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This is Your Lucky Day

I love playing games, and who doesn't? A good while ago, I found an App that pays you to play several casino/lottery type games. It is not much -- you can certainly win a great deal more money by playing the slots at a real casino or dropping a few dollars on a Powerball ticket.  But you also stand to lose significant sums of money playing cards and really have only a tiny chance of ever winning the lottery.  Lucky Day on the other hand is absolutely 100% FREE!

Free Money from Lucky Day App!

With Lucky Day, you accumulate free playing chips daily which can then be used to play (at present) four different games of chance: Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets; Slot Machine; Lotto; and BlackJack.  Before going any further, here is a special tip for any visitors who download the Lucky Day app today.  Enter the referral code: 3s4tbi6 in the referral text box and you will receive 5,000 bonus chips to your account!

Different users' preferences will vary, but I tend to play a lot of BlackJack as I think it is probably has the best odds to win the most chips.  Lucky Day differentiates between blue playing chips and gold winning chips.  Both categories are worth the same value, but you can only cash out gold winning chips when you want to convert your winnings into actual money in your PayPal account.  On the other hand, you can use BOTH blue AND gold chips to bet with when playing the Lucky Day games.  Rather than risk losing my gold chips, I usually only use my blue chips to play BlackJack and stop when they run out. Lucky Day will automatically draw first from you blue chips and only use gold chips if your blue stack is completely deleted, BUT you need to keep a close eye on the numbers if you're like me and don't want to risk any gold chips because Lucky Day does not pop up any notifications when you transition from one to the other. Enter referral code: 3s4tbi6 to get an additional 5,000 blue chips after downloading the app.

You can also get additional blue chips throughout the day by pressing the "FREE CHIPS" button to watch various ads.  You can take advantage of the FREE CHIPS button several times a day if you remember to check back often.

Cashing out is a simple process, but it may take a while to accumulate enough chips.  The exchange ratio is pretty high = 100,000 chips are roughly equivalent to 11 cents and you need $10.00 to cash out, but you can bank your accumulated gold chips in amounts as low as 100,000 (it only takes a few days of good Black Jack play to get there).  Once claimed, they will hold in your wallet until you reach the minimum $10.00 cash out amount. So what is the point of banking 11 cent increments if you cannot cash out with under $10.00?  I do it just to keep myself from accidentally betting on games using my gold chips.

Lucky Day provides for slow but steady earnings -- what more can you really ask for from a free app?  They changed their model not very long ago.  Prior to the change, I found it extremely time consuming to occasionally win a dollar playing the slots (BlackJack was not offered at that time) and not very worthwhile.  I won't go into details on how the former Lucky Day app model played out, but suffice to say, I didn't play often and was very close to deleting the app off my phone. With the recent changes, this app is a winner that I frequently turn to when I have some down time to fill.

Download it today and enter referral code: 3s4tbi6 to get started!

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