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No Foolin’! Here’s the Proof!

Anyone can set up a web page and claim to have made hundreds or thousands of dollars by whatever means, but where is the proof?  Once you've signed up (and you ARE signing up, right?) you will have the opportunity to visit site specific message boards where users talk back and forth about the panel policies and payouts, etc.  Many of the panels linked in these pages encourage users to post messages when they receive payments or even post scans or photos of their "payment proofs" so that new members or guest visitors can see that real money is actually paid out.  This adds legitimacy to the panels for those who are not familiar with them and who personally have no proven track record.

I haven't saved copies of all of my PTC and Survey payments.  Most of the early paper checks I received as payment, I simply endorsed and deposited into my bank account.  I keep an accurate record of my own earnings through a global spreadsheet updated daily and backed up regularly, but most of the checks stubs are gone.  When I first started earning money online, I wasn't thinking about the benefit of documenting my payment proofs.  I didn't know I would eventually create this web site and need proofs to demonstrate legitimate earnings to others.  So there will be some noticeable omissions in my initial payment proofs.

But I DO have many if not most of my electronic payment receipts from PayPal and AlertPay. So today, in honor of April Fool's Day (but definitely NOT an April Fools Joke), I unveil my initial Payment Proofs.  As I receive more payments, I'll flesh out the pages a bit more.  So for any of you visiting the site, still unsure whether this is all legitimate or just a waste of time/scam, I encourage you to browse through my Payment Proofs and see for yourself.


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