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Paid-To-Click (or PTC) sites offer advertisements for members to view. You click a link and spend anywhere from 3-60 seconds on the linked page to earn a little bit of money. The sites don’t pay a large amount per click and there are often only a limited number of ads available to click at any given time, so you aren’t initially going to earn a large sum. But over time you can earn a significant amount if you stick with it and refer other users. The KEY is to return daily (or multiple times throughout the day if possible) and click all the ads posted for that particular day.

It generally takes some time to accumulate the minimum payout amount on PTC sites. But ask yourself this question: how much money have you made in the hours and hours you’ve spent playing whatever the latest game craze is on Facebook?

The best way to increase your PTC earning is to get a down-line of referrals.  But if you can ask all your Facebook friends over and over to play the latest version of Candy Crush with you or some other game just to advance your own progress in a time-wasting little game, surely you can also ask your Facebook friends to sign up for a service that allows you both to earn real money that you can spend in the real world on real things. Even without any referrals, you can still earn a little bit each day which builds up over time.

I regularly visit each of the sites below. Feel free to click the banners and familiarize yourself with the terms of each site as they all vary to different degrees.  Some give you start up money for signing up, but have a higher cash out minimum. Others start out with a low cash out minimum and slowly raise it up each time you cash out until you reach the standard plateau level.  Just be familiar with the terms before you sign up.

ClixSense Paid to ClickIn my opinion, Clixsense hands down is the best PTC site out there, but the others are worthwhile as well. One word of caution: a fair amount of PTC sites have come and gone without warning.  In the past, I’ve subscribed to a few where I regularly clicked ads and earned a few dollars, only to have the site disappear one day and not return.  Those are usually brand new sites that are not well established or poorly set up and fail to generate a profit for the site owner.

You WILL encounter many cross referral links among these sites and will be “propositioned” by many of the less established PTC panels. I don’t vouch for any sites not listed below (that’s not to say that all other PTCs you might encounter are untrustworthy). The sites below are all well established and have a good reputation in the industry.  I cannot “guarantee” that these sites will all stick around, but, unless otherwise indicated, I have had good luck with them all so far.

For a video presentation of what Clixsense is and how to navigate the site, take a look at this video.

***As of February 2017, Clixsense is no longer able to make payments through PayPal, but there are still several other payment options, Including Payoneer (a service very similar to PayPal). You also have the option to receive a paper check in the mail.

A brief word and a few tips about Clixsense: Download and install the ClixAddon for you favorite browser.  This will let you know when new ads are available on the site without having to check in to the page itself.  Also take a look into the “tasks” feature.  These sometimes take a little bit of time to complete, but as long as you follow the instructions, you can greatly increase your earnings when there are no ads to click.  I’ve earned over $1,230.00 from Clixsense since February 2010!!!

WordlinxWordlinx Paid to Click and Neobux work on similar models.  Visit every day, click the ads, get paid.  They have produced far less earnings for me than Clixsense, but they are the only other two PTC’s which have been steady without any payment or membership issues.  I joined both in the spring of 2010.  Wordlinx has brought in over $59.00 while Neobux has also paid me over $160.00.Neobux Paid to Click

urUniqueRewards includes online offers, videos, PTC ads and more! They will give you $5.00 just for signing up and will pay you extra for any offers that you complete in the first two days after you confirm your account.

I joined UniqueRewards in February of 2016.  So far I have earned over $36.00.

Some of the ads that PTC sites send you to are the very web sites attempting to hook you on the more grandeur promise to “Make Tons of Money on the Web” – trying to sell you a seven figure income if you just buy their program model. Don’t be fooled. I often click through the links and ignore the content on the destination page — just put in my 15 or 30 seconds and move on.  But how you operate is up to you. Every now and then I come across a site that I think just might be legitimate and look into it a little bit deeper.  Just be aware that if it sounds too good to be true: it most likely is.  Once, again, I trust the sites linked above, but can’t vouch for the sites that advertise with them.

DO NOT join any site or service that requires you to pay a fee up front!!!
It is possible on some PTC sites to increase your earning potential by upgrading to premium memberships. I have done this on a few sites myself (paying for the upgrade fee using the money I already earned from that site, so nothing ever really came out of my pocket). It is ABSOLUTELY worthwhile to upgrade your Clixsense membership (my 78 year old mother will back me up on that after upgrading her own Clixsense account every single year since 2012).  I’ve also purchased the upgrade on Wordlinx.  But if any site REQUIRES payment up front as part of the sign up process  – RUN AWAY FAST!

With both Clixsense and Wordlinx, I initially opted to go the free route to see where it led me.  Once I earned enough credits to upgrade to the premium memberships, I did so.  I’ll be honest: it took a while to initially earn the upgrade fees, but it was worth it as I quickly made back the investment and more through more frequent and more volume ad opportunities as an upgraded member.  I am still just making small change and not big bucks, but I didn’t pay in any money up front so it hasn’t really cost me anything. This especially made sense with Clixsense and Wordlinx because the upgrade fees were reasonable ($10-$20 for an annual membership).  Some of the other PTC sites charge larger fees for shorter subscriptions, so you may decide to not upgrade there. The route you choose is up to you!

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(Earnings updated May 8, 2017)

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