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Have you joined the Bitcoin craze yet? If you are looking to earn money online, investing in Bitcoin might be a golden opportunity! Maybe you’ve heard of Bitcoin in passing but you don’t really know what it is. If you belong to any of the online PTC sites, no doubt you’ve clicked on hundreds of splash page ads touting the online cryptocurrency.

Rather than bore you with the technical details (many of which are difficult to fully explain anyway), I’ve added a few links below to videos, podcasts, and articles which explain some of the finer points of what Bitcoins are and how they work.  But the extreme barebones explanation is that Bitcoin (often abbreviated as BTC) is a relatively recent digital currency and payment system that exists exclusively online. There is no actual currency for you to physically hand over to a store clerk or deposit into a coin slot, but the currency is real and it has actual value.  You can ‘buy’ Bitcoin through electronic transactions using other forms of currency, and you can convert Bitcoin into just about any of the hundreds of world currencies.  The Bitcoin exchange rates update on a regular basis.

No longer just for the super tech nerds, recent spikes in Bitcoin value and financial reports from leading news agencies have made more of the general public take notice. As more people hop onto the Bitcoin bandwagon, its price continues to soar higher and higher at tremendous rates.  Consider this.  If you had invested just $100 in Bitcoin in December of 2016 and did NOTHING with that investment for a year, on December 7, 2017 you could have had nearly $2,500!  Although there are no guarantees, many experts project that the value of Bitcoin will to continue to rise – making now a great time to get into the Bitcoin market.

What is Bitcoin and how does it work? The short 90 second video linked below provides a brief overview introduction to Bitcoin for those who have not had much exposure to the cryptocurrency concept. The video is not super technical, so even the average person without tremendous computer knowledge can understand the concept basics.

The above video briefly touches on Bitcoin mining, which is the process through which individual or collective computers process complex equations which validate and record recent Bitcoin transactions into a public ledger. This process provides security to the Bitcoin system and keeps everything running smoothly as Bitcoin transaction credits and debits are made across the globe by Bitcoin users. As a result of this validation process, those miners providing computing power receive small fractional amounts of new Bitcoin released into circulation.  Think of it in terms of a prospector uncovering a small gold nugget after working an area with his pickaxe!

For a more detailed mining explanation, yet still understandable to the average person, take a look at this article on How Bitcoin Mining Works.

The problem with mining Bitcoin is that it takes an incredible amount of computer processing power to complete the validation processes.  The typical desktop computer cannot provide enough processing power to complete enough of the mining computations to make it worthwhile.  Only machines with advanced hardware – beyond what you would typically buy at Best Buy for normal home use – can efficiently mine Bitcoin, which in turn require extreme amounts of electricity to crunch them out.  So it almost becomes cost prohibitive for the average person to engage in Bitcoin mining. You could end up spending more money on hardware and electricity costs than you ultimately recover in newly mined Bitcoin.

If you don’t have extra cash laying around to invest in Bitcoin or to buy the necessary computer hardware and pay for the electricity necessary to profitably mine Bitcoin, you may want to check out some online Bitcoin faucets instead.

A Bitcoin faucet is a web site that allows registered users to claim free Bitcoin fragments through regular visits to faucet sites.  They are very similar to some of the GPT sites you may already be familiar with (paid to click ads, completing online tasks or offers, clicking through slideshows, completing surveys) except that they pay out in Bitcoin rather than standard currency. Some faucets simply require that you check in at various time intervals to collect the accumulated Bitcoin fragments. Think of it as a leaky kitchen faucet that Drip… Drip… Drips water into a sink.  Over time the tiny drops of water collect into a large glass of water sufficient to drink – or into a large pot of water to boil pasta on the stove. Theoretically, that small faucet could eventually even fill up a swimming pool!

To claim those small Bitcoin drips, called Satoshi (one Satoshi = 0.00000001 Bitcoin) most faucets simply require that you first register on the site and periodically login to complete a short captcha test to prove that you are human and not a bot.  Some faucets allow you to submit a claim every five minutes, some set a 15 minute interval, and others make you wait an hour or more.  Because the value/price of Bitcoin has recently been on the rise, the number of Satoshi most faucets will dispense will vary over time but will remain roughly proportionate to the same equivalent dollar value.

I invite you to check back often and login to the newly created Bitcoin Faucet page on GetPaid! as I will periodically add new faucet opportunities that I have tested and approved.  (For the time being, I have not yet delved into the other competing cryptocurrencies, but that may also change).  In the meanwhile, here are a few faucets to start you off.  In just over a week, I’ve already earned several dollars from these sources.

Bonus Bitcoin *
Moon Bitcoin *
Bit Fun *
SwingBTC                     << link removed on December 22, 2017 – see comment below.

*These three faucets automatically pool their earnings together into a microwallet called CoinPot. If you regularly drain these three faucets each day throughout the day, you can earn special bonuses and rapidly increase your holdings.

Most faucets, like many standard PTC or other online earning systems, require you to reach a minimum balance before you can cash out your Bitcoin or Satoshi.  Some will also charge you fees to transfer your earnings (although the fees might be reduced or waived if you reach a higher amount before cashing out) so be sure to read any site terms carefully before joining any faucets or using any Bitcoin wallets.

So you may ask: What are Bitcoin wallets? They are quite literally, a wallet where you store the Bitcoin that you’ve accumulated. Some are web based, some are secure external USB drives, some are paper certificates – but they all serve the same purpose – to keep your Bitcoin secure and safe.

Coinbase is a popular online wallet that I currently use.  Coinbase is not only a wallet, but also an exchange where you can buy and sell Bitcoin directly.  Coinbase also has a corresponding smartphone app.  Both the app and the web page include a real time currency exchange rate and conversion which gives you an up to the minute dollar value of the Bitcoin stored in your Coinbase wallet. If you sign up to use the Coinbase wallet using the links contained in this post, you will receive the equivalent of $10 in Bitcoin deposited into your Coinbase wallet after purchasing or selling $100 worth of currency through Coinbase.

A Bitcoin wallet has a long randomly generated wallet address – a string of 26-35 characters which acts similar to a bank account number. A “public” wallet address is exclusively for receiving Bitcoin — one that you can freely give to other people or to the Bitcoin faucets you join. This enables them to deposit earned Bitcoin into your wallet.  This public address cannot be ‘stolen’ or used to make unauthorized withdrawals from your wallet – it can only be used to make deposits, making it safe to circulate in public.  So for instance, let’s say that you really enjoy GetPaid! and get a lot of useful information from the site. You enjoy it so much that you decide you want to show some appreciation by making a small Bitcoin donation.  You can do that by sending some fraction of Bitcoin to the public Bitcoin address: 1GaRnnfYLWnn63drni2rgHrhvUeb5RTPpq.

A “private” wallet address is used for sending Bitcoin from your wallet. A private address should remain private and treated with the utmost security. Never share your private wallet address with anyone – unless you want that person to have full access to your Bitcoin wallet and the ability to wipe it clean! You can read more about Bitcoin wallet addresses (also sometimes called “keys”) here. Another good article about Bitcoin wallet security is linked here and is definitely worth a read.

There are other offline wallet options: Ledger Nano S, Trezor, Digital Bitbox, and Keep Key just to name a few hardware options. These USB devices allow you to store your Bitcoin and other digital currency offline adding an additional layer of security.  Paper wallets are also an option – where your Bitcoin wallet address is stored on paper certificates which can remain offline and stored in a secure location such as a locked safe or a bank safe deposit box, although they have security issues of their own which you should consider before putting all of your Bitcoin eggs into one basket. Read more about paper wallets here.

So that’s it in a nutshell. Far from a comprehensive review of everything there is to know about Bitcoin, but enough to get you started on this money making opportunity. Some other useful resources on Bitcoin are linked below – a few other worthwhile articles and a couple of podcasts if you have the time to listen.

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New Year’s Resolutions

If you are like me, you like to stay on top of your online earnings and keep a record of how each app, site, and survey panel is performing. Otherwise, how would you know which to focus on and which to retire?  Maybe you’ve never considered it before; maybe you document all of your earnings down to the penny; or maybe you fall somewhere in between.

There is no right or wrong way to track your earnings — all you need is a simple spreadsheet and an idea of how general or detailed you want your tracking to be.  If you’ve never kept track of you earnings before, but wish that you had and don’t know where to start — there’s no time like the present.  Start fresh on January 1, 2017!

My method is definitely not the most logical or artful, but it accomplishes what I need — a detailed summary of my earnings as close to the penny as practicable, but with a minimal margin of human error.  I have a master spreadsheet with an individual tab for each respective site/app/panel.  I access and edit this spreadsheet often as I accumulate points or dollars and cents from each source. I don’t necessarily keep every tab up to date daily, but I do what I can.  I have dozens of tabs in that workbook, each tab is color coded based upon whether it is a survey site, a PTC site, a smartphone app, or miscellaneous.  If a particular earning source is both an app and a survey site, I just pick whichever category it better fits in and color code it accordingly. The color coding makes it easier to find specific tabs as my number of tabs increases and requires some scrolling to get from one end of the workbook to the other.

I am not an Excel expert and much of my content and tracking formulas are revised through trial and error, but it ultimately tells me what I want to know. Many of the different tabs have the same or very similar layouts, but some others look quite different.  This is because some earning sources credit in points with a strange conversion to dollar earnings, while others are straight dollar and cents.  Some apps pay out only after you’ve reached a minimum threshold of earnings, while others pay out each time you complete a particular task so that you never have a “pending” balance.

I try to put all of the following information into each tab either in a static location or through running columns with Excel formulas to generate updated figures:

  • name of the app or panel
  • website (if applicable)
  • minimum payout amount
  • the date I first joined
  • total earned as of December 31st of each year (crucial to calculation of YTD earnings)
  • current points earned with an adjacent cell conversion to current dollar value earned *
  • amount remaining to be earned to reach the minimum payout
  • amount pending but not yet credited (if any)
  • total actually received through previous payouts
  • total earned year-to-date
  • global total (combining all the earning categories together from the beginning of time)*
  • cash out request dates + amount + received dates

*Once the rest of the sheet is properly tweaked, the current points earned cell is usually the only value which requires regular updating on a daily or weekly basis.

*This is where I pull my earnings figures reported on the GetPaid! site.

I also jot random notes to myself specific to each tab representing quirks of my calculation and conversion formulas or any special handling or requirements unique to each app/site/panel.

I then have separate overall category tabs (PTC, Surveys, Apps, Other, etc.) which gather up all of the key figures from each tab in that particular category.  So I can look to those sheets to know generally how much I am earning overall from surveys, or apps, or PTCs, etc. in total as opposed to each one individually.

Finally I have a TOTALS tab which summarizes all of the categories in a single location and gives me a global breakdown of all of my online/mobile earnings from everywhere – right to the bottom line of over $18,000 total earned since 2010 when I first started this run.

My explanation may sound complicated and it may be WAY more information or detail than you are interested in, so I’ve posted a few sample pages from my most recent earnings for a visual review: Sample Clixsense Tab | Sample FusionCash Tab | Sample mPOINTS Tab | Sample Total Tab These are just a few pages to give you a feel for how they look. (You may need to zoom in to read the actual detail).

At the end of each month. I save an archived copy of the master spreadsheet for historical tracking.  Then at the beginning of each year, I make the necessary adjustments to reflect a new year-to-date starting balance of ZERO for each tab. It really is beneficial to keep a running track of both the year-to-date earnings and the overall earnings across the years. But like I commented above, if you haven’t tracked your historical earning and want to start, January 1st is always a great time to begin!

I am neither an Excel expert nor an accountant. I know that my method can be greatly improved. It has undergone many revisions over the years and it now looks very little like it did when I first began tracking my earnings. I expect it to look still different in another few years after I’ve made more changes I’m sure.  If you have your own system for tracking earnings and want to share, please leave your remarks in the comments.

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An In-fusion of cash!!!

It has been quite a while since I added new material to the blog.  This is primarily because the primary web pages already contain the bulk of the necessary detail and information for Get Paid! visitors to… well… Get Paid!

I may not return to any regularity in updating the blog portion of Get Paid!, but I will make an effort to showcase at least one app or site more often in the future.  Today I am going to turn to what has become my best and most profitable site over the past 12 months.

I’ve never claimed to be an expert on making money.  I use my fair share of sites and apps, but I am always learning and always keeping my eyes open for new opportunities. In July of 2015, I found Fusion Cash.  This is a web site which had been around for years, but I had only come across it on occasion and mistakenly believed it to be one of the scam or pie in the sky sites offering false promises.  Maybe I had seen it before and just never looked into it since there are so many bogus sites out there.  But when I saw a splash page offering a link to Fusion Cash on one out of the tens of thousands of PTC ads I clicked last year, I stopped and took notice.  It was being offered by the same person who referred me to Clixsense five years ago.  I didn’t know anything about him at that time, but I’ve since learned what an honest and highly respected member of the online earning community he was.  So when I saw his photo attached to the Fusion Cash link, that, more than anything else, jumped out at me!

Free Money from FusionCash!Free Money at FusionCash!

So I decided to take a closer look.  Boy do I wish I had done so five years before! The amount of money I could have made from this site over five years time is fantastic! I’m not talking about fantastic in terms of the inflated (and false) sales pitches you regularly see in excess of $10,000 a month. But fantastic relative to the legitimate sites out there. See the banner ad below for an approximate update of what I have made with Fusion Cash.  This banner periodically updates itself, so it will remain accurate and ongoing well beyond the date of this blog post.

Free Money at FusionCash!

Simply stated, Fusion Cash is an online community (and I use that term purposefully) with multiple income incentives.  It is VERY trustworthy and has a proven track record for regular payments to its users.

Like many other players in this area, in order to make Fusion Cash work for you, you must return daily and perform a minimum of actions — it will quite literally take all of ten minutes or less to do the bare minimum, but you can spend several hours on site if you like and reap even larger rewards.

A few areas of caution regarding Fusion Cash that you must know up front:

  • You MUST reach a minimum of $25 to cash out and you MUST cash out your account at least once every 180 days as any earnings in your bank older than 180 days (roughly six months) are forfeited.  DO NOT let that deter you!!! If you make the minimum daily effort, you will earn 22 cents a day ($6.60 a month), allowing you to cash out in 3½ months.  But you CAN EARN so much more than 22 cents a day if you spend just a tiny bit of effort on the site!
  • You CANNOT ACCESS Fusion Cash from a wireless network where another user connects to Fusion Cash.  This means no logging in to Fusion Cash from a public WiFi spot, or from the library, or from a friend or relative’s house (because you’ll want to get all of your friends and extended family to sign up using your referral code!) This is one of their fraud prevention measures to avoid people setting up fake referral or multiple accounts. It may seem like an unfair way to combat fraud (they will suspend your account if you violate this policy), but this is their rule plainly stated in the terms of use, so you have to follow it!  As long as you know this up front and observe this rule, you are golden!
  • Fusion Cash is only available to users from Canada and the United States. I know that the Internet exists beyond those two nations, but Fusion Cash does not.

Although it was a yellow flag for me, I looked beyond the 180 day expiration of non-cashed-out earnings and began using Fusion Cash in July of 2015.  As of the date of this blog post I have personally earned enough to cash out EVERY SINGLE MONTH (you can only cash out once a month) since July 2015.  Other than one cash out of $26.31, I have not had any month with less than $30.00 cashed out and in my first year of use I had five cash outs of more than $50.00!  So with just a little bit of effort, you should easily be able to cash out at least every other month.

I commented above that Fusion Cash is a community and here is what I mean by that: Fusion Cash has a very active forum/message board full of useful, interesting, and vibrant discussion. There are various general categories each with hundreds of posts.  Those general categories include a board to discuss Fusion Cash and its content; a board to ask support questions; a board to discuss payments received from Fusion Cash; a board to discuss specific offers found on the Fusion Cash site; a board to suggest new ideas for Fusion Cash; a board to take part in weekly contests and promotions (usually a trivia game or sports prediction) to earn more from Fusion Cash; and my personal favorite = a board to discuss just about any other off topic theme.

Now for the part that makes this so special!  If you regularly participate in the community forum, you will earn an additional $3 a month!  If you have at least 30 forum posts in one calendar month (they have to be posts of actual substance and not simply “Me too” or “I agree” or “+1”) you are eligible to get a $3.00 bonus credited to your account the following month. You have to actually request the bonus through a simple 20 second process and submission of an online form — you will not be credited with the bonus automatically (with thousands of users, Fusion Cash cannot spend the time seeking out all eligible posts, but they will check everyone who submits the request form).  Browse the forum and write a minimum of just one post a day and you will qualify for this bonus every month (except in February where you will have to double it up at least a few days).  There are so many interesting topics discussed back and forth here, I usually have 30 eligible posts by the 10th or 15th of the month!

If you calculate that into the minimum earnings discussed above, that extra and easy $3.00 will increase your minimum earnings up to $9.60 a month, allowing you to reach the minimum payout of $25 in under three months.  Again, this is just by completing the bare minimums!!!

These are just a few of the easy and interesting ways you can earn money on Fusion Cash. If you sign up and initially have trouble finding your way around, don’t sweat it — I was a little bit lost and confused at first also!  But the community forum is a WONDERFUL resource for assistance.  The very first thing you should read (after the Terms of Service, of course) is this helpful post in the community forum.

This really only touches the tip of the iceberg when it comes to earning easy money on Fusion Cash.  There is so much more available if you fully explore the site and pick the brains of the experts in the forum.  I am not an expert, but I try to be helpful when I can, so seek me out in the forum under user name UGetPaid.

Now Go Make Some Money!!!


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Clixsense is Cash-task-tic

Of all the PTC sites out there, none compare to Clixsense.  When I first joined Clixsense in 2010, it was pretty much just a penny click site with a great reputation, but took so long to ever earn enough money to cash out.

Over time, they added additional features to make it easier to earn more money faster.  I wrote about a few of those options on the PTC page.  But over the past year or so, Clixsense has evolved from a simple PTC site into much more.  If you haven’t signed up yet, you really are missing out.

One of the features that really sets Clixsense apart is its partnership with Crowdflower tasks.  Simply stated, you can exponentially increase your Clixsense earnings by performing simple web based tasks.  They are quite varied and some are easier to complete than others.  Most tasks involve conducting web searches and providing information about the search results.  Other involve analyzing tweets or forum posts and categorizing them in some fashion. Some pay only 1¢, but many pay much more than that.  Some tasks allow you to complete them multiple times, some you only have one shot at.

I began doing tasks through Clixsense on January 28, 2012.  In the one year since then, I have earned nearly $115.00 on tasks alone.


$114.26 – Clixsense Tasks – January 29, 2013

For every $50 I earn exclusively through completing tasks, an additional $5 bonus is credited to my account as FREE MONEY!

Some of the tasks can be time consuming and not all of the bugs are worked out.  While it is frustrating to spend time on a task only to be informed of an error and receive no credit, the quick and easy money tasks outweigh the occasional frustration.  Many of the tasks require close attention and thought, but as long as you read the instructions and read the actual task content pages closely, you’ll be earning cash in no time!


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