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Business Cards

Today I am launching a new marketing campaign for Get Paid! from an idea a few months in the making. QR codes are popping up everywhere. Store shelves, restaurant windows, magazine ads -- they are taking the world by storm with the market flood of smart phones with QR decoder apps. So Get Paid! got its own QR code in December 2011.

Great! A QR code! What to do with it??? I decided to design a simple business card with basic site information and drop the QR code onto it. I figured I could hand out a few here and there, post some cards at local public bulletin boards, maybe leave a few on the table at the coffee shop or public library...

So after my wife taught herself to use more than just the basics of Photoshop, I finally sat down a few weeks ago to design a Get Paid! business card. There are many business card templates and tutorials available online for designing a business card with Photoshop. I was going to print them out myself -- even bought a packet of perforated business card paper from Staples. But then upon recently signing up with Cash Crate, I noticed one of the cash back offers was $4.00 back from Vistaprint for an order of business cards.

You’ve maybe seen the recent TV commercials where new small business owners describe all the unexpected hiccups in opening the new business, but the one aspect that went smoothly without a hitch was the order for new business cards from Vistaprint. So for less than $15 (before my $4 credit to Cash Crate), I ordered a set of 250 business cards with the following design.

Get Paid!

I submitted the card graphic and order online on March 4th and got my 250 cards in the mail yesterday. It was a quick turnaround and allowed me to get a jump on the new marketing plan. I hope to get some inexpensive exposure for Get Paid! Maybe this idea would work for you either for a small home business, or an affiliate marketing web site. Find a unique niche to strategically leave your cards, and viola! Instant exposure to targeted clientele.

And if you haven't already done so, please complete the "How did you find us form?" to let me know how you found the site/blog.

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