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VoxPopMe – Video Opinions

Free Money from VoxPopMe App!

Voxpopme is an excellent app to make money using your smartphone, but you sometimes have to act fast!  This app allows you to record short 60 second bursts of video opinion on specific products or brands.  Sometimes they ask for your opinion on a particular new commercial advertisement; sometimes they ask for your feelings on a particular brand or service provider; sometimes they ask general open ended questions, like whether you would want to live in another country (where and why).  Some questions are called "JFF" or Just For Fun where no money is earned by your response, but most questions are worth 50¢ to $1.00 if you give an approved response.  As long as you stay on topic and demonstrate that you know something about the product, you are likely to have an approved response.  If you do not answer the question asked or demonstrate that you are completely unfamiliar with the topic, you are likely to have your video response rejected.

But you have to be quick and I HIGHLY recommend allowing Voxpopme to alert you with notifications whenever a new question is released.  They only select for payment a certain number of submission for each question asked (often not more than 100).  Once their quota is reached, you are out of luck on that question.  I have had several occasions where I am recording or uploading my response only to discover that they hit their quota in the process!  So if you do not have notifications turned on for Voxpopme, you are unlikely to catch an open paying question.

Occasionally Voxpopme will notify you of a new "survey" available on the app.  These are unpaid -- usually just a single question or two, used to match you up with future paid video questions.

This is a great app to earn some spare change with a minimal time investment.  Highly recommended!

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