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Blabber Mouth

There is a new smartphone app out there from Apps That Pay, LLC (an independent company not affiliated with GetPaid!) called Blabber.  It is a messaging app, similar to Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger, but it will pay you to send text messages to your contacts. You can download the app here, install it to your smartphone and create a unique username.

Once you are fully signed up, look for my username @UGetPaid and add me to your contacts list.  I may send you daily messages if you add me (that's the way to actually get paid for using the app) and I will respond to text messages that you send to me, but I will not spam. In fact, the app has a built in safeguard to prevent spamming! The app will not allow you to send more than three consecutive texts to another user without a reply back to you from that user. This prevents users from spamming the system and racking up illegitimate points. Unless you reply back to a particular user, they are prohibited from sending any new Blabber messages to you.

Because of the three consecutive texts limit, many users like to simply send short burst texts in packets of three. Often times what is said in three texts normally could be very easily said in just one. But as you'll see below, the objective is to send out as many texts as possible, within the conditions of the Blabber app payout terms.

Although there is a three consecutive text limit, the whole point is to have Blabber users interact with each other.  So if you find a willing chat partner, there is nothing to prevent you from carrying on a lengthy conversation with them over the course of an entire afternoon or evening.

If you already text your spouse or significant other regularly, switch over to Blabber and earn back some money from those conversations! The earning rate is a bit low and you sometimes have to watch an ad after sending a Blabber text before you can send another one (they have to pay for your earnings somehow), but what kind of coin are you presently earning using your regular texting program? Regardless of the Blabber pay rate, you're still coming out ahead by using it as opposed to not!

The app basically pays you 1¢ for every ten texts that you send out. The app consumes the same amount of data as you would spend using any other standard messaging app. Standard data rates may apply, but as long as you are connected to a WiFi network, that should prevent you from using any of your mobile data using Blabber. (Tip: the ads will also take up a small amount of data, so keep that in mind before heavy usage outside of a WiFi connection).

So let's do the math. You earn a dollar for every 1000 texts you send and you can request a cash out after $15.00.  15,000 texts sounds like quite a lot before you get paid, and it can be, but if you talk fifteen of your friends into using Blabber and send out twenty texts a day to each (look at your current texting usage and you will realize how simple it is reach those numbers) you can cash out in under two months!

Don't have fifteen friends? No problem.  Make fifteen new friends already on Blabber - current users are always looking for new people willing to text because the more active contacts you know, the easier and faster it is to reach the cash out minimum.

As I mentioned above, the key to faster earning from Blabber is to expand your contact list. You can find other users looking to make new contacts here. Some Blabber users are looking to chat and have full friendly conversations. Some Blabber users are only interested in sending out as many three text bursts as they can and sometimes they may not even make any sense. You have to decide for yourself where you fall on the spectrum and proceed accordingly.

With Blabber, you can also make audio and video calls with your contacts. I have not yet tried this feature, so I am not sure of the a/v quality and I don't believe you will earn anything from those calls.

Whether you're just starting out or you're already a professional Blabber, please FEEL FREE to add UGetPaid to your Blabber contacts and drop me a note -- or three ;-).  I cannot promise it will always be engaging conversation or guarantee how quickly I may respond. But I will respond to any texts you send, giving you the opportunity to fire off at least three more messages my way and get that much closer to your 15,000 text goal.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Blabber today, add UGetPaid to your contacts and find a few other friends, and start your journey toward free cash doing something that you already do every single day more often than you even realize! What could be better?

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