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Love Some Ads

With the rise in popularity of DVRs and the mentality of instant gratification, TV commercials have taken a big hit.  I will admit that fast forwarding through TV ads has become typical of my own television watching.  But with the release of the AdLove app, that may all change!

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AdLove uses your smartphone microphone to listen in to what you are watching on television (with your permission or course). When the show breaks for a commercial, AdLove will match up the ad to its database and ask you to rate the commercial on a scale of one to five stars. Rate an ad and get 75 points (or roughly 0.75 cents); occasionally you will get the chance to offer a bit more feedback for a higher reward.  It is a very simple and easy process and allows you to quickly earn money as you watch TV.

Earn 50,000 points and cash out a $5.00 reward! It may sound like a lot, but it really is simple and easy to accumulate points with minimal effort. In addition to rating TV ads, you can also watch bonus in app ads to accumulate additional points.

Now for a quick test of your own views toward instant gratification versus a delayed higher reward! AdLove will allow me to refer up to 15 new users to the app by email or text message. The first 15 followers who complete the form below, with a valid email address or text phone number, will each receive a unique invitation referral code to join AdLove.  If you use the referral code, you can get a head start with 4,000 points added to your AdLove account - but you may have to wait a few hours or longer before I see your request and get a referral code back out to you. Or you can go for the instant gratification and sign up to the app without a referral code, by using the links contained in this blog post. The choice is up to you.  Either way you choose to go, you cannot lose with AdLove!

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