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Ten Second Trivia

For lack of a better collective name, several of what I've chosen to call Ten Second Trivia apps have popped up on the smartphone landscape relatively recently. Maybe you've seen or heard of them. Cash Show, Swag IQ, and Beat the Q are just a few.

These apps, and a few others featured here on GetPaid!, all follow the same general model; however, they each have their own individual quirks and features.  Rather than list each trivia app with individual rules, this post discusses the Ten Second Trivia apps in general. Not every rule below will apply equally to every app, but in general each of the Ten Second Trivia apps linked above will follow a pattern close to this description. As you download and use each app you will become familiar with the differences in style and maybe you'll wind up with a favorite or two that you go to most often.

After you've signed up, there will be specific times during the day - often multiple times each day - when you can join thousands of other users in a real time race to answer several  trivia questions with the chance to win a share of the contest's cash prize.  Be sure to enable push notifications for these Ten Second Trivia apps if you want to be notified of a new game before it starts. You cannot join once a game has already started.

After an initial countdown to get the game started, a video host will give a quick rundown for new users explaining how the game is played and laying out any individual app ground rules. The host will then usually start off with a relatively easy trivia question and give you three multiple choice answers - two wrong answers and one correct answer. You only have a few seconds (no more than ten) to pick the right answer - but most if not all of the apps start the clock countdown when the host BEGINS reading the question. So if you follow along with the question as the host reads it, you may find yourself scrambling to review the choices with enough time to carefully select the correct response.  (HERE'S A TIP: Mute your volume while the game is played and you can often read the question to yourself much faster that the host reads it aloud - giving you a few extra precious seconds to ponder the answer choices). Answer correctly and you move to the next round. Miss a question and you are out of the game.  But be careful! If your finger taps the wrong answer by mistake (it can happen if you are in a rush) or if you realize you've picked the wrong choice and the correct answer is mockingly staring you in the face, even if the clock has not yet run out, you are locked in with your first choice.  So be careful and precise!

As the game progresses, the questions tend to get a little bit harder and more obscure. Many times you may just have to take a complete guess with only a 33% chance of being right.

A few of the apps will give you small incremental winnings if you get past a certain round in the game, but your ultimate goal is to answer every question correctly and win or share in the game prize. You'll need to successfully answer at least 8-12 rounds of questions depending on the app to win the pot. At least one or more of the Ten Second Trivia apps gives you the chance to spend back accumulated points to get back into the game if you're eliminated for an incorrect guess. Some may also give you the opportunity to eliminate wrong answers before you choose.

Prizes will vary. Each game starts with a specific prize amount (which may increase as more users join that specific game). If only one person answers all the questions correctly he/she wins the entire pot.  If 100 people are smart (or lucky) enough to select all the correct answers, the prize pot is split 100 ways.  If nobody wins, the money is rolled over to the next scheduled game. Most of the apps will pay winnings via PayPal, although the Swag IQ app actually pays in SB points, which you are already familiar with if you're a member of SwagBucks.

If you're looking for a fast paced fun game to test your knowledge of useless trivia and possibly get paid as a result, these free Ten Second Trivia apps are definitely for you!  Why not give them a try?  Invite your friends to join as well and you may get a boost in your next game effort.

Click here for a more complete list of Ten Second Trivia apps to play. If you find this list useful, please enter the referral codes listed in red (if any) when registering with the apps. Good luck!

Which game is your favorite? Which host has the worst jokes? How much money have you won with the Ten Second Trivia apps? Let everyone else know in the comments!

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