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Clixsense is Cash-task-tic

Of all the PTC sites out there, none compare to Clixsense.  When I first joined Clixsense in 2010, it was pretty much just a penny click site with a great reputation, but took so long to ever earn enough money to cash out.

Over time, they added additional features to make it easier to earn more money faster.  I wrote about a few of those options on the PTC page.  But over the past year or so, Clixsense has evolved from a simple PTC site into much more.  If you haven't signed up yet, you really are missing out.

One of the features that really sets Clixsense apart is its partnership with Crowdflower tasks.  Simply stated, you can exponentially increase your Clixsense earnings by performing simple web based tasks.  They are quite varied and some are easier to complete than others.  Most tasks involve conducting web searches and providing information about the search results.  Other involve analyzing tweets or forum posts and categorizing them in some fashion. Some pay only 1¢, but many pay much more than that.  Some tasks allow you to complete them multiple times, some you only have one shot at.

I began doing tasks through Clixsense on January 28, 2012.  In the one year since then, I have earned nearly $115.00 on tasks alone.


$114.26 - Clixsense Tasks - January 29, 2013

For every $50 I earn exclusively through completing tasks, an additional $5 bonus is credited to my account as FREE MONEY!

Some of the tasks can be time consuming and not all of the bugs are worked out.  While it is frustrating to spend time on a task only to be informed of an error and receive no credit, the quick and easy money tasks outweigh the occasional frustration.  Many of the tasks require close attention and thought, but as long as you read the instructions and read the actual task content pages closely, you'll be earning cash in no time!


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