New Year’s Resolutions

If you are like me, you like to stay on top of your online earnings and keep a record of how each app, site, and survey panel is performing. Otherwise, how would you know which to focus on and which to retire?  Maybe you’ve never considered it before; maybe you document all of your earnings down to the penny; or maybe you fall somewhere in between.

There is no right or wrong way to track your earnings — all you need is a simple spreadsheet and an idea of how general or detailed you want your tracking to be.  If you’ve never kept track of you earnings before, but wish that you had and don’t know where to start — there’s no time like the present.  Start fresh on January 1, 2017!

My method is definitely not the most logical or artful, but it accomplishes what I need — a detailed summary of my earnings as close to the penny as practicable, but with a minimal margin of human error.  I have a master spreadsheet with an individual tab for each respective site/app/panel.  I access and edit this spreadsheet often as I accumulate points or dollars and cents from each source. I don’t necessarily keep every tab up to date daily, but I do what I can.  I have dozens of tabs in that workbook, each tab is color coded based upon whether it is a survey site, a PTC site, a smartphone app, or miscellaneous.  If a particular earning source is both an app and a survey site, I just pick whichever category it better fits in and color code it accordingly. The color coding makes it easier to find specific tabs as my number of tabs increases and requires some scrolling to get from one end of the workbook to the other.

I am not an Excel expert and much of my content and tracking formulas are revised through trial and error, but it ultimately tells me what I want to know. Many of the different tabs have the same or very similar layouts, but some others look quite different.  This is because some earning sources credit in points with a strange conversion to dollar earnings, while others are straight dollar and cents.  Some apps pay out only after you’ve reached a minimum threshold of earnings, while others pay out each time you complete a particular task so that you never have a “pending” balance.

I try to put all of the following information into each tab either in a static location or through running columns with Excel formulas to generate updated figures:

  • name of the app or panel
  • website (if applicable)
  • minimum payout amount
  • the date I first joined
  • total earned as of December 31st of each year (crucial to calculation of YTD earnings)
  • current points earned with an adjacent cell conversion to current dollar value earned *
  • amount remaining to be earned to reach the minimum payout
  • amount pending but not yet credited (if any)
  • total actually received through previous payouts
  • total earned year-to-date
  • global total (combining all the earning categories together from the beginning of time)*
  • cash out request dates + amount + received dates

*Once the rest of the sheet is properly tweaked, the current points earned cell is usually the only value which requires regular updating on a daily or weekly basis.

*This is where I pull my earnings figures reported on the GetPaid! site.

I also jot random notes to myself specific to each tab representing quirks of my calculation and conversion formulas or any special handling or requirements unique to each app/site/panel.

I then have separate overall category tabs (PTC, Surveys, Apps, Other, etc.) which gather up all of the key figures from each tab in that particular category.  So I can look to those sheets to know generally how much I am earning overall from surveys, or apps, or PTCs, etc. in total as opposed to each one individually.

Finally I have a TOTALS tab which summarizes all of the categories in a single location and gives me a global breakdown of all of my online/mobile earnings from everywhere – right to the bottom line of over $18,000 total earned since 2010 when I first started this run.

My explanation may sound complicated and it may be WAY more information or detail than you are interested in, so I’ve posted a few sample pages from my most recent earnings for a visual review: Sample Clixsense Tab | Sample FusionCash Tab | Sample mPOINTS Tab | Sample Total Tab These are just a few pages to give you a feel for how they look. (You may need to zoom in to read the actual detail).

At the end of each month. I save an archived copy of the master spreadsheet for historical tracking.  Then at the beginning of each year, I make the necessary adjustments to reflect a new year-to-date starting balance of ZERO for each tab. It really is beneficial to keep a running track of both the year-to-date earnings and the overall earnings across the years. But like I commented above, if you haven’t tracked your historical earning and want to start, January 1st is always a great time to begin!

I am neither an Excel expert nor an accountant. I know that my method can be greatly improved. It has undergone many revisions over the years and it now looks very little like it did when I first began tracking my earnings. I expect it to look still different in another few years after I’ve made more changes I’m sure.  If you have your own system for tracking earnings and want to share, please leave your remarks in the comments.

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Whose Fans are Louder?

Free Money from Louder Rewards App!

Louder Rewards is a fun way to earn rewards using your smartphone. Not really a single app, but a whole series of apps, Louder Rewards has an app available for every major North American professional sports team. Find your teams’ apps and sign in to start earning points redeemable for gift cards or for team themed clothing and merchandise (including game jerseys and autographed memorabilia).

Louder Rewards is not licensed by the individual sports teams or leagues, so it is unable to include actual team names or logos (both of which are trademarked or copyrighted) in the individual Louder Rewards app names and logos — but beyond that legally required omission, the news and information provided is current and complete for all teams.

Once you open the app, you are presented with a steady stream of news, photographs, articles and other team related media items.  Interspersed with these items are team specific trivia quizzes, notifications of other app users who have redeemed Louder Rewards points for prizes, and other sports related material. Tap on an interesting article headline and you may find a button with the opportunity to be awarded a random number of points for reading the full article.  Notifications of other app user redemptions might include a “high five” button you can tap to claim more points. Complete trivia challenges at “Rookie” “Veteran” or “Hall of Fame” difficulty levels to claim even more points.  All of those points add up toward redemption for great items and gift cards.

Louder Rewards also offers opportunities to generate larger point rewards when you download and use other sponsored apps advertised within the Louder Rewards.  This brings me to the driving force behind Louder Rewards (other than fan motivation mentality). Like many other money making apps out there, Louder Rewards relies upon advertising to generate the means to offer the great rewards that it does. So you may randomly encounter a few video ads in the app while tapping on article links before you are able to move on to the next point opportunity.  They are fairly quick and painless, especially when you consider the free money and credit you are earning in exchange.

As a new feature in one of the more recent updates to the Louder Rewards apps, you can now choose your favorite teams across multiple sports and have the multiple article feeds reach you all under one Louder Rewards app — no need to switch back and forth to get the latest news on all of your favorite teams.  You may still want to download multiple apps to get a larger variety of reward redemptions.  All Louder Rewards apps have the same Amazon, Walmart, etc. gift cards, but you can only get an Antonio Brown jersey through the “Pittsburgh” football version of the app and the signed Larry Bird basketball is only redeemable through the “Boston” basketball app. However, as long as you are logged in on each Louder Rewards app on your phone, your pool of points accumulates across them all!

The developers of the app are Seattle Seahawk fans, who are rumored to be the loudest fan crowd in the NFL.  When you first follow the Louder Rewards link, you may be prompted to download the Seattle football app.  But if you are looking for another football team, or another sport, don’t be discouraged! They are all there. Don’t miss this opportunity to show them whose fans are louder, and earn sweet rewards in the process!

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Free Money from 1Q App!

1Q is one of the simplest money making apps out there.  Once installed on your phone, you will get periodic questions sent to you through the app.  Answer a single question, get 25¢. It REALLY IS that simple. Most questions give you a series of multiple choice answers to select from.  These aren’t trivia questions with right and wrong answers, they are more like micro-surveys where you are asked your opinion or which category you personally fall into on a particular topic.1Q = One Question.  That’s it!

You only have a limited time to submit your response (usually a matter of minutes) so make sure you set 1Q notifications to alert you when new questions come in.  Questions from 1Q come in with irregular frequency, so you really need to keep an eye out for them so that the do not expire, but there are fewer ways to make easier money than this.  If you saw a quarter laying on the sidewalk, you would pick it up, wouldn’t you? 1Q is no different!

There seriously in little more to it that this, so there is no need to write a lengthy blog entry about 1Q.  But you are definitely missing out if you don’t check it out.

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VoxPopMe – Video Opinions

Free Money from VoxPopMe App!

Voxpopme is an excellent app to make money using your smartphone, but you sometimes have to act fast!  This app allows you to record short 60 second bursts of video opinion on specific products or brands.  Sometimes they ask for your opinion on a particular new commercial advertisement; sometimes they ask for your feelings on a particular brand or service provider; sometimes they ask general open ended questions, like whether you would want to live in another country (where and why).  Some questions are called “JFF” or Just For Fun where no money is earned by your response, but most questions are worth 50¢ to $1.00 if you give an approved response.  As long as you stay on topic and demonstrate that you know something about the product, you are likely to have an approved response.  If you do not answer the question asked or demonstrate that you are completely unfamiliar with the topic, you are likely to have your video response rejected.

But you have to be quick and I HIGHLY recommend allowing Voxpopme to alert you with notifications whenever a new question is released.  They only select for payment a certain number of submission for each question asked (often not more than 100).  Once their quota is reached, you are out of luck on that question.  I have had several occasions where I am recording or uploading my response only to discover that they hit their quota in the process!  So if you do not have notifications turned on for Voxpopme, you are unlikely to catch an open paying question.

Occasionally Voxpopme will notify you of a new “survey” available on the app.  These are unpaid — usually just a single question or two, used to match you up with future paid video questions.

This is a great app to earn some spare change with a minimal time investment.  Highly recommended!

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An In-fusion of cash!!!

It has been quite a while since I added new material to the blog.  This is primarily because the primary web pages already contain the bulk of the necessary detail and information for Get Paid! visitors to… well… Get Paid!

I may not return to any regularity in updating the blog portion of Get Paid!, but I will make an effort to showcase at least one app or site more often in the future.  Today I am going to turn to what has become my best and most profitable site over the past 12 months.

I’ve never claimed to be an expert on making money.  I use my fair share of sites and apps, but I am always learning and always keeping my eyes open for new opportunities. In July of 2015, I found Fusion Cash.  This is a web site which had been around for years, but I had only come across it on occasion and mistakenly believed it to be one of the scam or pie in the sky sites offering false promises.  Maybe I had seen it before and just never looked into it since there are so many bogus sites out there.  But when I saw a splash page offering a link to Fusion Cash on one out of the tens of thousands of PTC ads I clicked last year, I stopped and took notice.  It was being offered by the same person who referred me to Clixsense five years ago.  I didn’t know anything about him at that time, but I’ve since learned what an honest and highly respected member of the online earning community he was.  So when I saw his photo attached to the Fusion Cash link, that, more than anything else, jumped out at me!

Free Money from FusionCash!Free Money at FusionCash!

So I decided to take a closer look.  Boy do I wish I had done so five years before! The amount of money I could have made from this site over five years time is fantastic! I’m not talking about fantastic in terms of the inflated (and false) sales pitches you regularly see in excess of $10,000 a month. But fantastic relative to the legitimate sites out there. See the banner ad below for an approximate update of what I have made with Fusion Cash.  This banner periodically updates itself, so it will remain accurate and ongoing well beyond the date of this blog post.

Free Money at FusionCash!

Simply stated, Fusion Cash is an online community (and I use that term purposefully) with multiple income incentives.  It is VERY trustworthy and has a proven track record for regular payments to its users.

Like many other players in this area, in order to make Fusion Cash work for you, you must return daily and perform a minimum of actions — it will quite literally take all of ten minutes or less to do the bare minimum, but you can spend several hours on site if you like and reap even larger rewards.

A few areas of caution regarding Fusion Cash that you must know up front:

  • You MUST reach a minimum of $25 to cash out and you MUST cash out your account at least once every 180 days as any earnings in your bank older than 180 days (roughly six months) are forfeited.  DO NOT let that deter you!!! If you make the minimum daily effort, you will earn 22 cents a day ($6.60 a month), allowing you to cash out in 3½ months.  But you CAN EARN so much more than 22 cents a day if you spend just a tiny bit of effort on the site!
  • You CANNOT ACCESS Fusion Cash from a wireless network where another user connects to Fusion Cash.  This means no logging in to Fusion Cash from a public WiFi spot, or from the library, or from a friend or relative’s house (because you’ll want to get all of your friends and extended family to sign up using your referral code!) This is one of their fraud prevention measures to avoid people setting up fake referral or multiple accounts. It may seem like an unfair way to combat fraud (they will suspend your account if you violate this policy), but this is their rule plainly stated in the terms of use, so you have to follow it!  As long as you know this up front and observe this rule, you are golden!
  • Fusion Cash is only available to users from Canada and the United States. I know that the Internet exists beyond those two nations, but Fusion Cash does not.

Although it was a yellow flag for me, I looked beyond the 180 day expiration of non-cashed-out earnings and began using Fusion Cash in July of 2015.  As of the date of this blog post I have personally earned enough to cash out EVERY SINGLE MONTH (you can only cash out once a month) since July 2015.  Other than one cash out of $26.31, I have not had any month with less than $30.00 cashed out and in my first year of use I had five cash outs of more than $50.00!  So with just a little bit of effort, you should easily be able to cash out at least every other month.

I commented above that Fusion Cash is a community and here is what I mean by that: Fusion Cash has a very active forum/message board full of useful, interesting, and vibrant discussion. There are various general categories each with hundreds of posts.  Those general categories include a board to discuss Fusion Cash and its content; a board to ask support questions; a board to discuss payments received from Fusion Cash; a board to discuss specific offers found on the Fusion Cash site; a board to suggest new ideas for Fusion Cash; a board to take part in weekly contests and promotions (usually a trivia game or sports prediction) to earn more from Fusion Cash; and my personal favorite = a board to discuss just about any other off topic theme.

Now for the part that makes this so special!  If you regularly participate in the community forum, you will earn an additional $3 a month!  If you have at least 30 forum posts in one calendar month (they have to be posts of actual substance and not simply “Me too” or “I agree” or “+1”) you are eligible to get a $3.00 bonus credited to your account the following month. You have to actually request the bonus through a simple 20 second process and submission of an online form — you will not be credited with the bonus automatically (with thousands of users, Fusion Cash cannot spend the time seeking out all eligible posts, but they will check everyone who submits the request form).  Browse the forum and write a minimum of just one post a day and you will qualify for this bonus every month (except in February where you will have to double it up at least a few days).  There are so many interesting topics discussed back and forth here, I usually have 30 eligible posts by the 10th or 15th of the month!

If you calculate that into the minimum earnings discussed above, that extra and easy $3.00 will increase your minimum earnings up to $9.60 a month, allowing you to reach the minimum payout of $25 in under three months.  Again, this is just by completing the bare minimums!!!

These are just a few of the easy and interesting ways you can earn money on Fusion Cash. If you sign up and initially have trouble finding your way around, don’t sweat it — I was a little bit lost and confused at first also!  But the community forum is a WONDERFUL resource for assistance.  The very first thing you should read (after the Terms of Service, of course) is this helpful post in the community forum.

This really only touches the tip of the iceberg when it comes to earning easy money on Fusion Cash.  There is so much more available if you fully explore the site and pick the brains of the experts in the forum.  I am not an expert, but I try to be helpful when I can, so seek me out in the forum under user name UGetPaid.

Now Go Make Some Money!!!


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Lights, Camera, Action!

Over the past few months, I’ve ventured into a few new (to me) online money making panels.  Last month, I gave a short Jingit review here (which I am pleased to now offer my full endorsement as I’ve consistently earned roughly $1.00 a week over the past 2 months).  Around the same time I published the Jingit post, I signed up for a membership with the MindSwarms survey panel.  I held off blogging about it until I was able to become more familiar with it.

While most online surveys consist of 5 – 50 minutes of clicking check boxes or radio buttons and typing text into restrictive text box fields, MindSwarms offers you the opportunity to voice your opinions — literally.  After signing up and providing your preliminary demographic information, MindSwarms allows you to record a short sample video about your musical tastes using your computer’s web cam.  You are then presented with various survey screeners (much like the other standard online panels) where the end client determines if you meet the demographic from which they are looking for feedback.  If you are lucky enough to be selected, you then submit short (about 60 seconds) video recorded responses to one or more questions from the sponsor.  With limited spots reserved for each survey and a limited time to get in your video responses, you’ll want to act quickly when you receive an invitation.  It may take quite a few attempts before you qualify for a video survey, but trust me when I say that it is worth it!

The preliminary screening is usually less than six questions that only take about a minute or two to complete, so you aren’t drawn in to a time consuming 15 – 20 minute time investment with no payoff like you see in some of the other online panels.  But if you are lucky enough to get the “call back” to submit a video survey, you will earn $50.00 for your short 60 second opinion!  I don’t know about you, but I’ll answer a few short qualifying questions any day for the shot at earning $50 for a 60 second survey!

I joined MindSwarms on November 21, 2012 — then briefly forgot about it when I couldn’t get my webcam to work with their site.  (TIP: For some reason, the Firefox web browser would not allow my web cam to communicate with the MindSwarms site and only displayed static video, no matter what settings I tried to adjust.  If that happens for you, try using the Chrome browser instead — that cleared up my problem instantly.)  Once I finally troubleshot my video issues in the first week of December, I uploaded my sample video to MindSwarms and started responding to their screener surveys.  I didn’t figure I would qualify for anything, but to my surprise, I was invited to do a video survey on December 8th.  Although most surveys can be done using a PC webcam, this particular survey required use of an Android or iPhone with the MindSwarms app installed.

Without disclosing product details, the survey required me to purchase a product and give my honest opinion about it.  To address the obvious questions you might have: this purchase was less than $5.00 and was something I likely would have purchased at some point even had I not qualified for this survey.

I made my purchase Saturday evening, recorded and submitted my 60 second opinion about 20 minutes later, and then received confirmation that I would get $50 in my PayPal account within 24-48 hours.  That confirmation came on Monday evening.

Like anything else: “this message does not guarantee successful results and actual user results may differ”. . . but getting an extra 50 bucks two weeks before Christmas that I otherwise wouldn’t have had was worth it for me! 

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