points (or roughly 0.75 cents); occasionally you will get the chance to offer a bit more feedback for a higher reward.  It is a very simple and easy process and allows you to quickly earn money as you watch TV.

Earn 50,000 points and cash out a $5.00 reward! It may sound like a lot, but it really is simple and easy to accumulate points with minimal effort. In addition to rating TV ads, you can also watch bonus in app ads to accumulate additional points.

Now for a quick test of your own views toward instant gratification versus a delayed higher reward! AdLove will allow me to refer up to 15 new users to the app by email or text message. The first 15 followers who complete the form below, with a valid email address or text phone number, will each receive a unique invitation referral code to join AdLove.  If you use the referral code, you can get a head start with 4,000 points added to your AdLove account – but you may have to wait a few hours or longer before I see your request and get a referral code back out to you. Or you can go for the instant gratification and sign up to the app without a referral code, by using the links contained in this blog post. The choice is up to you.  Either way you choose to go, you cannot lose with AdLove!

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