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Shopkick Referral Offer – ACT FAST!

Many of the apps and web sites featured on GetPaid! offer referral bonuses. Usually these come as additional points added to your account which speed up the time it takes for you to cash out. Some of the bonuses are substantial, some of the bonuses are proverbial drops in the bucket.

I DO get a benefit from some of the apps and sites featured on GetPaid! if you decide to sign up using the links or referral codes displayed on GetPaid! I have been transparent about this from the very beginning and have made GetPaid! visitors aware of this. However, there are many apps and sites which do not offer any referral bonuses at all. This does not affect my decision to feature an app or site on GetPaid! and it does not affect my assessment of those featured apps or sites.

So there are some apps with bonuses and some without. Believe it or not, there is also a third category that one app neatly falls into. Shopkick is an app which offers a referral bonus, but only up to a certain number of referrals.  Once you hit that ceiling the Shopkick referral bonuses end – so I suppose you can say that it falls into BOTH categories.

If you haven't read the explanation of Shopkick on the Apps that Pay page, this is a nifty app to take with you when you are shopping. You earn kicks (points) for visiting certain store chains.  Merely open up the app when you walk in at Walmart, Target, Macy's, Best Buy, and dozens of other popular merchants and you may be eligible for a predetermined number of kicks.  Most stores also award kicks just for scanning the barcode of certain featured products available in that store. You can also earn even more kicks when you purchase certain designated items -- or in some stores earn a certain number of kicks for every dollar you spend there, regardless of the products you buy.  To get these kicks, you may have to link a credit or debit card to the app in advance - but if you are reluctant to link your card information you can still earn hundreds of kicks just by doing featured product scans.  My daughter likes to treat this like a scavenger hunt game when we go shopping!

I've earned several hundred dollars with Shopkick and I earned a considerable amount of points by linking my own Shopkick referral bonus on GetPaid!, but I actually hit my max a few years ago and I am no longer eligible to earn Shopkick referral bonuses. It seemed like a waste of good space to let the GetPaid! referral links for Shopkick go unused. So when my limit maxed out, I substituted a friend’s Shopkick link, and then down the road I swapped in another.

I have since decided to take a new approach. Starting in January of 2017, I am going to open this up to GetPaid! followers and start rotating the Shopkick referral link each month based on the link codes I get from this form. The first person who responds to this post with a valid Shopkick referral link will get the full month of January 2017 on GetPaid! The second responder will get February 2017, and so on…

Under the current terms as of the original date of this post, Shopkick is giving the equivalent of $2.00 for each new referral. I will give you a full month of exposure with hundreds (if not thousands) of chances to earn that $2.00 referral multiple times over.  I cannot guarantee any referrals, but I can guarantee the exposure of your referral link. There is potential for significant earning if you get lucky!

Obviously you need to already be a Shopkick user in order to have your own referral code in the first place, but other than that, there are a few conditions and some important disclaimers to this promotion:

First, you must be an existing subscriber to the GetPaid! blog (or you must sign up as a new subscriber). When submitting the request form, you will be required to verify the email address you used to subscribe to GetPaid! If you are not yet a subscriber, simply look for the "Subscribe to Blog via Email" link at the end of this post and enter your email address.

Second, you must continue as a subscriber and still be an active subscriber at the time that your link is posted to GetPaid! If you unsubscribe from GetPaid! between the time that you request this link promotion and the time that your link is scheduled to go live you will forfeit your spot in line.

Third, you must like GetPaid! on Facebook.

Fourth, at this time GetPaid! is running this promotion to post Shopkick referral links ONLY. Any other referral link submissions, multiple submission of the same Shopkick referral link, or any other spam will be discarded and denied. GetPaid! reserves the right to reject and deny any legitimate Shopkick referral links from a spamming email or IP address as well.

All legitimate submissions meeting the above criteria will be assigned a "designated month" for the referral link to be activated on GetPaid! When your designated month arrives, I will send you an email letting you know that your link is active on GetPaid! and I would encourage you to visit GetPaid! upon receipt of that email to verify the same. Remember to check your link carefully before submitting this form. Your potential referrals can only happen if you give me a valid and working Shopkick referral link. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for any typos or errors in your link that you supply.

As for the disclaimers, I make no promises that you will earn any Shopkick referrals during your designated month as I have no control over who does and does not sign up. My only promise is that you will get the same exposure as anyone else and will have an equal chance.

I make no promises on how soon after your submission your designated month will fall. This one is also out of my control and depends solely on how many people ahead of you respond. I will try to keep the information on the submission form updated so that you will have a general idea of how long that might be.

It's that simple. Fill out this form to add your Shopkick referral link to GetPaid!

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