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Qriket Finds its Niche

So many money making apps have come and gone over the past several years. Just look at the App Graveyard to see evidence of that.  Admittedly, some were junk from the get-go, but many others were of fine design and great concept (and paid WELL) but just could not sustain themselves.  Whether it was growing faster than their means could support, an influx of similar apps competing for the same market share, or failing to update to adapt to changes, many of my favorite apps from the past no longer send regular deposits to my PayPal account.

Qriket (pronounced like the "Jiminy" insect) is one of the exceptional exceptions to this fate. Completely redesigned in both function and appearance from what it was when it first appeared in the app store, Qriket remains one of the best and most popular (and fun) money making apps out there.  Qriket began as an app providing chances to win money by scanning QR codes.  The "QR" code is where the name for the app originated.  Some QR codes provided instant winnings of a pre-determined amount, others would result in "spin codes" which you could use to spin a roulette wheel at a chance to win money. It's marketing concept to early advertisers was as an app to encourage users to interact with QR code advertisements.  So many companies were using QR codes as a way to generate hits on their web sites and to get more information about their products directly into the hands of potential consumers. Qriket found a way to monetize QR scanning. However, that model was not destined for long term success.  Rather than ride a stagnate ship into a shipwrecked oblivion, Qriket evolved and grew into an app that was stronger, better, and faster.

Over the course of several updates, changes, and implementing new features, the current Qriket app looks and feels nothing like the original and has all but abandoned its ties to the promotion of QR codes (while not abandoning the catchy name). It still offers daily "spin codes" and the chance to win money by spinning the blue and gold wheel. Users watch daily ads to accumulate spins.  Users can also earn special spin codes through live video feeds - the folks behind Qriket give away special spin codes daily through various social media platforms.

Just recently, Qriket implemented a new feature called Qriket Live where participants can check in to a live video feed right from within the app. Users participate in a game for a prize of a tidy sum of cash.  Turn notifications on for your smart phone to be notified shortly before a new Qriket Live session. Once a new session begins, you can cash in unused spins for an entry into the game played out via a live video feed from Qriket headquarters. (If you are lucky you might stumble upon a FREE Qriket Live session which won't cost you any spins at all).  Users have a short period of time (usually 2-4 minutes) to pick either blue or gold; once all picks are in or the time is up, Qriket co-founder Johnny Comparelli (on the live video feed) spins a giant wheel with equal blocks of gold and blue. Those players who picked the correct color move on to a second round, while those who picked the wrong color are eliminated.  Play continues over several rounds until only one player remains = winning the particular jackpot!  The odds of winning will vary depending on the number of players and rounds -- and the odds are pretty small given that you must choose correctly multiple times in a row - at least one more than everybody else playing. Ultimately with only one winner, the chances to win closely resemble a sweepstakes entry. But unlike many other apps or sites that offer entries into sweepstakes, with Qriket Live you actually get to SEE the contest played out in real time and know that there is an ultimate winner.

Qriket also allows you to compete in head to head challenges where you set the maximum amount you are willing to bet and you spin against one other user willing to put up the same amount for a winner take all single spin.  This doesn't require any deposit of funds, the money you are betting with comes right from your accumulated, but not yet cased out earnings from the app.

Qriket has recently grown to over one million users and is easily one of the more fun ways to earn money using your smartphone. Its founders' ability to adapt to changing circumstances and still remain profitable is a testament to Qriket's sustainability.

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