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Secret Agent

I stayed away from the mystery shopper arena after hearing many stories of scams.  But a  tip back in December of 2012 put me on to Field Agent – a mobile app currently exclusive to the iPhone, but one which will likely spread to other mobile operating systems.

The Field Agent app routinely offers its agents tasks or “missions” to check the status of products offered for sale in a local store – much like those presented to mystery shoppers.  Your mission, if you choose to accept it, must be completed within 120 minutes of acceptance.  Completing a mission will result in a pre-determined dollar amount deposited into your account and the addition of reputation points to your profile.  If you do not complete the mission within the required two hours, you will forfeit the mission and you will lose reputation points for your failure.  This is important because the higher your reputation score is, the more likely you will be asked to perform future missions.

With that in mind: Don’t “accept” a mission unless you have sufficient time to travel to the location and complete the mission.  Don’t “accept” a mission at 9:30 at night that requires an audit of product at a store that closes at 10:00.  The time limit to complete your mission doesn’t carry over until the store location opens up the next day.

The mission will generally have a particular shopping related purpose:

  • confirm that a product is being displayed in a specific location a certain way
  • confirm that enough of a particular product is stocked on the shelves and available for purchase
  • confirm the pricing of a product in a particular store

Most missions will require that you to document your findings with a photograph or multiple photographs.

I became a Field Agent in late December of 2012. On my very first weekend as an agent, I successfully completed two missions and earned $7.00 for them.  As of this blog post, I’ve accepted 31 missions and earned $101.25.

I have cashed out my account twice so far.  There is no minimum amount to reach before you can request a cash out –which is nice.  So you can request a cash out after each mission, or you can let your earnings build up into a larger payout.  Once you request a cash out, it may take up to 48 hours to receive funds in your PayPal account, but both of my requests have confirmed in less time than that.

The FAQ for Field Agents can be found here which answers many other questions you may have.


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